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  1. too much for an everyday watch? what do you think?
  2. I have no idea what rolextrackers is. But I would think your watch is perfectly safe as long as its in your possession-or that of a reputable rolex service center. Why the stress?
  3. Debbie

    First Rolex

    The Sub with date is $8550 USD retail, the DSSD Blue is, I believe, $12,950 or something along those lines. Most ADs will probably work with you on a sub, fewer on the DSSD, and in the grey market you're almost definitely looking at a premium on the DSSD. Of the two, I'd buy the Submariner. It's not a watch that you won't see on other people's wrists, but it's insanely versatile, durable, and comfortable. The current generation is very accurate and has the glidelock bracelet which is pretty much a deal maker in itself. You can abuse it, you can wear it daily, you can dress it up with a suit in all but the most formal settings; there's a reason it's so iconic. I like the DSSD, and the blue is cool and could become somewhat collectible (don't know yet if it will), but if this is your first high end watch, I'd be hesitant. It's bold, it's big, it's too tall to fit under some sleeves, too heavy to balance on some wrists, the bracelet is awesome but much less refined in its style... As someone who wears a bright green watch in his daily rotation, I find the DSSD Blue to be almost too loud to really match. It's a great second or third Rolex. It wouldn't be my first. As for Sub vs. Portuguese it depends on a lot of factors. Are you okay with leather for daily wear, do you mind the bigger case size or the dressier look? It's not going to be as good in the water, or as durable overall in my opinion, although IWC does make a great watch. You're probably also looking at more money, and you're almost definitely looking at less value retention. You're probably going to replace the strap over time, and the chronograph -while a nice complication- is not overly useful for most people (the same can be said of the dive capabilities of the sub though). I'd love to have a Portuguese in my collection, but again for me it wouldn't be my "only" nice watch. You could look at a Daytona and get a little of both worlds. Slightly dressier chrono, but with excellent value retention and durability. At the end of the day though, you're not looking at any bad watches. You need to decide what you like the best based on looks and features, then consider price, and if you can do it... Do it.
  4. I am mulling whether or not to go ceramic for my next acquisition. But my wrist, at approximately 6.5 inches, is pretty petite. I am worried it might be overwhelmed by the wider lugs and squarer shape of the case. The closest AD is 2.5 hours away, and I'm not sure I'll have time to get down to Helsinki before I pull the trigger. Any wrist-shots to give me a sense of how it might look would be appreciated. For reference, this is how my Datejust 116200 wears:
  5. black and gold always looks amazing.
  6. Hello all, hoping for some help from WUS rather than having to go over to TRF. My friend just purchased a new watch and is thinking about selling his 2008 GMT M2 to me. He purchased it new from an AD, has all of the paperwork, boxes, etc. and has had it serviced (with receipt from AD). He wore it fairly regularly, but it is in good shape with no visible marks on the case, crystal or bezel and what you would normally expect on the bracelet from semi-regular wear. Definitely not a safe queen, but the bracelet will look pretty good with a solid cleaning.I've looked through prices here, on TRF and WR and obviously those show asking price, but any input regarding fair market value would be useful. My goal would be to pay him a fair amount and be able to sell the watch as a neutral transaction if I don't like it.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you
  7. Why oh whyyyyy doesn't the IWC Portofino Automatic (IW356504) has a nice hand wound in house movement? It think, if it has a hand wound in house movement, it would be the perfect dress, don't you think :)? so PLEASEEEE IWC, make the IW356504 with a hand wound in house movement AND display back!
  8. Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed the review
  9. Debbie

    DING in my Portofino

    Leave it alone, let the watch age with you.
  10. I suppose that this article will give you the answer./page 12/ http://www.iwcforum.com/Movements/IWC_Calibre_7xxx.pdf
  11. Debbie

    New IWC Failure

    Well, my brand spankin new Portugese Chronograph Classic is going back to the AD after only 2 weeks. Starting last week, I noticed that the fly back feature would sporadically freeze up the movement. The subregister seconds hand would stop AND the chronograph seconds hand would not fly back unless the pusher was pressed twice. Today, the fly back feature is not working at all and the chronograph seconds hand is resetting from -15 to +15 seconds of zero. I have heard of this happening in the past with the Spitfire Chrono, but this was soon after the release of the new movement. I erroneously believed that the bugs had been worked out. Really disappointed, but I am hoping that IWC does the right thing and takes care of this promptly. I'mnot flaming the brand (lemons happen), and will be happy as a clam if this gets sorted quickly. Just thought I'd let you all know in case anyone was looking at at any of the newer IWCs with the in-house movement.
  12. I couldn't afford genuine IWC replacement band atm, does anybody know where I can buy an alternative or an after market one? Thanks in advance
  13. The BP had somewhat a rugged, utilitarian presence - yet still somehow elegant. This Radiomir is pure elegance and causal chic. Also the BP's crown was a nusance sometimes digging into my hand. This Radiomir does a little much much less. Finally the edges on the gator band on the BP were a bit sharp and would get uncomfortable. Will see how this wears over time. Pics of the Pilot Chrono coming
  14. These expectations seems to me not realistic. It's the sport watch, 43mm is a good size. I like it, but its rubber strap is out of place.
  15. Thanks guys. I'm fearing the worst for him..
  16. Not 100% sure, the picture is not clear enough, and Ukrainian is not my native language, but it's something like: тов. Сторчеусу М. Ф. за кращі зразки роботи і досягнуті в сiльському господарствi в 1955 год. Вiд ЦК КП Украiни Ради мiнiстрiв УССР means: To Comrade Storcheus M. F. for the best samples of work, achieved in agriculture in year 1955. From the Central committee of the Communist party of Ukraine Council of Ministers of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Regards, Miro.
  17. Hi there, This is my first to the forum, so first a quick hi to everyone. About a year ago I started buying old mechanical watches of ebay for cheap with the aim of repairing them, for no other reason than I found I really enjoy it (though i'm still rubbish at it ). Recently I realised that I wanted to start collecting some nicer watches, and it was the Russian watches that caught my eye. There's something about the rugged engineering that really appeals to me. Anyway I found a watch on ebay which I won, it is marketed as a Poljot aviator. To cut a long story I think it's a fake .... or at least, the dial is. This is the watch here: RUSSIAN MENS WATCH AVIATOR - MOVEMENT 2614 POLJOT Cal.2614.2H SERVICED | eBay As I said, I've already bought the watch, and when I was looking at finding some more information about it I realised that it doesn't have the Poljot logo on the face. I seem to remember reading somewhere that all the major Russian brands always put their logo on the face of their watches. Is this true? This started alarm bells ringing. I think I was blinded by the details, I was trying to see if the movement was genuine, by comparing it with other 2614.2H movements I could find. Anyway then I cam across this thread from this forum. BEWARE: Chinese Movement in a Poljot-branded watch? It looks like the dial is fake as I said, but to me it looks like a genuine movement (though I am probably completely wrong!!) ..... as opposed to a Chinese movement. Could anyone shed any light on this? As I said, I think its fake or at least some kind of frankenwatch. I haven't recieved the watch yet and I can return it within 14 days, so I'm not that bothered if it is. If it is a fake then it isn't worth what I paid for it. Thanks in advance for any help John
  18. This is something I had not thought about - to list somebody's items, that are not yours :( About the seller, I meant the one from Aukro, not the one from Bay. But now I see they may be two different persons.. Regards, Miro
  19. There are copies of the Ceyp book presently available on Alibris - Buy new and used books, textbooks, music and movies.
  20. Thanks again man, had a very quick look at your collection and totally blown away, great collection , inspiring indeed
  21. Thanks Dutch, although I really like the Start, have really taking a liking to the Kirov watches, keeping great time and patinas on dials are cool, my best wishes to you
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