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  1. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had access to a spreadsheet or something similar that had all the Rolex models and their prices? I'm in Australia but I'd be happy if someone had a US RRP or similar? Thanks in advance...
  2. EXP II need the date feature
  3. I've got a 50s OP with a worn bracelet. I can tell you on that particular model a bracelet in maybe 70% condition or less cost over 100% of the watch's value, and if I ever find one in acceptable shape I have no doubt that it will be over $1000 on its own. I'll say what I always say to people looking to save money by buying "vintage": Don't do it. After 30 years there is no parts guarantee. Service, whether through RSC or not, is going to cost nearly as much if not more than the watch itself, and even more if you need any parts replaced, if they're available. It's not as accurate as a modern Rolex, or as accurate as a modern $1000 watch. If it's been kept in good condition and serviced a few times it should still be waterproof, but you really don't know. It's just a bad investment all around. I get the allure of a vintage Rolex, I get the bragging rights of having the name on the dial, but you'd be better off either buying a different brand, or spending more money. Just my two cents.
  4. Sell the Aqua Terra and pick up the Datejust. There are some really nice examples out there for under $3k.
  5. Hi there My little girl was born in July 2014 and I know it is a long way off but I wanted to buy her a ladies Rolex for her 18-21st birthday obviously the watch will be a birth date watch for her , a classic style ladies watch would be nice has anyone here any ideas or anyone done anything like this thanks Paul
  6. My choice for a 39MM Oyster Perpetual. Lol.
  7. Collecting Rolex is a very addictive hobby. Since you have about $10k budget, why not look at SS Daytona, GMT 2, Submariner, Explorer 2? If you like dress watch, I would look at 2 tone DJ2. These are all within your budget, maybe not for the SS Daytona.
  8. Great review. I also think the OP is a fantastic watch and a great example of a nice, simple sports watch that has all of the attributes that make Rolex watches so good.
  9. Julie

    New North Flag

    Great looking watch. I'd love to see it on the bracelet as well.
  10. You may find that the Rolex is very different than the Omegas you own. Have you considered a Sub? Maybe a Hulk? You should be able to find a LNIB one in the sales section within your budget. If you do decide to sell 1 or both to fund a Rolex make sure it really sings to you or you'll regret it as others including myself can a test.
  11. I recently had to sell a Speedy Pro and my 300mc for a Daytona. I sold the speedy because I had the feeling it's too similar to the D - which it isn't and I should have kept it. The 300mc I sold solely for the money - and also miss it dearly. So if you can avoid it: don't sell. If you need to for the money: sell the Omega which gets the least amount of wrist time now. Both the DJ II and the GMT Master II are insanely nice watches and you'll see that they're clearly a notch above anything Omega has to offer.
  12. I'd like to know where you are seeing a matte triple six for "well under $6k". A Gloss with WG surrounds.......maybe less than $6k, but not a matte-dialed version of the triple six. Those are typically around $10,000 or more.
  13. I agree it's to big. But The real point is that an inhouse movement would make the 3565 a lot more expensive.
  14. *sigh* due to the overwhelming support for destroying the above-photoed strap, I've decided to purchase not one, but two proper replacement straps (cheergiant and Jacobstraps). I'll try to post a few photos when they are united with the watch, so you can see the thrilling conclusion to this post. Thank you all for your opinions. I do appreciate it.
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