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  1. Yes i agree and make sure you put the rolex 116509 black dial with red hands in there its just simply awesome!!!
  2. I wonder what that could be then? Uneven tension in the main spring? I'm not watch maker so just trying to make a logical assumption.
  3. Great review and I agree with just about everything you said. Since I'm a tool watch guy it's my kind of watch.
  4. I work at an international, relatively small, European airport, and I can say that not a day goes by that I don't see a sub, actually any Rolex model...I've noticed that the sub is very popular with the nordics, I'll see a couple or more on a Copenhagen or Stockholm flight. To my utter surprise I've only seen 1 Tudor BBR in the steel.
  5. The content of his letter is interesting, clearly very heartfelt. On the other hand, it sounds like a simple case of cognitive dissonance with the brand that he's chosen. It happens, learn to handle it buddy. Like all brands there are models and lines that won't please every buyer. It's probably been that way since Heuer fans saw Steve McQueen run away with the brand or Shawn Connery do the same for Rolex. Fans of pocket watches may have had a hard time with the advent of wristwatches in the 1910s and 1920s... Anyway, Mayer sounds like a real WIS in his letter, but then again here he is with Kanye West: "My IWC Big Pilot in platinum costs 40 grand. How much does your solid gold Jesus cost? Only 15, HAHAHA !" Thanks for contributing this piece of skin deep celebrity hype to everyone's ownership experience of IWC. you've cheapened it for all of us, but we'll deal with it.
  6. Samantha

    IWC pricing

    So this activity of investigating the absurd pricing of IWC has backfired. I love IWC now. They're designs are beautiful, they are the anti-bling, with a perfect balance between finesse and functionality. So far in my young horological journey I have been a big fan of Rolex, but i see them all the time. IWC seem more of an enthusiasts brand. BUT THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE... dear lord what have i done
  7. Samantha

    Incoming, First IWC!!

    Thanks! It's been a long time coming, very excited for this piece.
  8. Samantha

    IWC 378901.

    If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. Triple check and make sure you know exactly what you are buying as there ares some very good fakes of that model out there, can easily fool an uneducated customer. This is very cheap for this model and I'll be extra cautious as to why someone would want to lose a good $2-3K on that sale.
  9. Hey Nicq - are Ace Jewelers are AD for IWC. If so i would go ahead
  10. 500 CAD really stings. But sounds like you have made a firm decision to get the Mark XVI, and it is a handsome piece in a perfect size. I would try to mentally separate the duties and taxes, get the watch and enjoy it. On chrono24 mint Mark XVI's on strap are $2700-4200. Of course these are the asking prices, but nevertheless I think even with the extra fees you are still in the ballpark. I assume you are getting the watch on strap, but if you are getting the bracelet, well then that is of course a much better deal. Hope it all works out for you.
  11. Any update? I looked at the Le Petit Prince Chronograph today - it is much nicer in person! The blue dial is much nicer than the pictures. I am sure the Big Pilot is beautiful. I am considering purchasing the chrono version along with another watch (Panerai). I have been looking at watches for a while and have been close to buying a Daytona, a standard Big Pilot, and a couple of others, but now think I have settled on a new Panerai (347) and the Le Petit Prince Chrono and it is mostly because this Chrono really was so nice it put the whole deal over the top.
  12. I've got a 6 month old Portuguese Chronograph, and I just noticed on one edge of the strap, the rubber (?) edge seems to be wearing off (flaking). Is this normal for the black alligator strap? It's the edge that contacts the bottom part of my fist.
  13. Samantha

    Portofino Photo .... :)

    Do you guys know the lug to lug distance for the 40mm protofino above and the on 43.5mm pure classic?
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