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  1. DCheeta

    Which Seamaster

    I love the Bond, personally. My feeling about quartz is; why pay so much money for something that is essentially the same as a Swatch on the inside? I realize this isn't strictly accurate, but it's just my feeling. This is probably due to the fact that the reason I love watches is because I am fascinated with the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into making a mechanical movement. But watches mean something different to everybody, so if you love a quartz Seamaster, go get it! Just make sure you post photos of whichever you decide to get! Oh, and Auto16610...I love the shot with the color bars reflected on your crystal and the grid in the background! I am very intrigued by this TIS of yours. If it's six-sided, I assume it's a cube that you are positioned in the middle of?
  2. I love it! That's my second-favorite Omega dive watch (number one being the 42mm blue dial titanium liquid-metal PO). It feels great on the wrist, too. If that's the one you decide on, go get it!
  3. Congrats! That's a beauty of a Sub. You'll love it forever for many reasons, but two of them being A) You bought it for your 30th birthday, and B) It's your first Rolex. Besides, like everyone has pointed out, it's awesome. My Omegas outnumber my Rolexes, but they all get along just fine in the watch box. Don't worry about that. BTW, my first Rolex was also a no-date Sub. Still have it after 14 years. Good choice!
  4. Omega's accomplishment of barely having changed the Speedmaster Pro over the years is indeed something to be appreciated. I have a 3570.50 and it is one of my favorite watches. But let us not overlook the fact that Rolex has maintained a similar consistency with several of their models over the years. For example, the classic Sub, which I also own and love, has remained very much unchanged over the years, as has the Daytona. Now consider the Seamaster. By comparison, it has had so many different iterations over the years that I can't even call all of them to mind (and yes, I have a Seamaster too, no favoritism here). An average person (read: not us) could probably look at an Omega and be able to guess during which decade it was designed. Their watches change with the times, and this is not a bad thing. A Rolex would probably more difficult for a person the date, as their designs have remained largely true to their original form, which also is not a bad thing. Because of these different approaches, people will probably always fall on one side or the other when it comes to which brand they identify with most, or which brand they find to be more prestigious, or which they see as having more brand recognition. But I just have to say, they both make the most beautiful timepieces for me. Accuse me of sitting on the fence if you will, and I may be guilty of that, but I sit on that fence happily with a Rolex on one wrist and an Omega on the other.
  5. Speedmaster Pro. You've got the SubC already, a well-balanced collection needs an iconic chronograph, and there is no more iconic a chronograph than the Speedy. A Rolex Sub and an Omega Speedmaster is how my collection started all those years ago. It's a solid foundation for any collection.
  6. Dammit...oh well, I couldn't escape work anyway. Did anyone go? Photos?
  7. What's happening tomorrow...uh, tonight?
  8. It's a beauty, congrats! Got my 3570.50 from George, too.
  9. Try them both on and see which you like better. There is definitely an aesthetic difference between the two. I personally chose the hesalite, but I can definitely see why people opt for the sapphire, too. As for the practical considerations, follow Fr. John's advice. I don't think anybody has as much Speedmaster experience and knowledge as that gentleman.
  10. DCheeta

    1970 Moon watch

    If a Speedmaster Pro is the "real thing", then an Apollo era Speedmaster is the REAL real thing. Get it!
  11. I love Rolex, and I love my Speedy. Maybe you'd like it better on a strap. The bracelet is not for everybody.
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