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  1. go for the hulk..it is different from what you have in your collection now..
  2. A 13 year old Lexus LX470 (2002). Bought it used in 2009. Great vehicle for my part of the world and still only has about 92k miles.
  3. I don't think I could pull it off, but it looks great. The dial has a lot of dimension to it. Congrats, and enjoy.
  4. errrrr..... great idea, rose gold making that tough. i have to find one that incorporates my deployment buckle vs. having it's own hardware. lol stay tuned.
  5. 15% off is a nice discount, without even requesting one!
  6. Kevin123

    New 5513

    That is cool - LOVE that patina
  7. I sold my AT 2000 - 3568, to help fund a purchase of another watch. However, I missed once it was gone. I liked the quality, the sturdiness and the very well executed finish. It was utterly dependable, and the ETA2892A2 movement was extremely precise - with only about +1s every other day. So I decided to buy the new 3290. It is even better made, the ingenious bezel is a joy to use, and it uses the same very solidly made ETA2892A2 movement. Which is a good thing. You'd want something reliable when you buy a diver. A delicate in-house movement, is better reserved for dresswatches and complications, in my opinion. IWC could have used their own 80110 calibre - its a lovely movement (I know 'cause I've had one under a display back on the Vintage Ingenieur), but it would have made the 3290 bigger and heavier. One little thing I like about the new Aquatimer, is the flat back (the previous one had a raised back), because it makes the watch less wobbly on the wrist, and a tad more discreete. The legibility is beyond reproach, and the comfort excellent. As always with IWC. Here's an image of the different versjons of the Aquatimer 3290. I opted for the 3290-4, on bracelet with silver dial, but I bought the rubber strap as well. They come off easily, thank's to IWC's proprietary quick-lock-system, making swapping bracelet for rubber a three seconds job per side. Would I recommend the 3290? You bet. I find the overall finish and appearance more appealing than a PO or Sub.
  8. Thanks for the comment. The lighting effect was intentional - an attempt to add some dynamism to an otherwise static and balanced image.
  9. sorry to hear that! hope you get well soon! if you need some medical advice pm me!
  10. Great job Anon digging this up. I had seen it but could not recall where.
  11. Probably the parts were bought on the open market rather than stolen, but you should be aware that legitimate 'Aviator', 'Poljot Aviator' and 'Poljot Russian Aviator' watches were products from the 1st Moscow Watch Factory and therefore do not use Raketa movements. The exact source of these recent Raketa-powered reproductions is unknown (my guess is somewhere in Moscow where most of the parts could be sourced) but there has been some discussion of them on this forum. And you are correct that '2609' is not a correct designation for a 24 hour movement so this is a 12 hour movement that has been modified. It is quite a common modification.
  12. Why not a Vostok Amphibia? They are true Russian watches and all the modern ones are automatic and fairly reliable.
  13. Thanks for your good advice, schnurrp. This is actually an operation I'm comfortable with performing. Would was just hoping there might be another way.
  14. Watches Parts New Barrel with Spring VOSTOK 24XX 2409 2414 for Non Auto Z70 | eBay
  15. Thanks guys! I've found a couple of sites claiming it's a limited edition produced in 1991 and presented to people (no idea what for) by the Moscow administration. Does anyone know anything more about this? I also found this lovely post showing a strip down, clean and rebuild of the same watch: https://blog.noq2.net/poljot-moscow-repaired.html I hope mine's as accurate as that - it beats some of my modem Seikos and seems pretty incredible for a 24 year old movement!
  16. i've noticed sellers say that too. i never notice smell but then again i'm also a smoker.
  17. No, it's fine (at least the movement is OK) - many Raketa movements lack the SU stamp. Cheers, Paul
  18. Roo7, I would like that; right now I am preparing the list, with movements used and on-line references, I can start a pdf file detailing each case type if fellow members can supply me with pictures. Naturally it is meant to be constantly udpated and available for download, or for me to send to individuals by request too. To that end I'd like to have clear pictures, front and back and perhaps sides too. I will, of course, take pictures of mine when I have the time, but I have but a simple digital compact; using my usual 4"X5" monorail and Goerz Red-Dot Artar would be a bit of an overkill! Thank you!
  19. this has to be my favorite post keep coming back, i just added to my favorites.
  20. Just sent a request to join the Facebook page. Thanks!
  21. Whether it is a fake of a real Lange or a made up fantasy fake, it is a fake. Fakes are not to be discussed on watchuseek. Please take a closer look at the forum rules before posting.
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