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  1. The only complaint I have with the Everest band is the bottom corners of the buckle. The edges are very sharp (a nod to the accurate machining of the piece, but less than desirable in function) and can irritate your wrist after extended periods of wear. They should radius these corners to smooth them out. Not a deal breaker, but worth mentioning.
  2. This. I elected to buy a white SS Daytona instead of a two-tone one, and I have been pleased with that decision.
  3. I asked myself the same question, but let's answer the first question first
  4. I would be careful using less than the rolex original springbars on the isofrane. Just my opinion but I feel the isofrane opens possibility of pulling one end of bar away from lug if twisted or pulled just the right way and you want the tension with original bars.
  5. Hi, a few days ago I bought a new 39mm Explorer. I love it! But it's losing about 5 seconds a day. My question is - should I wait and let the movement 'settle / wear in a bit' before getting it regulated under warranty or is this an old wive's tale and it should run perfectly from the box? If I should wait then how long? I've only been wearing it for 3 days. Thanks.
  6. I have a small wrist, so 36 mm is fine for me. I guess for a lot of guys it might seem small. But yeah, the case is definitely chunkier than the raw dimensions suggest. Personally I think the dial is perfectly balanced. I don't like the DJ II dial dimensions at all; especially for the baton marker version. They are way too big.
  7. Very nice. Congrats. Do you mind taking a lume pic pls. Aiming this one for my first ever Rolex. Thx
  8. I have about the same wristsize and would pick the XVI over the 3717 because I think it fits my wrist beter.
  9. hmm i was told its iwa 20269 which is correct? im confused
  10. Beautiful watch! DavidSW is the best there is! I have purchased a couple of watches from him and would certainly buy from him again !
  11. Jeffpas

    Big Pilot Question

    Do a search for 5001 accuracy.
  12. Congratulations, that is a great looking watch. I love the Marks and really like the look of the triple date, so can't wait to try on one of those. Enjoy wearing the XVII!
  13. I just got a pilot reference 3777 and it's going at +7.3 seconds per day, I sure hope it's the break-in thing :S Sent from one of my four iPads
  14. Thanks Raymond and Gunnar, I'll go in all guns blazing then! I'll let you know how I go and hopefully some photos can accompany my post!
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