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  1. Thats a tough choice. Sub is an iconic legend and a great watch. It suprized me that my BB gets 10X the wrist time. I'd buy a used sub...worst case senerio...you flip it for close to what you paid and buy a Tudor. Good luck.
  2. Incredible pictures of a watch I haven't paid much attention to. Your pictures bring out its subtle beauty.
  3. As someone battling his own brain trying to decide between buying the current model Pelagos now, or waiting until July and been one of the first people with the upgraded model, I would like to see other peoples opinions. If you had never owned a Pelagos and had to buy one, which would you go for and why?
  4. Lol you got that right. It is not an exercise in subtlety, the Pelagos.
  5. Quite a rare occurrence then by the looks of things.
  6. Woah, I normally thought Explorer II, while worthwhile to look at, isn't going to be on my list. But looking at that photo, it's actually amazing! The design once again reminds me of a polar bear. The only drawback for me is the bezel design and that red arrow (gmt complication I'm assuming). I never found the GMT complication necessary for me nor found it aesthetically pleasing. But since I do go back and forth two countries often, I may consider buying one. Hmmm,,,, and everyone else, thanks for all your insights. I'm currently leaned a little more towards Explorer I, then a Milgauss/Exp
  7. Sticks. But when you say this is a choice between sticks and Romans, what you really mean is, this is a choice between sticks and Romans, and Romans. With that pointless semantic distinction out the way, I will now proceed to post my sticks (and Romans).
  8. Yes, the bracelet is adjustable and IMO the best bracelet I have tried.
  9. I was finally able to get my hands on the Santoni strap fo my 7 day Port and I don't think I could ever go back to the blue gator that it came with. The variations on this strap are amazing and it really gives the watch another look. It's pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion.
  10. A number of companies are moving to more demanding in-house or 3rd party (non-COSC) accuracy standards. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if IWC came out with something similar.
  11. I downloaded that book the other day, it's a cool read
  12. You Sir are very polite. IMHO he is f***** unreasonable expensive.
  13. Thank you all for your kind comments! Well, by the time these were produced (~1977), I believe chromed cases were becoming more popular, so it could be true that the watch was produced in both styles. My guess, however, is that the cases have been melted for the gold and sellers are using chrome cases as a cheap alternative. By the way, it would be very easy to swap this watch into a chrome case if that would make it more rare and valuable I have plenty of spare chrome cases. But I choose to believe the gold-plated case is original. It makes more sense to me this way since the hou
  14. thanks guys, i'll keep that in mind. :)
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