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  1. I've been looking for an Explorer II 16570, and ones from the early 1990s and ones from the mid-2000s are all around the same price. This is going to be my first Rolex purchase, so I don't know if there's a huge difference between a well serviced watch from 1991/1992 vs a well serviced watch from 2005. Are there any big differences between the 16570s from different years?
  2. I have a bit of OCD when it comes to gaining and losing time, I know I know I know, it can't be helped with a mechanical watch. However I got my old Breitling Seawolf to +\- 1 second a day (on a ETA 2824 movement) and I was pleased as punch with its accuracy. This Rolex (even though only 24 hours in) is still bang on with my atomic controlled Casio! I've just done a regulation test on it, and I think the image speaks for it's self. I'm going to do a comparison later (if I get time) between this and my explorer II (216570) Just looking at them both, I would say that there both different styles but *daily* wearers, even being a cross over between sports and tool?..... So my next thought is selling the Explorer and getting a Datejust II, what's your thoughts?
  3. And you didn't think it was a warning sign that the watch in the pic isn't even the datejust described in the listing text? *edit* and from a zero feedback seller no less? It's hard to imagine how there could be more obvious warning signs.
  4. An RSC visit will prove to be the most costly, but you'll have what many to consider the peace of mind that the watch has been restored to factory specs by people trained by the factory. You'll also get what many consider to be the cool 'toys' such as a leather pouch, a 'hard' warranty card, an invoice with the Rolex logo on it and a mailing box with green foam that many owners have drooled over (sarcasm intended). You'll have your choice of NYC, Dallas, Beverly Hills and San Francisco (the last one is an independently owned Authorized Rolex Service Center that has a great reputation.) A trip to an independent who knows what they're doing and comes highly recommended and has the highly coveted parts account will likely yield the same results for the watch at a lower cost. You also won't have to endure the humiliation of being asked about replacing dials and hands and bezel inserts if you have no desire to do so. Some names that come to mind in the independent watch repair category are, ABC Watchwerks in LA, Four Crowns in LA, Rikki at Timecare in Florida. This list is by no means meant to be comprehensive, only the first that are highly thought of in the Rolex watch forum community. Spend some time browsing past posts. There are lengthy discussions about the pros and cons of each choice and there's no right or wrong answer. Only what works best for you.
  5. Demi


    Makes sense to me. Good for you - congratulations!
  6. I have the same watch too. Love the blue dial but the 2 tone SS/Gold is not me so this happens....
  7. Having handled this watch with the bracelet I can say that the bracelet is a thing of beauty
  8. Demi

    Does this IWC seem legit?

    Another non-expert here. You have to consider the source. Are you buying from an AD or some dude on Craigslist or Canal Street? Does the price seem reasonable or is it too-good-to-be-true? Buy the seller.
  9. Demi

    Buying a Mark XVII

    Trying one out in a shop is what they are there for. Don't play your cards that you're after NOS but go and look. Freedman (Sydney vintage watches) in strand arcade are really good to deal with and are my pick of second hand dealers in Sydney. Nick Hacko (in castlereagh at) has decent quality stock. He can be a bit hit and miss to deal with though, trustworthy but has a "different" approach to custmoer service (and don't bother asking for a discount). By the way if you want a Mk16 you will have to get in quick - they get snapped up quickly. Go go and try a Mk17 on as well. If you're travelling. OS anytime soon some places do GST back in store and if you know how to bargain you will be surprised with the prices and discount. I've price matched watches internationally - a lot - and even when our dollar was above parity with the U.S. no one could come close to the prices I got.
  10. Demi

    IWC Pilot Mark XII

    this is not the only example of an IWC with differences in the appearance of lume material as it ages (the aquatimer).
  11. Demi

    Is this a fake?

    I guess the most obvious question would be: why do You think it is a fake?
  12. Your best bet would be to to take it to an AD and have them send it to IWC for an estimate.. That's the most accurate you're going to find vs asking here :)
  13. Demi

    21/18 straps?

    Hello! Just joined the IWC family with a 3777! Loving the watch so far, its an amazing watch. My one gripe is the 21/18mm strap size. Any recommendations on where to get some more? Some good custom strap recommendations as well? Thanks!
  14. If you like it, go for it. People's opinions are respected but it is you who will be wearing the watch.
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