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  1. My wrist is 175 MM or 6.9". I have 2 RubberB straps for my SubC. Some pictures for your reference. I am using the third hole from the watch lugs. Below is the black alligator strap c/w SEL from Everest. Everest provided a stainless steel tank buckle but I switched the buckle for this which I bought online.
  2. This is the first thread started on the topic... just because someone posted the pic in another thread--which didn't truly fit that thread's topic--and you followed up with posts in that thread, doesn't mean it's wrong to start this one. If anything, you're the 'noob' not to make a thread for something that obviously warrants a separate thread (e.g., no one would assume "From Rolex to Tudor" would be a discussion of a possible Baselworld 2015 leak on a new Tudor model). And to preempt you throwing your high post count (and my low post count) again, a high post count doesn't warrant being an ....... for seemingly no reason. If you don't want to read about it (again), then maybe just don't click on the thread? Cheers.
  3. Thanks guys! I'm loving it so far. I've wanted a GMT II for years and now I have finally one! GMT's are far and away my favourite complications. Tiagu, the watch is a 1991 model (an X-serial). I guess it's the box they used back then. But yeah, as far as boxes go... it is pretty awesome. Interestingly, the original owner switched the bracelet out for a 93250 in the early 2000's. I'm glad it has solid end links, although it still feels slightly cheap - perhaps even less robust than some bracelets found on much, much cheaper watches (I know this is not the case). It feels great on the wrist though.
  4. To be honest I not seen anything that's not questionable under £2.5k, and even then there's a big ? over it... Most Rolex are Oysters. Do you mean the Date Just / Oyster Perpetual shape? Like this? Or or the Sub /GMT style? The latter would likely hold it's price better, but neither is worth scrimping on.
  5. Regarding case and bracelet quality IWC is hard to beat but have a way more than proud retail price... I like the PO 9300 a lot too but could never swallow the case thickness and weight. Remember: you try the watch on for a few minutes and wear min. 16 hours a day. Unfortunately no steel Aquatimer with manufacture caliber - yet. Geneva fair is not that far away, and though the newest AT (not my cup of tea...) appeared in 2014 you never know... I'm the proud owner of the IWC AT Chrono Cousteau Edition 2010 ref. 376706 and enjoy a lot that a watch of this size (case 43.5 bezel 45.5, height 15.4) looks nice on my 6.75" wrist. (Mainly because of the clever lug shape.) If you are a frequent traveller you might like the clever time zone change on the Omega but you pay the price every time when adjusting the date at the end of short months. I'm happy with the more traditional 30 minutes counter of the 7750 as I use very frequently the chronograph for short time intervals and the minute counter of the AT is one of the best visible out there. I'm also very happy (as a person with somewhat aging eyes) that I can easily time in complete darkness with the help of the AT bezel with full lume of the first 15 minutes. If you plan to time longer time intervals than the counter of the Omega fits the bill better. If you plan to use aftermarket straps than you are better served with the Omega while if you like the fantastice quick exchange strap system of the IWC than that is you watch. Maybe these add some points to consider when choosing.
  6. Thanks for replying dak! Could you let me know how you could tell?
  7. Looks great! Watches are a very personal thing and I'm happy you've found the "one" for you! Congrats and don't mind the haters ;)
  8. I like the article and agree with a lot of the comments about how he could send the same letter to a few other brands as well
  9. Hello everybody! I was looking for a new strap for my Aquatimer 3548 that currently has the rubber strap. I read that the kevlar iwa16242 is compatible with the older model, but i think that shares the same attachment gear as mine. Anyone could confirm the compatibility? And maybe provide me the part number for the full nylon strap in SS complete with the full links set for attach to the watch chassis... Thanks in advance! Andrea
  10. I would have it fixed. It would bug me to no end to leave it as is.
  11. I owned a Yacht Club for a short while, beautifully simple dial. In fact a bit too simple for my taste. Portuguese are beautiful pieces though.
  12. For anyone thinking of buying and wondering what 3 months looks like.
  13. No experience about what you are after but if you usually like mesh you'd check out one for the VC Inge, either the OEM if there is in the matching width or an after-market one (e. g. Staib). Anyway, you'll feel the heavy price difference... I myself have 20 and 22 mm Staib mash bracelets and they are of a pretty good quality.
  14. Wasn't wearing my BP very much. Traded it for this awesome and classic 424 Radiomir and some cash to boot! Never fear, I'm getting an 18k Rose Pilot Chronograph next!
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