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  1. The current presidential's movement is in no other model so why would you expect the new one to be in other models?
  2. In my experience you may be able to get $200-300 dollars off and / or some swag, but that's about it on a Rolex sub at a U.S. AD. See if you can get them to eat the sales tax. After all you can always order the watch from an out of state AD to avoid the sales tax and they know it. Most will ship 2nd day for free. I used that to get my Sub ND for I think $7200. That was back in 2012 though and perhaps the market was slower.
  3. It feels like there's something missing in my opinion. That strap is a bit too plain. The fit is perfect though.
  4. I would not say that it is broke, but would expect the bezel to be flush with the case. For example, the bezels on my 14060 and 16710 are flush against the case. Neither of them move up/down the way yours does in the video. Now, my bezels are both aluminum - and not ceramic - but don't think that would necessarily make a difference as to proper fitment (in my opinion).
  5. I tried on this watch at a Rolex AD event, where Rolex had brought pretty much every model to try / display. This is the model for me that stood out and I couldn't resist. I am now impatiently waiting for my order to arrive. Rolex is a strange brand and as stated in a popular & interesting article that was once posted on Watchuseek there is defenitely stages in dislike / appreciation of Rolex watches. Ussually starting with contempt for the brand and then real appreciation of their quality and tradition (although unfortunately I do have to say there are still some grotesque models /special editions available). As for this model if you slightly like it in a photo in real life you will love it, the dial is far more interesting / deeper than appears on any photo I have seen. It's a great mix, both modern and traditional and very versatile. (and also for me a very decent price, only £150 more than a 36mm oyster and £550 less than an Explorer). ive also seen people say that the coloured squares on the dial are awful / sacralige etc. I presume people that say this have only seen a photo, they add a bit of character to the dial but certainly are discreet and not over bearing
  6. Maaria

    New Portuguese?!

    Hi guys. As a newcomer to 'luxury' mechanical watches, and prior to my first purchase, I have been reading round and learning for several months (reviews/forums/watch blogs/u-tube/etc). After a circuitous tour - I first thought of a Frederique Constant - nope, a bit bland or a bit muddled or both (IMHO); then upped the budget and thought about Grand Seiko: I rather like the SpringDrive concept, but their customer support looks a bit flakey and I can't quite feel comfortable with mixed mode quartz/mechanical; HiBeat looked possible - but 2 to 3 years for service intervals? - are they really that badly made?; then I saw the blue-black dialled Nautilus and decided to go mad and push the boat out, only to find that waiting lists in the UK are about 3 years! Back to square one,then - hence another big read around and search of brands/models only to discover that what I really, Really wanted was an IWC Portuguese 500107. So, yesterday saw me looking around for buying options: online over here (UK) offers about 20% off, so they are within my comfortable (as opposed to mad) budget. Finally, I've spent a couple of days with a drooling exploration of Portuguese watch titillation [i see my first choice of word was auto-deleted!] at forums and u-tube before clicking the BUY button! Oh dear, I now find from u-tube that new Portuguese models, Ref 5007, based on the new in-house 52000 calibre, were announced at SIHH and, to quote from Escapement - Watch Reviews of high-end watches and haute horology :- 'The specification of the 52000 calibre is impressive. At the centre of the oscillating mass is a rotor bearing made of white ceramic, resulting in low friction and, by default, virtually no wear. A Breguet Overcoil enhances accuracy and the brand’s legendary bi-directional Pellaton winding system also features.' Only small external changes apparently (the lugs are to be slightly more curved), and the beautiful dial seems to be unchanged (thank the stars!). However, the new watches sound to be rather better time-keepers [sometimes given as a weakness of the Portuguese range] and clearly will have better rotor bearing lifetimes (and, I guess, will be actively supported for IWC for longer than the now 'obsolete' models). Anyway, that leaves me with a dilemma: Go now for the old-style Portuguese or Wait for the new??? Anyone here with any thoughts on the new models (which will presumably be more expensive and offer rather limited discounts and maybe will not be fully sorted for some months to come)? Any thoughts on my dilemma?
  7. Sorry for the confusion. I should have mentioned that the 1st picture was just an example and I was not after that specific watch. The model I was after is a "standard" (not limited) Portugieser. Exactly the one from the photos. On Chrono24 there is a picture of this watch in a box, and I can't see the metal plate there. I was always under the impression that IWC watches have plates in all the boxes and that this is one of the aspect to check if the watch is not from grey market.
  8. Maaria

    IWC pricing

    Afternoon chaps, i just wanted to get the opinion of people that actually own IWC watches. I think some IWC watches look beautiful. The pilots, Ingy, Portuguese in particular but some of the pricing just seems a bit silly. Rolex is often seen as a brand that you are paying over the odds for but IWC seem to be taking it a bit further. Something like the 8 day power reserve time only costing something like £7000 sterling. That is above what JLC are charging for the equivalent kind of thing from what I can tell. The amount they charge for an ETA seems to be amongst the highest too. Is the quality really that good compared to JLC, Rolex and say Bremont. Is The pricing there just to make sure that they remain exclusive? And and the prices of the big pilot watches, what on earth am I missing there???!!! i am sure this question has been asked before but just interested to hear what some people thought.
  9. Thanks for the additional input dhtjr. Appreciate it. I actually followed up with the seller again, who is fairly certain it came off a Mark XV or XVI, so with the 20mm end pieces it pretty much has to be for the XVI. In related news, I've been in the market for the right UTC classic - and actually pulled the trigger tonight, and it'll come with a bracelet. So I'll be able to match up the bracelets to get a definitive answer after all. :)
  10. Maaria

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    I never owned either so I cannot comment on how they would wear on your wrist. But what a dilemma you have: one vintage and the other a modern interpretation of a classic pilot watch. From a horology point of view, the Mark XII is "the" watch to get between the two. It has historical significance, much more interesting movement (JLC 889/2), and one that is sought after by many, especially in good condition. On the other hand, my guess is that 36mm just by its size will look pretty small on your wrist by today's standard (especially for a sporty pilot watch). Difficult to get one in great condition, and maintenance will be more expensive.
  11. Maaria

    DING in my Portofino

    Yup. Can't polish out a ding and if that is what it is it might need professional help.
  12. Hello. Been a member for some time and occasionally buy and sell, but seldom post. I happened onto a lovely IWC vintage ingenieur (stainless, black face, 42.5 mm ) from my brother in law who needed a quick sale. While I love the watch, I am traditionally a bracelet wearer, and though the watch is rated to 100m I find I don't wear it much because I'm afraid of the leather getting ruined, not then watch. Anyway, thinking of a bracelet for it. I see that old IWCs (think 50s and 60s) often had bead of rice bracelets and I think looked great. Anyone have any ideas? The lugs are 22mm. I am perfectly happy to buy non IWC (forgive me, purists) but it really can't ruin that lovely face. Lets assume price doesn't matter for now. I wear about 7.5in. warm wishes and thanks for the thoughts.
  13. Maaria

    IWC Galapagos 2014

    Hi, This is my first post and I am super excited. I have been reading posts on watchseek for a few year now. I have to accept that I have been too lazy to create an account and post a question until now. I have my mind set on the IWC Galapagos 2014 edition. Its almost like an obsession, something I suffer from when it comes to watches. I am partial towards the divers collection with most brands. I have been longing to get the JLC Navy seals GMT chrono but when I had the option to buy one I could not afford one, now the prices seem to have sky rocketed, the AD that I knew was giving me a deal that was hard to refuse at that point in time, yet I was not in a position to afford the watch. Something I deeply regret. Now its the new Galapagos that I just can't get my mind off. I am a novice collector and have limited knowledge about movements. Being a novice, the thought of owning a watch with an inhouse movement is exciting, however I have read that servicing watches with inhouse movements can be pricey and can be troublesome(Just what I read in certain posts). The Galapagos which has an IWC inhouse movement unlike the Aquatimer chrono makes it more exclusive. I can afford to buy this watch in a couple of months but I don't want to look back and regret not buying the JLC NS GMT. Of course, I wish I had the money to buy the Galapagos and the JLC but that's not an option. The other watch that I have been interested in is the Rolex sea dweller 4000. I have been a big fan of the sub but now I really like the sea dweller. I would be very grateful if you guys helped me decide. I apologize for the rather confusing first post. Also if there's anyone who owns all three or any one of them could share their experience. Thanks for reading.
  14. What would it be? Ingenieur? Pilot? Portuguese? Other? What specific watch within which collection and why?
  15. I thought a mesh bracelet would be 800-1000 extra. $2200 is nuts. There's no reason to charge that much for a stainless mesh bracelet.
  16. Great book by IWC detailing the history of the Portuguese... Portugieser - The Legend Among Icons | IWC Schaffhausen
  17. So I have just received the watch. First impressions are I really like it. Its solidly made. However the rear of the case says poljot, as does the strap, though one strap says Poljot (in Cyrillic) and the other says aviator. I've included some pictures below (sorry only got my camera phone handy). I haven't taken the back off to look at the movement yet as I don't have my tools with me. The watch looks new to me, and the strap definitely does. More worryingly was I have just fount this ebay listing. Its for an identical watch, and by that I mean that the pictures are identical, and the words are identical. Though different seller ............. Russian Military Mechanical WristWatch POLJOT AVIATOR. Cal.2614.2H SERVICED. | eBay I do really like the watch and will probably keep it, it would just be nice to know whether its authentic. Thanks John
  18. 1990 Catalog Same dial, different bezel (Nice find BTW, these are pretty rare.)
  19. Thanks for the advice guys. Thought I'd post the results here after ordering my second strap. And the tools of the trade. One pair of compound snippers, one pair of safety goggles for those flying links, one cow hide glove for extra purchase on those snippers!
  20. That depends on what you want. For complete bezels with inserts already installed, I love the ones from m_watches on ebay. For just a bezel that still requires an insert, I always use the bezels from boris_gvb on ebay. Then you can drive yourself crazy trying to choose from all the different Seiko 6309/7002 bezel inserts that are out there, from $8.00 stock inserts to $50 lumed glass works of art from yobokies
  21. Thanks for the info, I picked these two up this morning from Ague I like that shipping was free, or built into the cost of goods.
  22. The Alarm button on top of the clock is pushed towards the dial to turn the alarm feature on. When the clock reaches the alarm time, the alarm will sound. Push the button back (away from the dial) to turn the alarm off. This is also indicated in the metal case back, on most Sumatics this is cast in the metal on some it is printed.
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