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  1. Sorry for your loss. That is why you always go to your trusted watchmaker. Common it can't be as bad as losing your dog :p
  2. I usually don't like two tone, but you take some excellent photos. Sold me. Beautiful watch. Congratulations.
  3. The main trait of the sub that really puts me off is the big and bulky case. The explorer has the perfect dimensions and is very comfortable on the wrist and under the shirt cuff.
  4. Maybe I don't get out enough, but other than this forum I haven't seen anyone in the wild with one of these:
  5. Absolutely superb review...Thank you!!
  6. Hello everyone. I've enjoyed this site immensely but never had any reason to actually post until now. I like many of you enjoy watches. I own only mechanical watches except one, an old Longines given to me as a graduation gift by my parents. I purchased my first Rolex, a submariner, at 19. I saved for quite some time to buy that watch. It cost me $700 which was a princely sum at the time. I still have that watch and it looks like the day I bought it. I have always admired Rolex A little background on my query. In June my wife and I went to the local jeweler to look around. My wedding anniversary was coming up and I was looking to get her something. This jeweler happens to be a Rolex AD so while she was looking around I naturally gravitated to the watch case. She walks up at some point and says ooooh pretty. She was looking at a woman's datejust with a cobalt blue dial. This totally shocked me as my wife has never shown any interest whatsoever in watches. She uses a citizen that I gave her a few years ago and was content. The fact that she liked a Rolex not because it had a blue dial but because it was a Rolex, and yes it had a lovely blue dial totally shocked me. Who was this woman? I've thought about giving her a Rolex through the years but never did since she never showed interest in a fine watch. I purchased the watch paying full retail but I did get the them to throw in a wolf single winder. They didn't want to part with that winder and only did so when they realized they would lose the sale. The winder was a small victory, could I have done better? Maybe. She was smitten with the watch and while still in shock I bought it. A few days ago my wife thought it would be special if we had matching Rolex watches. Yeah, you read that right. Who is this woman and what did she do with my wife? So she drags me to the jeweler today. Drag might be too strong a word. The salesman is tickled and shows me a Datejust II with a blue dial. I have to say it is a beautiful watch. Since I knew that at some point my wife was going to bring this up again, I started doing some research on pricing, where to buy and the whole AD/grey market scenario. Spent a few hours last night on this site and what I learned is that an AD will work with you after you establish a relationship with them. I figure that after spending $7500 with them barely 2 months ago that this would qualify. I was evidently mistaken. The salesman who also happens to be the manager would not budge off the retail. I nonchalantly told him I had gotten a lower price from somewhere else (Alan Furman and DavidSW). I didn't give him a figure nor did I tell him it was not from an AD. He went on to describe the strict pricing policies that Rolex has and if sold under retail they could lose the brand, cause the world to alter it's orbit and plunge us into another ice age. I didn't want to really argue but I told him brand new Rolex watches are sold all over from reputable people with box, papers, and warranty card for substantially less. I got another speech on how Rolex does not approve and a dealer could lose their AD status if caught etc etc. Rolex may not like the grey market but they tolerate it. They know it exists and they know how the watches end up there. If they were really that concerned they could trace what AD was selling the watches from the serial number and pull their AD status. That would stop the supply pretty quick. The salesman didn't really seemed too concerned. We thanked him and said we would think about it. I fully expected him to stop us before we walked out. My wife was not surprised given we just purchased her watch at full retail. While that is true I did ask for a watch winder and when they refused I thanked them for their time. I didn't make it 5 feet before he said he would make a call. She said wait a few days and see if they call. The more I think about it the less inclined I am to entertain purchasing from them if they do call. Is this odd or normal when dealing with a Rolex dealer now?
  7. I have a 14270 (currently in the for sale section) While Christmas shopping, I saw many Rolexes (Subs mostly) but not one single ExplorerThink of it, I've never seen anyone with the Explorer ever. It's such a no nonsense watch, it disguises it's ruggedness with it's simplicity and elegance. It never looked out of place, from wearing jeans and t-shirt to a suit. It even looked good wearing pjs while opening the Christmas presents! I've been wearing it during the Holidays and must admit that I'm getting second thoughts about letting it go.
  8. Nope. I wouldn't do it.
  9. For me I found that the best way to change the date is the have the crown pulled out to the first position, which is the same position as changing the GMT hour, and rotating it 24 hours for each day. If only there was a quicker way.
  10. It's reported. Let's see how quickly eBay galvanizes into action. Cheers, Antti
  11. That might be true but they are still really unmodified (not sure finishing counts does it?) IWC used to heavily modify there ETA movements but now ETA provide IWC with movements that meet IWC specs (that info is straight from the IWC/horses mouth). I think the asking price is ridiculous, it is very very close to JLC/Rolex in house chrono movements and much more than Omega in-house (kind of) movements. But the RRP is also a bit irrelevant as big discounts must be possible surely? Iconicwathces.co.uk discount pretty much all of their brand new IWCs by about 25% or even more.
  12. I have the 3878 since approx 2 years now and do not have any problems with the movement. It runs perfectly - and looks great of course...
  13. George Mayer at Govberg. He'll take care of you.
  14. Hi guys, What is your experience with AD´s and discounts? What can I expect? If you have the time please read my entire thread here: IWC Spitfire Chronograph 3878 Basically explaining the dilemma I'm in of how to purchase my 3878! Thanks
  15. Louis

    IWC threads slow...

    Are you kidding? Fake spotting is a fixture of this subforum. I think that many of the most enthusiastic IWC collectors congregate in the official IWC forum hosted by Richemont. It tends to have more depth than WUS, but the discussions tend to be less critical and more guarded as the moderator ensures that the vibe remains positive and discussion of other brands is not encouraged.
  16. Louis

    IWC Pilot Watches

    There is a big difference between the 3778 and 3778; other then the size. The 3778 has the split/double chronograph function. The 3777 has the single chronograph function. It is a gorgeous watch although I personally like the 3717 more. Read more on: Pilot Watches Double Chronograph IW377801 | IWC. You need a big wrist when you want to wear the 3778. Some interesting videos maybe to see the difference on a 16cm wrist. IWC 3777: IWC 3778:
  17. Hi Nokie. Will try that. Thanks!
  18. yeah i like that cosmonaut one, but i specifically dig the colors/retro vibe of the one i posted. i was thinking about putting it on this strap: Nato Regimental Strap Off white, Red, Black and White
  19. Interesting dial indeed. What is the movement inside? 2209?
  20. A lot of his watches are in suspiciously good condition, and he is a Ukrainian seller. I'd pass
  21. If this was a vintage car forum, we would be delighted to see such an abundance of obscure parts become available to enable us to keep our old clunkers on the road. When I needed to get the front panel of my Triumph Mk 1 entirely replaced, I did not inquire about whether the replacement was original or a reproduction. But with watches, it's different...
  22. As far as I know the 3133 were produced at a single facility. I cannot swear that this is the case for SeaGull. Chascom can help you further.
  23. I've got a few. First up is not an engraving, but actual a dial marking. At the very bottom, there's the usual "Сделано в СССР", but after that, just to the right, there's something I can't make out. I'm not sure if it's legible due to the crystal obstructing the view. These are seller photos -- I don't have the watch yet. Once it arrives, I can post better photos, if necessary. Thanks! :)
  24. Interesting Russian watches you don't see every day.
  25. Nice one, Dashiell! 17th jewel is cap jewel on the escapement bridge?
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