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  1. Sorry to hear, it's very bad etiquette for the watchmaker to throw away any part from the watch even if it is broken...
  2. Congratulations and happy birthday. Great watch.
  3. There are two dial version, the earlier has longer text. 6k sounds okay if its mint. Good luck with the hunt, my slant gray dial said hi :)
  4. My choice is the old one..thats why i bought it before 2 months!
  5. Try on an Isofrane, there's various colours to play with. Personally I think it looks sharp.
  6. There's no bullet to bite. You've given a lot of thought to this high end purchase and came to the conclusion that a pre-owned classic of recent vintage meets your wants and needs. I assure you that as you wear the watch and show it off, anyone commenting on its looks or heritage will have no negative thoughts about the 'older' bracelet or movement. Don't give a second thought to either of those attributes, as you'd never know the difference on the movement and the bracelet has years of testimony to the longevity of its construction. The historic stories behind the development of this p
  7. Looks ok, but better on black. I've tried many different combos: Some Browns work better than others...
  8. If the watch is now at the RSC, that crown may not have been damaged. It may just be 'worn' in the eyes of the Rolex technicians. Whether a revenue conspiracy or not, Rolex repair has a common requirement that the crown and tube be replaced at any service due to their attentiveness to water resistance. Interesting to me is that when I've sent my watches to independent repair places, they never seem to feel the need for crown replacement...perhaps the crown gasket, but not the whole crown and I've never had a moisture problem in the aftermath of a service.
  9. Guess I'm a cliche... ss Daytona and Sub for me. Oh well. Will you be selling your BLNR once it becomes more common? It appears to be the most frequent "incoming" Rolex watch, and I'm seeing them more regularly at ADs. Great watch indeed, but hardly "rare".
  10. Well, they did: IWC Schaffhausen | Fine Timepieces From Switzerland | Collection | Portofino Family | Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days
  11. Beautiful watch. Congratulations! I think both the black and brown bands look good with that watch. Why don't you alternate and enjoy both? I like to wear black straps in the office but brown on the weekends. The navy blue strap posted in the picture above by MHe255 also looks amazing!
  12. I thought that Santoni Straps only came with a 22mm lug width that would suit your 5001?
  13. So i've noticed that they have different stock straps, the mark XVI's strap seems to be the same of the portuguese family while on the XVII it seems more like a pilot and casual style (similar to the big pilot). For people who had both or tried both, which one is higher quality and which do you prefer?
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