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  1. I like ceramic watches like Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph - 42 mm.
  2. New purchased a Sea-gull M222SK

    Dial is very atmospheric, the back is very beautiful.

    Watch style looks good, but I do not like this color.
  4. Casio resources

    After reading this article I have a further understanding of Casio.
  5. As we all know, the spirit of Tissot watches brand is simple and classic, and Trico watches series also completely inherited this point, it uses simple and classic watchmaking process, gives the elegant appearance and robust connotation, many young friends are very like him. To this end there are many counterfeit Tissot Lilike watches, but most people do not know how to identify Tissot Le Locle true and false. In order to avoid more people being deceived, the watch home here for everyone to introduce Tissot Le Locle genuine distinction. Le Locle true and false identification: appearance identification Tissot Le Locle authentic Fake watches in order to reduce the cost of anti-reflective coating on the table mirror, so the glare under the serious reflection, just borrow the sun map, you can identify the authenticity. True form because there is anti-reflective coating, no strong reflection in bright light, and purple or blue glare. Counterfeiters in order to save costs, in the production of the back cover are not in accordance with the style of the real table to create, just made of the original capping gland. Le Locle true and false identification: number, scale identification Tissot Le Locle true and false The watch must have its own fixed labeling rules, according to the label can be found in the form of the model specifications, date of production and other information, and the fake table is only one number, or even no number, it is easy to identify. Tissot watches force Locke fake table scale needle with the eyepiece carefully closer look, you can find subtle remnants of the small tweezers left when the installation is printed, the real table will not see the general similar remnants. Le Locle true and false identification: movement, bracelet identification Tissot Le Locle true and false Tissot Locke watch chain fine workmanship, you can clearly see the handicrafts will certainly be fake watches, a little butterfly buckle fake watch strap to do more sophisticated, but in the corner of the event has not yet delicate details without grinding, As long as you carefully point you can find the loopholes. The movement of genuine goods Automatic Tuo Wen Geneva pattern, diverging from the right to the left, the texture is clear and natural, very beautiful. TissotLylok is a beautiful series of watches, for many men and women, if the appearance has a very harsh choice, then I believe you will love the TissotLylok watch. Whether men or women wear this watch can directly feel his appearance to bring you the quality and beauty!
  6. Eco-Drive Watch FAQs

    Thanks for sharing, this article lists some of the most common problems with Eco-Drive Watch that are useful to us.
  7. Omega Vintage Watches

    Omega Vintage Watches will attract a lot of watch collectors collection.
  8. Swiss watch brand Breitling to join hands Cirrus Aircraft (Cirrus), launched the space shuttle Evolution Evolution timing Aerospace Evo Cirrus Aircraft watch, a limited edition of 220. "Breitling and the aviation world have a deep and long history, and we are delighted to be working with Cirrus Aircraft to create this unique, limited-edition chronograph for pilots," said Thierry Prissert, Breitling's U.S. president. "Our mission is to create for pilots Accurate, rugged, high-performance instrumentation that fits perfectly with Cirrus Aircraft's quest. " Technical specifications Movement: Breitling 79 SuperQuartz ™ temperature compensated super quartz movement, COSC certified, night vision goggles compatible, residual battery indicator Features: Hours, minutes, seconds, timing accuracy of 1/100 seconds, countdown, dual time zone, alarm, minute timekeeping, calendar Case: black titanium, size 43mm x 10.8mm, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water resistance 100 meters, engraved with the words "Cirrus Aircraft The Plane With The Parachute" (Cirrus Aircraft and Parachute) Dial: Cirrus Aircraft logo at 3 o'clock with digital and analog display, silhouette at 9 o'clock, silhouette at minute 9, parachute at end of minute hand, tribute to Cirrus complete parachute system (so far over 140 have been rescued Pilots and passengers), the hour hand is decorated with three parallel bars representing the three Cirrus models SR20, SR22 and SR22T Strap: Brown fabric military strap, with black titanium folding clasp Limit: 220 pieces

    Although I do not know this brand of watch, but I think it is doing well.
  10. Casio watch knowledge & how to view Casio watch models

    The article you shared was useful to me.
  11. Doxa watch brand introduction

    Doxa watch is a small niche watch brand from Switzerland, the visibility in the domestic market is not high, many people do not know the watch brand. But as more and more people begin to focus on niche watch brands, the Doxa brand is often raised. Then next, Watch House for everyone to introduce Doxa watches official website, when the watch brand it. Doxa watches official website brand introduction Doxa , in Greek is a glorious meaning. Very simple four letters, form a sonorous and powerful pronunciation of the brand. Founded in 1889 by Georges Ducommun (1868-1936), a watchmaker based in Le Locle, Switzerland, Doxa, dating back to the first years of his life, clings to the contemporary lifestyle and produces timepieces that fit the taste of the times. The Doxa, with more than 120 years of history, was founded in 1889 in Le Locle, Switzerland, in the heart of the watch kingdom. Its founder, Georges Ducommun, started the creation of a refined watch with the rigorous attitude and technology of clocks for the manufacture of cars and aircraft dashboards. The eight-day chain movement was born with its precise and stable performance enough to cope with bumpy Long journey. The brand was registered as a trademark in 1910, and actively develop new technologies, and has become a supplier of clock dashboard car brand BUGATTI, and in the 60's brand in the Neuchâtel Lake many diving experiments and found orange in the water is The clearest and most legible color. So, in 1967, the world's first orange dial and a diving watch with a vacuum-free crystal were manufactured. Three years later, the brand pioneered the successful launch of the first SUB 600 that expelled helium Diving watches, for the moment in the diving community to lay a decisive position. Today, with its never-ending creativity, Doxa creates a series of exceptional watches in a professional watchmaking world that is loved by people all over the world. Doxa watches official website brand history In 1889, Georges Ducommun established a factory in Switzerland for making watches. In 1906, the timepiece won the "Comintern Expo" in Milan, Italy and won the gold medal. In 1908, the table "Mobile for the Eight Days" was first invented. In 1910, registration is a trademark. In 1921, the Doxa became BUGATTI's watch supplier. In 1944, the Doxa was introduced with a date watch. In 1954, gold medals were given as encouragement to players at the German national football association who won the World Cup. In 1967, the subdued diving watch of SUB 300T was presented. It is the first only to use decompression crystal glass and orange bezel, to facilitate diving under the water to read. At the same Doxa, also make the Doxa to become the ancestor of diving watches. In 1970, Doxa introduced the SUB 600 to control the helium gas generated during the dive. In 1973, the Doxa was introduced SUB 250, for the first Doxa put the date window at four o'clock position. In 1997, the Doxa became the property of the Jenny family, the family of four generations continue to Ling development. Romeo F. Jenny and successfully led the Doxa into the next century. In 2002, the new version of the SUB 300T was introduced. In 2004, during a German-Hungary match, the Doxa passed to the DFB (German Football League) 50 "1954-Mythos Bern" In 2009, the famous actor Yin Zhongwei was appointed as the spokesman for Asian brands. In the same year, the official website of Asia was grandly launched. In 2010, the timetable debut in Shanghai World Expo. In 2011, the timepiece introduced the Tofino multi-function chronograph at the Basel watch show in Switzerland. In 2012, the timetable organizes the Annual Meeting of Retailers in Asia Pacific to create a new space for Doxa and reach a new milestone. In 2013, Chronometer introduced the Tofino TC-Evolution series, a blend of high-tech titanium and carbon fiber. In 2014, in order to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the brand's birth, the timepiece has introduced the GrandeMetre Blue Planet GMT, the distinctive GMT time zone and world time zone display, with Blue Sands surface and 18K rose gold, confirming the 125th anniversary of the watchmaking process . These are the official website of Doxa watches, watch brand introduction of Doxa, I believe we have a certain degree (Doxa) watches have a certain understanding. Overall, this brand is not bad. Brand is a pure Swiss watch, and has a long history, watchmaking technology is also rising. Positioning in the market are mid-range products, but low visibility and retention. And less domestic stores and counters, purchase and maintenance is relatively difficult, like a friend to be cautious start.
  12. 2017 Tudor watches

    Tudor watches work fine, are very classic
  13. Omega Speedmaster 38mm watches

    This watch with a two-tone dial more attractive to young people to buy.
  14. What is Sinn brand?

    Everyone knows that Swiss watches are famous all over the world. But in addition to the Swiss watch, the German watch is also very good. Its simple and practical, not too much decorative style deeply attracted a lot of love the love of the table. Today we are going to talk about a watch brand from Germany - Sinn! If you are interested in German watches, then come to find out. brand introduction Sinn Sinn, Germany is a brand that makes pilots watch and is the only watch brand from Frankfurt, Germany. But the rise of Sinn, the brand, was not led by the founder of Sinn, but was led by Lothar Schmidt, one of the leaders in manufacturing and design development at IWC. It is precisely because of Mr. Lothar Schmidt's dedication to the expertise developed and manufactured, as well as his experience in the introduction of new technologies and materials, that Sinn has created many wonders. The Sinn brand is tailor-made for German professionals, including border control teams, firefighters, divers, sea examiners, pilots, tank soldiers, bankers, etc. The latest mechanical chronograph is used in peacekeeping forces and its advanced functional design More and more attention by watch fans in the world, equipped with Swiss ETA movement, waterproof anti-magnetic high temperature resistance are leading the world. Sinn's patented technology is impressive, adding luster to the precision manufacturing technology in Germany. brand history In 1994, the founder of Sinn, the man named after him for the company, sold his life-long work to Lothar Schmidt, the current president, at the age of 78. The new owner, formerly a watch company executive, was one of the leaders in the manufacturing sector and the leader of the development department in the prestigious Swiss IWC brand. With his expertise in the development and manufacture of technology and the introduction of new technologies and materials, his advice and the determination to promote laid the foundation for the company's future growth. This is among the many watch brands, the youngest brand, with a series of technical innovations that make everyone surprised, attracted the attention of experts and growing customers: A stainless steel diving watch is filled Silicone oil, and can work at any depth you want. An exclusive observatory chronograph made of complete 22K gold, but the same hardness as stainless steel. A chronometer watch with magnetic field protection features can be up to 20 times more demanding than standard and provide a particularly powerful shock-proof suspension system for the movement. In addition there is a style is injected inert gas and a matching dehumidification tube, provides the ideal moisture protection. A watch is combined with lubrication and error techniques so that the mechanical watch can provide the right time in the temperature range of -45 ° C to + 80 ° C. The development of the EZM series was excitingly provided to various special units or units of the German military police. Each new watch offers unanimous evidence of Sinn's unique requirements as to how to become a leader in the traditional watchmaking industry: a company must constantly be a stride forward to technology, In the art. Sinn U series Submarine diving table as tough as the submarine should be the ultimate ideal diving table, and for each watch has a leading global technology Sinn Germany watch factory in watchmaking technology has been constantly innovating, the Sinn Engineer They move their brains to the stainless steel submarine submarine! Submarine surface must be soaked in sea water for a long time, using submarine compression, corrosion resistant high tensile steel to make the case, making the U series of professional dive table more than Other watches. The use of German submarine steel Sinn U series watches have the same submarine-like seawater resistance and magnetic resistance, the material corrosion resistance PRE value as a measurement standard, can withstand the corrosion of sea water, PRE value must be above 32 , 316L stainless steel used in the watch case, the corrosion PRE test value is only 26, usually after soaking the seawater still need to be cleaned, or will be corroded by seawater. Sinn U series watches using the German 212A class U31 and U32 submarines at the same level of high-tensile steel case, PRE value of up to 38, not only anti-magnetic watch to maintain the strong, and for a long time soaked seawater, do not have to worry about . In addition Sinn Tekiment stainless steel hardened patented treatment, the case outer ring hardness HV1500 (Vickers hardness), which is seven times the general steel (generally stainless steel Vickers hardness of only HV220), different from the general diving watch Part of the case thickened to strengthen the structure of the treatment, so it will not give people a sense of heavy. Big three needle plus date display U1, waterproof depth of up to 1000 meters. With the U2 Arn air defense system developed by Sinn for two times, the waterproof depth can reach 2000 meters. All Sinn U-series watches go through the Germanischer Lloyd in Germany to test this series of watches for their ships' certification.
  15. The day pusher on a Mako

    I have learned before this watch, the brand's watch quality and workmanship are very fine.