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  1. Hi, My first admission is I never considered Rolex as a brand for me. I have various Omegas, Breitlings and a mix of other brands in my small collection. I recently gave my AD my Breitling Navitimer World for a service and went to collect it on Friday last. While waiting, I saw they had the new Oyster Perpetual on display and asked to have a look. The salesman then said he had a lovely pre-owned Explorer I that I should look at. That was a fateful move as I fell in love with it straight away., which surprised me. I really like the simplicity of the dial and the fact it does not have a cyclops eye date window. I have been thinking about it since and I contacted the AD yesterday about a best price and a potential trade of the Navitimer. They are willing to trade which has made my dilemma worse. I have fallen out of the love with the Navitimer in the last year and am wearing it less and less. I have thought about a trade or eBay sale as a means of moving it on. That's my story. What I would like to know is:- - Is the Explorer a good buy considering I may never buy another Rolex? It is mint and will have a one year warranty. - Is it a well respected model within the Rolex community? - Is it a dependable and accurate model? Any other advice will be appreciated. I intend visiting tomorrow to view it again and my gut feeling is to buy it. Thanks, Anthony.....
  2. My guess is that the 36mm would be really good as a Dress Watch to fit under your cuffs, and the 39mm would be better for all-round duties.
  3. Wonder any Pelagos owners have any issues with the watch or so?
  4. Indeed! they are so different in style, and can not be compared together. I am not saying Omega is inferior than Rolex in term of technology. I actually own one 300M Seamaster for 8 years and love it so much, but direction of Omega recently is a bit vague. It try too hard to be up market, while lacking the ground support from buyer. Luxury and privilege is something given, not taken.
  5. I'll play too.. it's simple and timeless IMHO...
  6. The days I sit in front of a computer screen, editing all day, my Rolex runs about +2sec a day. Then there are those days, where I kick arz, subways, lifting, speakers, running, cables, shouting, orders... The Rolex is +15sec or more. I like those days.
  7. Canadian math has surprised me before (LOL - inside joke; please don't take offense). If the discount on both pieces is very similar indeed (call it identical?), then the differential erodes by the same percentage. E.g., if you manage to finagle a 33% discount on both, the difference will reduce to $2K "only". By the way, MSRP I saw quoted on-line is $11,800 for the GO and $13,600 for the IWC. I don't know where the difference comes from, but assume that the 7-day movement in the IWC is more complex and thus more expensive than the GO's 2.3-day movement. One more thing: did you take a good look at the dials? The GO-dial is all printed; the IWC has (more expensive) applied numerals and hour markers. Which do you prefer? I get the impression that price is driving the decision - still, ask yourself which one you would pick if offered at the same price. That will make for an easier decision. The good news: with these contenders, there is no wrong pick. Hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted PS - for me it was easy: I knew for many years that I (just) wanted the Portuguese and never even considered the GO-SO (or many other similar alternatives)
  8. Had the same question 2 years ago when I was looking at both. Basically, the substantive differences are the modified small seconds subdial location and deployant vs. pin buckle. The underlying reason I am guessing is that one is a Portuguese, which is supposed to be more popular than the pilot chrono. So I did look at those two, and ended up with a JLC.
  9. Good choice of watch. I have bought a watch from my Authorised Dealer, and they offered me 20% off the RRP.
  10. Currytom

    Is this a fake?

    Conspiracy theorist maybe? I saw it for sale on a local website and it was priced well above what a knockoff would go for but a little on the cheap side of a good used one.
  11. I humbly beg you my good man, please don't do it.
  12. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other I think because they both look good. as above blue would look so much better.
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