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  1. Where did all your pictures go?
  2. I am considering picking up a RubberB strap with buckle for my Explorer 2 and an Everest rubber strap with buckle for my coke GMT2. Besides the insane pricing. .one thing that troubles me would be the strap length. I have smallish wrists at 6.5-6.75" and my wife who would occasionally wear the coke has got 5.5" wrists. Will the everest or rubberB fit us? I have broached this question to both manufacturers and got no reply at all?
  3. What's the going rate for a used BB? I haven't noticed any especially good deals on the sales forum, but I guess I haven't been looking hard enough. I've been seriously thinking of picking up a new one, but I'd go used if they're really that cheap.
  4. Yup, the date window gave it away. It's a fake.
  5. I like it, thanks! My PO is a tad too thick for me. I think the aquatimer is 1-2mm thinner.
  6. Looks great, congratulations.
  7. Hands are different between the two watches. Dials look to be modern 'reproductions'
  8. Hi - I am looking at doing my first mod. project. I really like the Vostok blue scuba dude dial and would prefer to put in the 100 style case. Can someone offer me some advice on where to begin and how easy/difficult this may be? Right now I have neither the dial or the case. Thanks
  9. The Slava is beautiful Lucidor! The "red dot" second hand is wood
  10. Bingo. Good eye, schnurrp, I had picked up on most of those things but not all. However, the dial is in fact a Sportivnie. Or was. See if you notice anything as I tilt the watch towards the light: This detail is not easy to see in real life as requires very exact lighting. Still, it's definitely there, clear as day: The Running Man. So, what we have here is plainly a fake. The way I see it, this is probably an original crown and case, possibly original hands, a "restored" dial that's highly dissimilar to the original, and an incorrect movement. But my question is.....why? Creating a fake dial that's a replica of an authentic, highly-desirable example (as in the many Strelas with new Chinese dials) is a clear marketing opportunity to capitalize on ignorance (or apathy) in an effort to turn a high profit. This is an unfortunate scenario that nonetheless makes perfect sense to me. But this watch is none of those things. First, it's clearly old. There's little question in my mind that it was used for a long time before coming into my possession. Second, I was not aware that Sportivnies were desirable enough to warrant a redial. This practice seems limited to more rare watches such as Sturmanskies, Sputniks, or the aforementioned Strelas. Finally, clearly this watch is not trying to be passed as an original, else the artist would have restored the watch to the original Running Man dial design -- or any of the other common Sportivnie dials, for that matter. This dial design, even if it ever was an authentic Sportivnie dial variation, is not common. So....why? Was it ever common practice to ask a watchmaker to create a new dial if the original was damaged or just not to one's preference? Did individuals ever commission custom dials if they could afford it? Was the franken market as lively and successful 30 years ago as it is today? I actually happen to like the dial. It's clean and simple and looks like it could be a Sportivnie. But I just can't understand who made this, at what time they made it, and why. Any input would be warmly welcomed. And thank you for your thoughts, schnurrp
  11. The problem with dial cleaning is you can't reverse a step that's too aggressive, it's hard to know when to stop.
  12. All of them are pretty much vintage-inspired reissues? Ð.ÑÑÑкие ÑаÑÑ: Ðобеда / Russian Watches: Pobeda They're not cheap though.. The actual vintage ones on eBay are the better deal. (If a bit small in size) I like the slightly larger case sizes of the 1970s.
  13. UV Glue: Question about using UV glue on Soviet/Russian watch crystals. #3 Glue recommendations for acrylic glass How do you remove glued in watch crystal without breaking it? I was skeptical, but it works amazingly well. Kudos to Paul for the recommendation, I have used it multiple times with great success.
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