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  1. this sounds even more serious lol. Sorry to hear. I can understand you feel bad about this. It will be hard to find a matching hand with the same patina. I think the watchmaker should atleast make sure you get a correct hand for this watch.
  2. I bought this for $1500 couple of months ago
  3. First choice for me is grey (still debating on whether to buy one) next is blue. The grape is really nice but I'm not sure if the novelty would wear off and it would be worn less simply due to the dial.
  4. Rolex now uses Chromalight, not Super Luminova: - It is blue when illuminated, white when not - It is not particularly bright, particularly when the eyes are still adjusting - It illuminates the watch all night long - It does not cause cancer like tritium (as far as we know)
  5. I feel like a Black Bay is one of the few watches where I could handle noticeable case wear. As much as I like the contrast of a pristine case with the faux-aged strap, dial, and bezel, the fact is that this is indeed meant to be a vintage-y look. Actual wear blends in well with faux-wear -- a roughed-up look actually works here.
  6. I'm in the market for my first Rolex. Right now, there seems to be a really nice selection of interesting choices in the $5,000-6000 range of pre-owned Rolexes, and I'm heavily considering pulling the trigger for a few reasons--I personally love what I'm seeing in this price range, I think there is really great value for the money in terms of uniqueness, and I just have a hunch that values will escalate nicely on these three choices in particular. Turn-O-Graph: you just don't see them everyday in the wild, and while they didn't sell well, I think they'll catch on. They're just too cool of a cool watch not to. Red seconds hand is gonna be the thing everyone looks for. Can be had for well under $5k any day of the week. 16800: the secret is out on the matte dial, but prices are still reasonable for matte and non-matte variants. Nicely aged, super creamy examples can be had for $6k once in a while. The cool to cost ratio is really good, and it's a Sub. It'll always appreciate. 16660: These Sea Dwellers have all the same desirable features of the 16800 Sub (matte dials, creamy aged indices) and non-matte dials can be had for well under $6k--usually cheaper than identical Subs of the same vintage. These present some of the most solid value in quasi-vintage Rolex today, in my opinion. Thoughts/opinions on these specific models? This isn't so much a "what should I get?" thread as much as it is just gauging thoughts of fellow collectors in order to make a more informed decision.
  7. Thank you guys, I am actually not a’in-house’ guy, but as it would be my real first ‘big’ watch I was a bit concern to do the ‘right’ thing… maybe inexperience maybe prudence.. (?) none of the mont blanc catch really my attwention and never seen somebody wearing them… the real thing is that IWC pilot chrono is the watch I probably like the most, by heart, however searching very good alternative options I have really appreciated some Omega and a couple of Tag.. I will go in a shop again to compare them all and then I will do my choice.. J
  8. beautiful watch! always loved the Portuguese
  9. How are you still loving it? I put a deposit on the Geophysic but its taking so long that Im about to buy this piece instead. How's your case holding up? Im just nervous to own a ceramic watch but its just like any other watch you simply dont drop watches randomly haha. Thanks for the input!
  10. I think it depends on what you define as really loud. Like you should hear it when you hold it up to your ear...not from across the room.
  11. Hi, Nowadays I start to think on my next watch, and unlike the others before it I would like to buy my first real one. I have few options in mind, but above all is the really stunning iwc portuguese. However few things bother me, - first is the price, what is the average "real" price I can get for the average Portuguese? - second I heard ( as funny as it sound) that the Portuguese isn't reliable and need constant maintenance, any lucky iwc owner care to respond on that? :) - third ,the most important, I understand that there is few main models, can someone explain those? Thanks :)
  12. Kris33

    3536 Titanium Link

    AD or boutique might be able to help, but it will not be cheap. Alternatively, try looking for a used full bracelet, they prob go for about $500-800
  13. If you really like what you bought thst is the most important thing. Paying a bit more for what you really truly want is always worth it.
  14. Nice picture, so simplistic, yet it still showed the character of a simple, yet beautiful and functional watch. Again very nice picture of a beautiful subject... Are you wearing the bracket or the Velcro strap? I've left mine in the strap for almost 15 years and about a month ago I put it back on to the bracelet, i forgot how comfortable the bracket actually was. But still prefer the "cheap" strap. Most people don't even notice or know what the watch is. Until you get that one guy that does. So simply beautiful...
  15. Hi there I wonder what thoughts are on this watch I've seen for sale? is it genuine? what would you consider to be a reasonable price?
  16. Don't just guess at this one. You must open it to verify its the only way to know for sure.
  17. Kris33

    Portofino Photo .... :)

    Beautiful!! Am lusting after the 8 day manual wind with the grey dial at the moment!!
  18. Kris33

    Ingenieur 3239

    Love the 3239, though don't yet own it. I've tried it on numerous times. Great design, perfect proportions, top-notch case and integrated bracelet, simple but striking dial layout, and fantastic hands. Also has rich Ingenieur history behind it and still antimagnetic, though only to 40,000 A/m, which is just fine. And aspects of Gerald Genta's Ingenieur design, though this one has sharper angles. Expensive for an ETA/Sellita movement, but still a terrific watch. Lots of reviews out there--here are a few to get you started: TimeZone : IWC » Ingenieur 3239 - after a year https://www.hodinkee.com/blog/introd...automatic-40mm PROFESSIONAL WATCHES: REVIEW: IWC Ingenieur Automatic Ref. 3239 IWC Ingenieur Automatic ref.3239 Reviewed - Monochrome Watches IWC Ingenieur 40mm Watch Review | aBlogtoWatch My First IWC: Ingenieur 3239-04 - Top 10 reasons I love it and wrist shots galore My review of my new Ingenieur 3239 40MM
  19. Decent discount of course Not even sure of the going rate at the moment.
  20. hi guys, please could i employ your detective skills to help me solve a bit of a mystery? i bought 2 slim luch watches (with different dial styles) on ebay, one of them a month ago and one of them a week ago. today i received the watch that i purchased a week ago and am very happy with it. i haven't, however, received the one i ordered a month ago so i messaged the seller to ask for an update and to make sure it has been shipped but got a message back saying "thank you". what makes me suspicious is that when tracking the watch from the ukraine to here in wales (using ukrposhta and google translate) its updates stopped and i'm wondering if it's possible the watch has been returned to sender. today i noticed that the seller has re-listed a watch which looks exactly the same and i would like to find out whether it actually is the same watch i've attached pics from my original purchase and the relisting below. could these be the same watch? apologies all if i am just being paranoid!
  21. I'm not to deep into chronos, but I'd try to regulate the 'parasite' gear. Its purpose is to transfer the power to the central second hand's wheel. Maybe somehow it (the parasite wheel) moved too close to it (chrono central seconds wheel) The regulation is by this screw: Rotating the screw, you move the lever with the parasite wheel closer to the main seconds wheel, and to the central chrono seconds wheel. The screw is ex-centric, and while rotating it, you will notice both movements. It's very fine regulation, and even a slight rotation can bring the parasite wheel too close or too far from the exact position. But with some patience it's not a very difficult job. At least you can always return it in the position you find it :) Regards, Miro.
  22. Today Ukraine changed ils militant doctrine. Most of the F10 items have a new bad karma.
  23. Can't pretend to be a movie fan but there is an interesting link between Armie Hammer and Russian watches. His Great-Grandfather was Armand Hammer who was involved in establishing Amtorg the Soviet buying agency in the US. It was Amtorg who bought and shipped the Dueber-Hampden and Ansonia watch companies to the USSR in the 1930. Thus was begun the industry that blossomed to create the Probeda (with much help from LIP).
  24. Where the stem enters the movement there is little button that can be pushed with a tiny screwdriver. This will release the stem, after which it should be possible to drop the movement and dial out of the case. However I'm not sure whether the crown should be in the down or the up position before the stem is extracted. Hopefully Russian watch service expert Ratfacedgit will see this thread and answer that question.
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