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  1. Can't wait to see the end result
  2. Urosfan

    omega ad

    yes i have, its a nice place. my buddy told me omega wants to phase out AD and sell their pieces primarly at botiques only.
  3. Urosfan

    omega ad

    thanks once again
  4. Urosfan

    omega ad

    thanks for the reply but i rather prefer a ad.
  5. Urosfan

    omega ad

    anyone know of any good omega ad that offer good discounts in the tri state area., i tried govberg but they would not offer any kind of discount. thanks to all
  6. Just tried on the blue orange today at the omega botique looks nice in person, never been a omega fan but this could possibly be my first nice presence on the wrist I must say
  7. I wish that piece was a 42mm, I would be all over that
  8. Conrail, Thanks I had a brain fart, I think it was watch overload lol. Thank you
  9. Does anyone know the model number for this piece
  10. Same here outlaw something about the dial pops to me I wish it was 42 mm though
  11. Great piece what is the price of that bad boy
  12. Nice shots congrats enjoy
  13. Urosfan

    "THE" Speedmaster.

    Excellant piece how Much does that piece go for if you can find one
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