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  1. Mark overhauled a vintage Omega for me. It came out nice. He declined to work on a vintage IWC cal 88. Said it was beyond repair. My local watch guy fixed it with no problem. So I'm not much help I'm afraid!!
  2. I'm not a big fan of watch winders. I will take all my watches out about every two weeks and give them a full wind. That will keep the mech from gumming up. Anymore than that is just adding unnecessary wear.
  3. Many brands including Rolex were secretly tested by NASA for the space program. The ONLY one who survived the testing was the Speedmaster. I remember reading the reports on how each brand other than Omega failed. I recall the Rolex hands welded together in the heat test. All the major brands were tested and the lone survivor was the Speedmaster.
  4. Widows Son

    Which Vintage Omega?

    I have an early "bumper.'" I love the clunk, clunk, clunk when I wind it!!!
  5. Isn't that considered a mid sized, or ladies size nowadays?????
  6. Beautiful, congratulations!!!! It's elegance and simplicity reminds me of the older Airkings and Explorer 1.
  7. I remember when you got it. Glad you're still enjoying it. May the honeymoon never end!!
  8. I've ofter wondered this same thing!!!
  9. I would probably get it serviced, and get a new crown. It may not belong in the Omega museum, but it's still a nice Omega and the price was right!!!
  10. I think you'll find most vintage watches of any make 34-36MM, many even smaller. I like a smaller dress watch which fits nicely under a shirt sleeve.
  11. Widows Son

    Am I Wrong?....

    I'd imagine that in the 50's and 60's they were neck and neck, with the edge to Omega. I'm not sure how, when, or how, but at some point the Rolex marketing took over, at least here in the states.
  12. Beautiful!!!! You have a "pre moon" moonwatch. Hence the lack of reference to the landing on the back. That's a real treasure. I'd have it serviced prior to using it too much. It'll have either the 321 or 861 movement, I'm not sure, I'm no expert. Congrats of a great find.
  13. That's a beautiful watch. The markers have aged nicely. There are many sites which will explain the evolution of the "Moon watch," NASA testing, etc. I would have it thoroughly serviced before you use it too much.
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