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  1. I think the dial is ok-but if its not a relumen job then the index markers have suffered from some call 'moisture bloat' or slightly exploded index's from exposure to small amounts of moisture. Its not a fatal condition, imo. The gmat and second hands def. replaced and (as usually for me)I am suspicious of the glut of overly aged and so-called 'natural patina bezels. Its just funny to me how 5 yrs back there were very few highly faded GMT bezels and now every other vintage GMT has a fuchsia, pale pink and ghost silver 'natural' patina. I'm not saying it isn't an authentic rolex bezel-just....w
  2. Excellent post. I need a strap that extends outward, not downward (i.e. PO 8500) so the Everest would be my choice. Thanks for posting and saving me the time and $$ to find out.
  3. That looks identical apart from the taper on the lugs. Thanks for the help! Is that a 'T' I can see on the pic you posted, right before where SWISS is at the bottom?
  4. I am considering a Tudor Pelagos, personally. I am unfortunately unable to see and try one on because neither of our Authorised Dealers has one in stock, due to the popularity of this watch. I am able to secure one from a different State but I do not like spending so much money without viewing and trying a watch on.
  5. x2. the ranger is a sweet watch.
  6. Breitling vs Rolex and now Rolex vs Tudor. I'm seeing a Grand Seiko post in your future.
  7. I have tried on the Chrono Blue and it does look pretty good but it is too thick for my liking. I, too, purchased a Black Bay (Blue). The Chrono Blue is fantastic value for money and very well made. Buy with confidence, if you like it. The most important thing is to buy what YOU like.
  8. 15% off.... out of state AD, no sales tax and fedex'd overnight.... doesn't matter how much you know.... it's how you talk to people, you can't teach this stuff.
  9. This is how a "Help 4 Heroes" (the UK former/retired servicemen's charity) strap might look on the Red Black Bay (it's on a Tiger that has a similar colour scheme). It would suit the dark Blue Black Bay as well: It's a good splash of colour!
  10. The watch was just under two years old bought new from an authorized local dealer and my wife had just started noticing that when she shook her wrist while she was playing with a cat toy that something felt like a spring letting out its power, or one of those kids joke buzzer toys but only in her watch. We took it to the dealer we purchased it from who was very helpful, the sales manager there is a great guy who is super nice. He said it felt like a loose rotor and arranged to send it in immediately and told us expect about a month turnaround. This was on the 24th of August and it came b
  11. My dad's GST says hi. As far as feel and quality, he's had this watch since 99' and it is superb. He loves it and I try to steal it every chance I get. The 7750 is a work horse and very accurate. This watch goes with every outfit. The bracelet is great. The only thing keeping it from being the perfect watch is lack of water resistance.
  12. I really like Aquatimer chronograph "Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau" edition IW376805 and considering to get it. A local dealer in the downtown Toronto didn't have this model, but the older version was in stock and I tried it on and discovered that its strap is short for me. Are there longer versions of straps for Aquatimer chronographs?
  13. Flyback

    IWC Pilot Mark XII

    I have a 3251 of the same era. IWC used Tritium on the dial and superluminova on the hands on these watches when they were sold new. I suspect the difference in the hands here is just differences in aging/patina of the two materials. My 3251 exhibits the same aging, but more slight. But the difference in luminous material color is clear.
  14. Looks like you've got all the measurements correct already. Case diameter is between 39-40, just a shade short of 40mm in my opinion. The first link of the bracelet is indeed 26mm which tapers to the 2nd link which is 22mm.
  15. Flyback

    My 1st IWC

    Congrats. This is THE watch that got me into watches . 2
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