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  1. How much does it cost to have a Rolex regulated and how often is a regulation needed? After about a year, I had my Explorer regulated and after a year, it's still at about +2 seconds per day. My DJ is in the shop now getting regulated and after a year it was +6 seconds a day, up from +2 seconds per day when I bought it. Fortunately, both regulations have been under warranty so I'm not sure what the cost would be, but I'm thinking it's not enough to get concerned about, unless you really like working on your own watches.
  2. It must be very old if it is 14K gold. If you want it to run as it should, it should go to an RSC, in my judgement. But, it is really as old as I think it is, Rolex may not be able to help. How much has it cost you to gain nothing?
  3. Thanks. The hairspring is not mentioned on the Rolex site, but then again, their site isn't always kept on the cutting edge. Like you say, though, it hardly matters, since the watch keeps excellent time and I've never had a magnetic problem with any of my Rolex watches.
  4. I have heard a rumor that the new random identifier 14060M watches are fitted with the Parachrom Bleu hairsprings. I heard this from whom I believe to be a reliable source, who said that his watchmaker popped the back on his, although I have not yet checked in with my watchmaker. Has anyone else heard this or have I been hoodwinked? Don't laugh at me if that is the case.
  5. Actually, he said he's done nothing to the watch and if you could see it, you wouldn't question that. It was caked with crud. All I cans say is that the only Rolex I've ever seen with my own eyes with a slow beat-rate was purchased in 1965 and belongs to a friend. I told him he had an "odd-bird," but of course, I did not question the watches authenticity. I go to that restaurant regularly, so maybe the next time I see him, I can get an update. I recommended that he have it serviced by my AD's watchmaker. I also told him how important it is to keep a watch clean to avoid excessive wear of the bracelet.
  6. Thanks for the info. I was unaware of the font type difference. I'm always eager to learn. I'm not interested in the watch and as far as I know it's not for sale. I was just chatting with the guy and giving him some advice on getting service and making a recommendation. He said he'd called Rolex and they'd quoted him around $600. He did not talk like a man wearing a fake. However, there is still the oddity of the solid end-links and the lugholes and the beat rate. Oh, well. Thanks again for the assistance.
  7. Good morning, gentlemen. I posted over at "Watch Out" in hopes of getting some insight into a watch I looked at yesterday. The link is here: https://www.rolexforums.com/showpost...66&postcount=1 As you can see, there were some irregularities, which I've seen and read about before, though they may not be specific to the model in question. As noted, the most glaring irregularity was the beat rate, which was decidedly slower than that on any of my Rolex watches, all bought in the last 3.5 years. The owner said that he paid about $3800 for his watch at Ben Bridge and nine years ago. With tax, that's about what his watch would have cost. Could a lack of service account for this. I might also note that the watch's exterior was very dirty, not that that would affect the interior of the watch, but might reflect the care it has been given through the years.
  8. The repair should not be terribly expensive, as it is an aluminum bezel and I think you may be able to have the pearl replaced only, however I'm not sure about that. By the way, that pearl, as it is called, is probably Super Luminova, but it certainly is not mother of pearl. A true expert will notice your post soon. Welcome aboard.
  9. The watchmaker at my AD is a graduate of the Lititz Watch Technicum. This is his story: http://watchmakingblog.com/2008/01/1...tch-technicum/
  10. Those are some interesting details. I've seen you around the boards, Larry. Whence comes all this esoterica?
  11. This may be of help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewel_bearing
  12. I'd pay $250 for that watch, if it was working, so as far as I'm concerned, if you already have the watch, it'd be worth that much just to have it to wear. I'd love to have an Omega from that era.
  13. I remember the first Omega I ever saw in person. I was on boot leave in late 1967 and my father and I went to a jewelry store in Texarkana, Texas, to get me a new Speidel Romunda for whatever watch I had at the time. Romundas were quite popular at the time. While I was getting the band fitted the salesman let me look at a Seamaster. I really don't think I'd ever seen a watch so beautiful in all my life. I have to say that there weren't a lot of luxuries in my upbringing and a watch of that caliber was really something to see. Things really didn't work out such that I'd ever get a chance to own one of those old Seamasters, but I still have a yearning for an Omega. I was at Jared's the other day and I do believe that a Speedy Pro is next in line as far as a watch goes. The salesman really made it tempting offering some $600 off the $4050 sticker price. It'll have to wait a little while longer, but I can still feel how good it felt on my wrist and in case no one's noticed, I'm partial to chronographs.
  14. I was offered a pretty nice discount on a hesalite Moon Watch some while back, but nothing on that order. That's really amazing. Congratulations.
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