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  1. They look similar, but they are such different watches. I'd stick with the 16610 over the Pelagos. It's easily more of an everyday watch.
  2. No offence taken! No problem if it is not a genuine Rolex, the sentimental value is the same. I think the 1 o'clock marker is down to the camera angle. I've had another look and it seems centered live but not on the pic. The coronet is slightly off the indices though. The watch back is gold, not steel. Again the camera angle isn't helping. Sorry about that. I guess the only way to really tell is to have it inspected or serviced where the movement can be viewed. I'll try to take it to a local watch repairer over the next week. The time keeping seems excellent, but I would like the issue with the hands taken care of.
  3. Oyster Perpetual or Datejust; both are right in that sweet spot that makes them well suited to any wrist. The OP is arguably the distillation of what Rolex is all about, with a pedigree going back beyond anything else in the Oyster line. Definitely not the DJII as suggested above.
  4. lousy shot, but here's mine Cheers
  5. Were you positing on reddit wondering if this was original? It looks great!
  6. Lucky b@st@rd! Enjoy the BP, it's a great watch!
  7. Thanks for your thoughtful observation. I don't know if the MSRP I saw at the boutique was erroneous, but it was definitely $10,800 for the GO. In any event, I take your point regarding the discount math! I'll chalk that up to the CAN/US exchange rate! As for the movement complexity, the IWC movement is bigger. Makes it easier to cram a bigger spring/barrel in there. Not sure it is more complex; if anything, working on what is basically a small pocket-watch movement should be easier than on a smaller movement, all else being equal. As for the dials, I get your point: the IWC dial has a couple features that are more intricate: snailing of the subdials, applied numerals, all of which are rational elements that SHOULD make me prefer it. I have to admit I like it quite a bit, too. On the other hand, the GO's simpler, more subdued dial, as a whole, keeps drawing me to it in a way that is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. The genuine heat-treated blued hands are also better looking (and authentic!) compared to the flashier blue on the Portuguese (at least if the Port Chrono, which was there in the flesh for me to see, and the web pictures of the 7-day auto are anything to go by). Can anyone confirm whether the blue colour on the hands and applied numerals of the 500107 are from heat treatment, or from anodizing or another process to give the same look?
  8. Thanks for the info wasnt sure on its authenticity.
  9. timezinelard

    Ingenieur 3239

    Hi everyone, I am very interested an Ingenieur 3239. I have not seen one in the flesh however. If anyone has any experience, photos etc. that they are willing to share it would be much appreciated. I think it would look good in business and casual attire? Thanks everyone.
  10. Google Dafydd Ellis in Porthmadog. Give him a quick call to discuss it, but I'm sure he will repair and service the watch for you if you have the part available.
  11. New alternative is meshok.ru All users with their nicknames and feedback are automatically transferred. Regards, Miro.
  12. I found a PDF of the correct booklet on the internet, it makes a lot more sense now. Can anyone tell me if the .2N suffix denotes the automatic version of the 2614?
  13. You guys rule. I would of been far too lazy to look all this stuff up. Ha. But now I just have to hunt for an original alarm hand. Any pointers?
  14. I want to share with you some photos of my Vostok Europe Expedition Trophy 2005 (reference 2432/5345034, Lunokhod 1 version) ...dedicated to the first edition of the race. This watch is the first version of Expedition serie It is quite uncommon online, so much more information (on watch and on the ET2005 also) can be found here [Recensione/Review] Vostok Europe Lunokhod Expedition Trophy 2005 - Da Murman... - cccp-forum.it The unboxing Variations... B side The strap Last (colorful) shot
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