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  1. I want to get some spring bars as a back up, I know one of these days when I am putting on a NATO a spring bar will fly away and I will be on a trip or something and lose it. If anyone has a good source for OEM (if there even is such a thing) spring bars for my watch I would be happy to paypal for some, otherwise is there a website or an AD that could help? I do apologize if this is the wrong section, it is my first time posting here. Thanks
  2. I agree. The 8500 movement really brought them to the next level IMO. Their fit and finish is fantastic these days.
  3. what is that orange thing?
  4. 997.2

    My Omega SMP

    wow interesting, loved my 2254.50, very busy dial but effective
  5. Go for it if you think he would not enjoy the 'experience' of the automatic enough to justify the lovely experience of setting the watch every once and a while. To me, setting a run out watch is part of the fun. Part of the appeal. I have owned a quartz AT (2500 gen with blue sunburst, ref 2517.80 I think) and it was a GREAT watch that garnered a ton of compliments, now my 15 year old bro wears it as a beater and it's rock solid. Just weigh the pros and cons and whatever movement you get will be fine, but only you know what your father would really prefer. My dad would go automatic, but he is a watch aficionado.
  6. http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/jwl/4859233031.html link for when CL ad goes down
  7. 997.2

    Just Arrived!!

    Awesome speedmaster. I got into the game from omega too.... 3 SMP's and an aqua terra and I was done for. Rolex happened after that, who knows what's next. I have yet to get a speedy, but it is on my list!
  8. never seen that one before, it's very very cool. TBH a little busy for my taste but I like it on the NATO and I like the orange accents.
  9. 997.2

    Omega's blue...

    It just stuns me.. Every time is like the first time ;)
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