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  1. Gloria11

    Breitling crown.

    I have not seen this crown for this watch.
  2. I would purchase Spring Drive because of the accuracy.
  3. Gloria11

    Seiko 5 VS 6R15

    Of course 6R15. Except you don't have enough money.
  4. thanks for the reply, I haven't seen this information before.
  5. Thanks for the reply. So the blue dot was drawn by the manufacturer? And what was the effect of opening the case back.
  6. Hi guys, I had interested in Omega watch, but noticed the blue dot on the case back, the seller claims that the dot became blue after sending to inspect as a new watch.(The warranty card has less than two years). So it would affect the warranty or secondhand price? Thanks a lot.
  7. You can search it on official website.
  8. The RG watch matched the brown dial, the SS is ash black. You have no choice.
  9. I would recommend PANO series, which is more practical. 16610 is over popular for me.
  10. welcome to this forum and enjoy your stay :)
  11. I love Lange 1, the dial is classic.
  12. It is said that they promote the new watch such as Tank MC
  13. That's REMINDER MARK. You would notice the signal with this function. You can press the lower right button to turn on/off it.
  14. Yep, quartz watch also has C.O.S.C certification.
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