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  1. Yes, the MT-5612 should be more accurate (or, at least, is guaranteed to be accurate), as it is a chronometer-rated movement. It also has a longer power reserve (by over 50%), and from the design of it, I would suspect it would be more stable over a long period of time (free sprung balance) and more resistant to magnetism (silicon hairspring). That said, Tudor uses top grade ETA movements, so these perform extremely well also. I doubt you'll be disappointed in either, and the ETA movements will also have an ease and cost of service advantage over the in-house models. The crucial point, however, is that the Black Bay will not be receiving the in-house movement in the foreseeable future. I've spoken to the higher ups at Tudor and they were quite explicit about their desire to keep using ETA movements in the majority of models, leaving the MT-56XX for pricier watches. I think it's a good call myself. If you do want a Tudor diver with the MT-5612, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the new Pelagos--it'll be in stores in the very near future. If you prefer the look of the Black Bay, however, I wouldn't wait as I see no reason to believe that in the next 2+ years (probably longer than that) it will be updated.
  2. Congratulations. Good choice, looks great! I imagine many of us here can relate to that type of thought process in our watch buying.
  3. That's a great all around wear. Congrats on your new Datejust!
  4. Yes - when Brosnan began playing the Bond character, he wore Omega -2531 Seamaster if I recall the model number correctly.
  5. Awesome review! I really enjoyed the movement analysis. I think the black one is the watch I've been looking for; understated elegance with lots of value for the money. The North Face is growing on me as well.
  6. I like both, with no lume the Roman will age well, but that white stick is the looker out those two, imho.
  7. Hi Raffaello, I've already shared my opinion / preference for the IWC vice the PO chrono on the other sub-forum. As you probably already know, you are going to get more biased views toward omega there, and will likely get slightly IWC biased views here. I originally posted on the omega forum to try and balance out your responses. This sub-forum also gets less traffic so there will be more posts on the other one. But I did want to additionally say that in my small experience with both the 7750 (IWC) and 2500 coaxial (PO) movements, my PO was more accurate "out of the box" at -1-2s/day. I assume that the 8500 movement in the new POs would be similar in accuracy based on other owners comments. The 7750 is a great & durable movement too though, and eta movements (and price associations) take an easy bashing when comparing an eta powered watch to one of a sub-forum's favorites, such as the PO. I would keep that in mind when cyphering posts on the omega forum. (And I am also a big fan of the PO). Still, movement aside. I like IWC better. It's also less out there. Not that POs are routinely common because outside of WUS, they are not...but I have only seen one other IWC pilot in the 'wild' (a big pilot) but many more instances of the PO. This may not matter to you, but it's a factor for me. Both are well made watches. And the differences (outside of style and size) are frankly more nitpicking and personal preference. Did you get a chance to try either on yet?
  8. Replica IWC Pilotâs Watch Mark XVI Watch IWC037, ETA 2892, Steel Case, Black Dial, Black Leather Strap both look pretty same, i canceled my bid just in case, be careful all
  9. Having only owned one IWC pilot, I am hardly an expert. But I do follow the brand, and I'm fairly certain the 3706 is a very desirable model, notwithstanding the ETA 7750. The price seems quite good, especially on that fantastic bracelet, and from the pic it looks to be in good shape. The watch at 39mm is small for some these days, but a perfect classically sized watch for many who lament the ongoing trend of huge watches. As for investment purposes and holding value, I wouldn't buy this watch (or most others for that matter) as investments. Buy it to wear and enjoy. But if you ever do decide to sell, I doubt you'd have trouble recouping your money and perhaps more. My foolish brother sold a 3706 some years ago to a friend of his for a paltry $900. When I found out he sold it to his friend without first seeing if I was interested, I was mildly annoyed. When he told me the price I was apoplectic.
  10. Revano

    3536 Titanium Link

    Hi Guys, any suggestions where to find a titanium link for a 3536 Aquatimer? thank you russ
  11. Revano

    IWC Custom Straps

    Would love to hear your experience as well. They seem to be quite a bit more expensive than the ones I have dealt with.
  12. Congratulations Achung901 - talk about a grand entrance It's all very personal - I for one like the brown band that is on yours and dislike black. My favorite is navy blue (I'm biased):
  13. At first , my major language is not English . Please forgive my poor English ability I have heard that the old one Portugieser 7 days is noty very accurate But now the new one change the caliber into 52010 Is the new caliber more accurate than the old one? THX everyone
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