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  1. I have a Gold Plated Tudor 7996 where can I get it re-plated, The original plating is in bad condition with pitting and deep scratches I would like to have it re-plated any recommendations on a place in the US or UK. They might have to do some filling and then re-plating
  2. Does Rolex warranty cover if the watch is accidentally damaged? (For both Internal movement & outer body)
  3. Dj1 or Speedy. The speedy is a very versatile watch. Works as a daily but also dresses up well and flys under the radar of most non wus.
  4. Hi All, I know that this is an IWC forum but honestly what would you buy between: IWC pilot watch Chrono IW377704 http://www.iwc.com/it/collezione/pilots/IW3777/ Vs Omega 600 m Space Ocean Co-Axial Chrono Orologi OMEGA: Seamaster Planet Ocean 600 M Omega Co-Axial Chronograph 45,5.mm - Acciaio su Acciaio - Could you help me with good reasons why to prefer one to the other? I would like to buy one of the two soon, but I am still not sure on which one. Many Thanks, R
  5. watchlod

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    thats what made me think it's a fake, then the lack on writing on the back
  6. watchlod

    New favorite combo...

    I wear it on old bracelet, from time to time - it is also a great accessory and can be had for a reasonable amount of buying used.
  7. @ exoticwatches: Sure anytime, I can take some shot of your watches. The 3799 is a tool watch and I really like to put it through the paces!
  8. Spend some time reading this. http://www.iwc.com/en/collection/portuguese/ It should have all the basic info you need. If you have further questions, just ask.
  9. How much does a service typically cost? Since this is the first time I am going to service my watch, I don't know the procedures to get the process started. My AD is out of state, the watch has an unstamped warranty card. I am hoping this isn't going to be an issue...
  10. It really isn't fair to compare the most entry level Nomos to an entry level IWC. The Tangente is a hand wind, simple watch with a printed dial. The Portofino has a date, applied indices (most likely embossed instead of applied), double AR and is an automatic. You would need to compare the Nomos Zurich Date which comes with all the bells and whistles as the IWC Portofino. They both retail for around $5000 USD. Sure the movements differ greatly but this would be a more fair comparison. Its just Nomos fault that there most basic entry level watch provides an AMAZING value when compared to others in its price category.
  11. Hello guys, Earlier, I post a thread asking about opinions about this watch. See Need opinions on First IWC watch And I just got it today. It's my first IWC. Before my purchase, I read up about the brand's history and also the reviews. I was hesitating a bit because it appears nobody has owned this piece before, anywhere online. Anyway, it's a beautiful watch, great value for money and I have no regrets. It's on the bigger side, a 45.4mm diameter but wears a bit smaller than it looks. The "Red Gold", or Rose Gold, is a deep color, and really stand out in evening interior lighting. The watch comes with a deployment buckle ( also 18K gold ) and a rubber strap. The dial has a sunray-blast surface and swirls and play with light. The case itself is very well constructed, with finely polish and brushed surfaces. Here are some photos to share : The watch has a very nice back display Some wrist shots : Too big? Me think not. Let me know what you think. When I got the time, I will write a more detail review. So far, my experience is very positive. It's very comfortable and the accuracy is spot on.
  12. OP, for Hong Kong, you can try the following: http://powanloiwatch.com.hk They kindly have an English version of their website. For comparison, there is a black dialled Portuguese Automatic with 7-day power reserve going for HKD63000 cash. That's about 5233 GBP. If you pay by card they'll probably charge you 2-3% extra. I don't think that is a brand new watch though as they normally proclaim that fact if it is so. You can check out their physical store when you're in HK. I'm guessing you're passing through HK on the way to Japan? PO WAN LOI are grey market dealers when it comes to brand new watches. They have been around along a long long time. Basically they're one of the old second hand watch dealers in HK with physical stores established well before the Internet came along, so I'd consider them a trusted dealer. The main concern with grey market dealers is the warranty. I suspect that most watch brands have an International Warranty that follows the watch and not the original purchaser, particularly since watches are often given away as presents. Can't speak from experience since I've not purchased from a grey market dealer AND subsequently make a call on the warranty.
  13. Almost all soviet watches had a chromium plated brass body. Usually they have sign of 30 years of wear and tear. New dials may be not that bad idea after all.
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