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  1. My advice to you will be the same I offered to those who asked a similar question: contact DavidSW. You will not be disappointed.
  2. On the Ranger's bracelet. Photo taken from Old Expat Beast on Rolex Forums.
  3. I've a feeling these will see a higher price than we're used to with Tudors.
  4. No mistaking it for another color other than blue, that's for sure!!!
  5. Both are equally nice models; however, my preference for a Rolex GMT would be for the multi-color bezel.
  6. I think the heritage blue is an awesome looking watch but bought the BBB because I don't like chronos or any thing that clutters the dial or sticks out of the case besides the crown. hmm I do wonder if those in the dislike category find it a bit cartoonish especially when on the nato?
  7. Has anyone seen the new pelagos at any ADs in the US yet? I've seen a few pics of the new blue one from a few users, but I think they have all been outside the US. Any idea when they'll be arriving stateside?
  8. Does the blue stuff last longer per charge than the prior green superluminova?
  9. Hi everyone! Just a general question: should I trade my 16610 for Pam00005? Will you ever trade your Rolex for Panerai? Thanks in advance.
  10. Beautiful pic of beautiful watch.
  11. Yvonne

    Buying a Mark XVII

    My responses below Check the size of the Pilot. Whilst it is 41mm it wears bigger becuase it is a long watch. The lugs sit at the very end of my wrists and my wrists are slightly bigger than yours. Just make sure you are happy with the fit. It was okay for me but I wouldn't go any bigger than the Mk17.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by established so that means I'm probably not it. My mother used to work for a jeweler and has connections with watch dealers so I should be able to find a deal. What % off should I be targeting?
  13. Yvonne

    First IWC

    Must say the tan strap works well.
  14. It almost seems like design flaw. Whenever I see one of these watches, the first thing I think of is, "That looks really easy to break." I guess I'm a pessimist. Good luck and keep us posted.
  15. Looking to buy my first. How does £2500 sound for a good condition mark XV from reputable seller, 2 year warranty, NO box or papers but original card (Singapore). Bit steep? Reckon?
  16. Looks like I may have a chance to trade my LNIB Mark XVII for a NIB Portofino. Currently wearing the MK on a Nato strap and it looks very military. The Portofino is very elegant and more dressy maybe. Any thoughts?
  17. Try here: Q&A: please decipher this cyrillic engraving!!!
  18. Hi, I've got a damaged hairspring on a 2614 2H movement, My local, UK, watchmaker won't touch it so two questions. Can anyone point me to a good watch repairer in the UK who would be interested? I can get the part so would it be feasible to try this repair myself? I'm quite useful but is it a very fiddly job? Many thanks
  19. OK great :) thanks, that's made me feel a lot better
  20. Hi Dennis, Just mentioning military watches is probably too broad a topic for anyone to weigh in with meaningful suggestions. As you're in the Russian forum I assume it's a Russian watch you're after so I'd suggest searching ebay for Russian watches and post up a few that take your fancy and the knowledgeable posters will offer their opinions. Or if you're looking for new watches, meranom.com & poljot24.de has a good selection across a range of price points.
  21. I think all of them are like this. My crown is the original one that arrived with the watch and is exactly like all other Amphibias. For example this:
  22. Do you know what the dimensions are? I'd be interested in any links to other information please. I don't even know what search terms I should use, lol. Cheers :)
  23. As topic says... Do there exist any Chernobyl NPP russian watches? Either promotional or commemorative. I'm just curious, might be a long shot as I suspect the disaster/"incident" was covered up for a long time, but then again there seems to exist promotional watches for everything else...
  24. http://people.timezone.com/jmerino/history50.pdf
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