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  1. Dear all, I recently inherited an old Rolex from my great uncle and I am eager to know more about it! It appears to be keeping reasonable time but the seconds hand does not stop while the crown is out to change the time. Additionally, if the time is being set in a counter-clockwise motion (backwards), the seconds hand will move backwards. It measures 33-34mm in diameter excluding the crown, with 18mm width lugs (although they appear to be stretched). It is a manual wind up. A marking on the metal band reads [T/40 10KT RGP Stainless Steel Backs PAT.No.1095455] Any help answering the following questions would be greatly appreciated: 1. Is the metal band original? 2. What is its approximate age? Searching myself revealed similar looking rolex's advertised as anywhere between 1940-1970. 3. Is it actually called a 'Rolex Precision'? 4. Any idea what the issues with the second hand could be? I am considering getting it serviced. I am considering putting a leather strap on it and wearing it occasionally when I'm in a suit. I quite like the little thing. Thanks in advance!
  2. Excellent! I sent in a newer GMT to the RSC for a crystal replacement (gimp cyclops magnification). When it returned over the next 1 1/2 months it zoomed up to +7 SPD and then slowed to -10 SPD. Historically it was +.5 SPD to +2 SPD for over a year. I called the RSC and they said before sending it in let it unwind for a few days and manually wind 50 rotations to start it up again. I did so and (knock on wood) for the last 4 days has been running < +1 SPD. Who would have thunk?
  3. I think I'd be tempted by the new version for the blue dial. Not keen on the wall of text but I'd get over that and not fussed about the movement either way. I like the ETA 2824 as a long term ownership proposition because they are well made, proven, superbly accurate in the Tudors and serviceable by almost any watchmaker.
  4. Pepsi. Very attractive bezel and more useful/practical than the single color.
  5. Are you sure 2mm isn't too thick for the isofrane?
  6. I can recommend user 'todreamawatch'. I purchased a new watch from him on eBay and everything went extremely well. I think he also posts watches for sale on this forum under the same name.
  7. Agreed that 15% off without even asking is awesome. I've only been able to swing 10% off as a return customer.
  8. I find myself going, "Okay. I'm going with a Sub." Then I look at the Dweller, and say "ah. This is interesting. Sub aesthetics, but it's not a Sub. It's a thinking man's Rolex tool watch--you'll be the guy that went a little further than just the typical Sub." Then I see the gray/black dial Turn-O-Graph, and I think, "This is a true oddball. You'll be the only guy this side of the Mississippi that has one of these, and it's a thousand bucks cheaper than the other two." I can't make up my mind.
  9. Depends how bothered you are by them you can guarantee that as soon as you get them polished it will get more to replace the ones you removed. If you are happy to have it cleaned each time it receives scratches then go for it but its a pricey option and you are better off just accepting 'If you wear scratches will happen' Personally the first one bothered me for a few hours but now I don't let it worry me.
  10. It could be better, but it's within its operating specs. Give it a while a see how it goes..
  11. No, quite a few differences...
  12. JonnyMum

    IWC 3714-45

    $4699 but the applied numbers don't look as "applied" or as large as the new models. More like painted on. And I think it has the fish on the crown.. May hold out and just pay more for a new model I found for $5999..
  13. It doesn't seem to get the same fanfare of IWCs other pilots, however, I really think it's a fantastic looking watch. I
  14. So I need help with a decision .. As I reach fifty I have decided to by a new watch a special one . I have after much thought decided it has to be an IWC pilot but am torn between the two above. I really like the Big Pilot for it's clean design and 7 day movement but I am concerned at its size on my wrist. I also like the Pilot chrono and am a bit more comfortable with it size plus it's a better price... Confused . Com your thoughts ???
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