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  1. ...time for service. Sorry to hear this.
  2. Maybe movement related? I found that my just serviced DD 118238 also takes 30+ to start, while my DJ 16233 only 4-5.
  3. I do not know the model for the strap parts, but if you order a strap for a Daytona they will know for sure which one it is. It comes in 3 lengths: S, M (shipped as standard) and L. If you use it as shown on the pic, I suggest going with a shorter length. (I ordered my Daytonas with S)
  4. Ahhhhh....Mexico! Great pics!
  5. I have used PA for service and restoration of vintage pieces; service is amazing; turnaround time is ok.
  6. Congrats!! Great way to celebrate!!
  7. This baby was my beater for a couple of years, went scuba diving several times and visited 4 countries with me. A VERY comfortable watch. Now that you bring this up; I do miss her.
  8. Congrats!!! That looks fantasic!
  9. GerardoG

    Joining the club!

    ...just following up, did it arrive?
  10. Great looking watch! How about some more pics???
  11. ...this is NOT helping....craving is increased!
  12. Dear friend: I am EXACTLY in the same situation!
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