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  1. Hi everyone! Few days ago I got my BLNR 2013 preowned watch. I was expecting the buckle to be adjusted like a slide but it is not like that. It has pins to remove and then adjust the length. I bought it online and I am worried the buckle is aftermarket or not? I will appreciate your input. Pictures are attached.
  2. Whatever you do or don't decide on a bigger watch, keep the DJ. It looks perfect on your wrist.
  3. I'd take it to the RSC, they are the only ones that will issue an official 2 year warranty with their service. Also, if you were ever to sell it, you'd make that extra money back by having provided official RSC paperwork instead of some nameless local watchmaker.
  4. I'd say make your mind up before pulling the trigger on any of these watches. They are completely different from each other, which gives me the impression that you're unsure what you are exactly looking for. On the other hand, you can't go really wrong with any of these. ;)
  5. Torn between the grape (purple) and the blue??? Had/got/see every day blue!! So still thinking Grape.
  6. Eddy

    Confirmation of model?

    Hi all, this is my friends watch his dad (thai) gave him. Gen?
  7. The poor quality of this watch (the quality is bad even in the standard of fake watches) is the first telling sign. The locations of the subdials being too close to the center. The locations of the numerals in the left subdial (supposed to be the PR subdial) are wrong. The right subdial on this fake looks like it's a date indicator - I have not seen a date subdial indicator at that location from IWC. Like what InfinityNexus said, there are just so many wrongs about this fake, but those listed above are the obvious ones. Search for an image of a real IWC Portuguese 7 day automatic, and you will see.
  8. Hello, This question comes up a lot. Yes, running a chronograph (except one*) all the time will reduce its longevity although exactly how much has never been quantified. *One of Patek Phillippe's chronographs supposedly allow for continuous usage without a reduction in its longevity. heb
  9. Summer is coming and I wanted to brighten up my new Ocean 2000, so had a custom burgundy strap made. What do you think?
  10. Eddy

    IWC regulateur opinion

    That's very nice. Lovely dial colour. Do you find the face easy to read. Have you had to service it yet? Over the usual service cost?
  11. !!! Your watch is beautiful. I personally prefer the Mark XV on the original strap. I'm sad to say I don't have other strap options for you. I just wanted to compliment you on your glorious watch.
  12. There are a number of threads around about the 2609 being used in 24-hour watches. I'm sorry I can't find them right now. The theory was that they were frankens, but considering how much modification it takes, if they were franken, someone was really dedicated to doing it. I was going to say that the hands look wrong on this watch (the specimens I've seen before all have flieger-style sword hands). But then I came acreoss this thread: Suggestions for first 24 hour watch? So maybe this one is original. I guess I don't know, and will hope someone with more knowledge will come along and help out.
  13. IMVHO: I don't know what this case is - I've never seen one. But the movement looks like a very early (1946) Penza made K26 (with some werid markings obviously done later). Could this case be original? It has wire lugs and the technology looks similar to early Pobeda cases. I once had a movement like this (early Penza, not signed anywhere), but the case was missing. O course the dial has been repainted recently, no doubt about it. But the movement seems to be a 1946 Penza indeed - either in prototype or non original case. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it surely isn't a late ZiM, and only earliest Penza and late ZiM movements were totally unsigned...
  14. They are 18mm , think a 20mm wouldn't look correct, but just my opinion, never tried it, not sure why you would.
  15. Looks good to me. Produced in the fourth quarter of 1953. Look here: https://plus.google.com/photos/11309...39036073221216 Also, Miro is a top-notch seller :)
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