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  1. Many brands will use NATO Strap.
  2. Both Oris and Rega have a long tradition of aviation and are equally committed to professional, independent and innovative ideas that provide high quality, reliable products and services. These shared values bring the two Swiss brands together.
  3. SEIKO advanced watchmaking heritage more than 50 years, the strength of the watch industry is highly affirmed, the development of professional diving table from the year 1965, gained a high reputation in the world, a wealth of experience created only with the top craft, professional achievements Seiko Diver 6217, this watch is not bad.
  4. Now there are many types of watches and brands, most of the traditional watches. While some fashion people have higher requirements on fashion watch, so will consider buying avant-garde fashion watch brand. Versace Versus is a very good fashion watch, watch home today to introduce the brand, we welcome everyone to understand. When you see Versace Versus, is not a lot of friends think of the famous Italian fashion brand Versace? In fact, they really have a close relationship. Versace Versace Versace is a young Vice-line brand, product design is not only young, but also revealed an aggressive enthusiasm. This statement may sound abstract, but it is indeed the spirit of Versace Versus. Even if it is just a simple line style, it can also create a foreign flavor like reveling in artistic painting. Versace's typical personal expression is "fashion", "passion" and other synonymous with quality, in addition to vibrant and confident with a playful femininity. This theme runs through the recent Versace lineup, which includes the following multiple series. It originally came from the Gianni Versace conception, by his sister Donatella Versace as chief designer. Like Versace, Van Sees core secret lies in the concept of a fashion kingdom, charming magic, and full of femininity. These are based on Versace's innovation as the soul of fashion as an integral part of pop culture. Vanser Logo series The Logo collection resembles the Versace collection of Reve watches, but is re-painted with a more youthful glow and vibrant dial with simple black, white or other bright colors. Vasess Hummingbird series Hummingbird series has the ultimate sense of fashion and vivid femininity, which consists of a compact case connected with the beautiful bead chain winding pendant bracelet. Contrasting with it is a string of short tassels on the other side of the bracelet, revealing an entertaining self. Van Persie City Series The vibrant City Collection - large Arabic numerals or Roman numerals displayed on the large case, adds a dimension to this powerful watch. You can wear it anytime, anywhere. Fan Si Si Tokyo series The highlights of the Tokyo series are simple dials placed in a classic round case. Some styles of bezel with crystal, while others are smooth. Tokyo watches have colorful styles to choose from, but also have very different black and white steel watches. The simplicity of this series has a wide range of applicability, through the uncomplicated and complementary design, the watch infiltration of a self-confidence. Versace Soho series Soho series will be splashed color splash in the world's most popular complex craft watch - Chronograph. Large case and bright color hand, crown combination of unforgettable, emitting a sense of confidence and the city. Vanity Fair Hollywood series The Hollywood series undoubtedly belonged to Beverly Boulevard or Rodeo Drive, but it may be more suitable for the Sunset Boulevard and the idol's territory. Versace bracelet and spandex style show on the Greek maze, but the real difference is the element through the crystal LED light moment shows, like Los Angeles sky hanging billboards. Vanser silk optical series Stylish and elegant Optical series with a fine ring chain bracelet and Kaleidoscope design dial to convey the constant pursuit of transformation of the concept, and this is the characteristics of modern women. Vasess VbyV series VbyV for a more avant-garde audience, reshape the Versace Eon series. Round case and celestial dial is modern and elegant. But unlike the Eon watch, VbyV's strap and case are strapped and strapped, and they look and feel mature and sophisticated, while at the same time paying tribute to the vigorous vigor inherent in each woman. Vasess Paillettes collection Paillettes series is a distinctive jewelry, its wide bracelet by the three circular side by side connected. These round buttons and the dial constitute a visual element of each other, so watch full of cohesion and vitality. The above is Versace Versus watch introduction, although Versace Versus series more, but each have a table with the brand's iconic beauty, are the embodiment of Italian fashion style and design. It is such a fashion style that Vasess Versus is rapidly gaining popularity among younger people, especially some women who love it more. If you also want to have a rich fashion watch, I believe Versace Versus must be a good choice.
  5. Prestigious TAG Heuer The Linkage Collection celebrates its 30th anniversary with a brand new look! Larger 41 mm diameter, simple and modern design, between the radius of the shape, while retaining the series of classic landmark S-ring buckle bracelet design. Since the TAG Heuer 2016 TAG Heuer Link Lincoln series with a strong return to the women's watch, Tiger Haug to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this series, the grand launch of the new men's watch designed specifically for men - the new Lincoln Men's watch. The history of the TAG Heuer Lincoln watches dates back to 1987. Iconic S-shaped buckle bracelet highlight the unique charm, it is a model of human engineering. Each S-ring buckle fit the wrist at all angles, are to provide the ultimate comfortable wearing experience, bringing an elegant sensory journey. Built with stainless steel bracelets and integrated watch case, the lugs disappear, showing a very smooth ergonomic design. Case and bracelet polished and satin two kinds of treatment, the appearance is quite clever. The open silver dial, 41 mm in diameter, provides excellent readability. The bezel consists of two parts, a pillow-shaped base and a circular bezel. Clever four rounded corners make the case between the round and pincushion design simple and soft. Featuring the Caliber 5 self-winding movement, the new Tiger Geylang Lincoln Collection is clearly visible on the back of the sapphire crystal and is the most value-for-money item on the market today that will surely please the watch enthusiast. Lincoln series men's watch offers three dial options, namely, black, silver and blue sun dial. technical details No. WBC2111.BA0603, silver plated dial WBC2110.BA0603, black dial WBC2112.BA0603, blue sun dial Movement TAG Heuer Caliber 5 Automatic winding chronograph movement, with date display Case diameter 41 mm, stainless steel Fixed bezel Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, ribbed crown, sapphire caseback Silver, black or blue sun dial - Date window at 3 o'clock Steel pillar hour markers coated with white SuperLuminova ™ luminescent material Stainless steel hour and minute hands coated with white SuperLuminova ™ luminescent material Stainless steel small seconds TAG Heuer inlay at 12 o'clock 3 o'clock engraved with "LINK CALIBRE 5 automatic" words Water resistance 100 meters Steel bracelet, S-type link
  6. Cartier watches are decorated with jewelry, mostly for women to wear.
  7. Simple central three-pin and Arabic numerals make the time at a glance, very easy to use.
  8. DURA is one of the watch brands from Switzerland. With its brand of "classic heritage and taste", DURA is loved by many lovers around the world. Due to the popularity of Du Lutiao watches in the country is not high, many domestic friends do not know much about the brand. So "Durant watch how" has become a matter of concern to everyone, then the next watch house to tell everyone about it. Kissin - Du Lang, 1871 was born in the Swiss watch family, his father as a French royal aristocrat watchmaking specialists, painter, the family is particularly affluent. Kisten - Du Lang smart and studious since childhood, deeply influenced by his father and with the same deep father with the same painting design, 17-year-old began to try to make their own pocket watch and longing for their own watch studio. In 1895, the young Durant, active in thought and increasingly interested in watchmaking, had just half a bedroom filled with samples of his own designs in just a few years, almost obsessed with watchmaking. A private celebrity collection of 1896, a highly individualized work that appealed to the young Durant, presented a book in the hands of a young, beautiful woman at the center of the work, as if speaking to a girl in front of her What is it? See here, he remembered his father's teachings and nurturing, sincerely feel the work is particularly warm. After the exhibition he found the author what he did not think was that she was actually a young woman of her age and went through further and in-depth conversations. They shared a common idea to work together to create their own Watchmaking studio. Du Lancy watches committed to creating an independent watchmaking company, and made the appearance of Swiss watchmaking around the world. Each watch is designed to meet the pulse of the market carefully designed and produced, inheriting the traditional Swiss watch spirit. But a brand advantage is not to make some popular works, but more unique, king-style art - become a legend! Because this is the founder of Keist Ting - Du Lang the pursuit of watchmaking art throughout his life ambition. Classic watch style, and a reasonable market price so that more consumers benefit, but also enhance the Du Lancy watch in Europe outside the visibility and loyalty enhancement. As the watch market matures, and more people have a "taste" of the watch, this opens up the market with a unique design Duran watch more confidence. Dulan table quality of the other according to love you and meticulous workmanship, not only to bring convenience to your life, but also has a very high collectible value. Exquisite! Precise! Focus on each special moment, so that you taste and identity of the noble symbol. Durand carrying Swiss movement, sapphire mirror, carbon steel metal steel. Ensure that the fine high-quality materials. It is the perfect artwork, stylish atmosphere.
  9. Breitling has a long history, quality assurance, it is worth buying.
  10. I think the Mido watch you shared is simple, but it looks great.
  11. Calvin Klein is a US fashion brand, watch style concise fashion products, thanks to the Swatch Group co-production. So both in appearance and quality are very young people love. CK simple design is not only reflected in the female form, the same in the men's watch design. Next, the watch home for everyone to introduce three men's watch recommended CK Watch official website! CK Calvin Klein Gents Series K4D2114X Men's Quartz Watch Movement type: Quartz movement Case material: stainless steel Strap material: stainless steel Watch size: 38 mm Waterproof: 30 meters Watch price: ¥ 1650 Black dial simple and concise, twelve o'clock position printed brand LOGO. Into the dial perfectly. Minimalist pointer, do not do more decoration, you can show the beauty of urban fashion. Mineral crystal mirror, solid and clear. Equipped with quartz movement, the table at the end of dense, waterproof 30 meters. Case and strap are made of stainless steel, rich high-grade and independent personality, better able to show your personal charm. Folding clasp design, but also make it easy to wear. This watch is not only a symbol of fashion, it is a unique jewelry. CK Calvin Klein SURROUND Series K3W211C6 Men Quartz Watch Movement type: Quartz movement Case material: stainless steel Strap material: leather Watch size: 42 mm Waterproof: 30 meters Watches price: ¥ 2000 This white dial with a minimalist line time scale beautiful and generous. Mineral crystal glass mirror, strong and clear, effective protection of the dial. Watch equipped with quartz movement. Stainless steel case. At the end of the table, waterproof 30 meters. Black retro leather strap and stainless steel pin buckle, but also adds a lot of simple colors for this watch. Make your hands lift the wrist to distribute personalized light. CK Calvin Klein CITY Series K2G276G3 men's quartz watch Movement type: Quartz movement Case material: stainless steel Strap material: belt Watch size: 43 mm Waterproof: 30 meters Watch price: ¥ 2950 Black dial, three small dial properly positioned. Four o'clock position calendar display, with simple bar time scale, simple but not simple. Crystal mirror for a clear and bright sapphire crystal, anti scratch scratch. Gold stainless steel case fashion big, generous, solid. Embarked quartz movement travel time is accurate, the bottom of the table is dense design, 30 meters life waterproof. Strap is brown belt, soft and comfortable. With traditional pin buckle design, to wear handy. This watch will definitely be a stylish wrist on your wrist!
  12. These videos have shown the fine work of ap watch.
  13. Daniel Wellington watch is one of today's most popular fashion watch brand, its delicate, compact, simple design for countless young men and women are the heart, colorful nylon strap has become the brand Important signs. Today, the watch house for everyone to recommend three DW fashion watch it. Daniel Wellington Daniel Wellington classic gentleman series 0206DW men's wristwatch Market price: 2660RMB Watch Series: Classic gentleman series Watch diameter: 40mm Movement Type: High-grade quartz movement Case material: stainless steel Waterproof depth: 30 meters The watch uses a Nordic minimalist style dial, three-dimensional metal lines clean and tidy. No-second hand design, filling the calm time. Mirror frame only 1.2mm, the mirror more atmospheric. Exquisite compact spiral crown, with a more elegant. Case thickness of 6mm, 尽显 thin and elegant. Stainless steel back cover, engraved with brand LOGO. With Italian leather strap superior texture, delicate and pliable. Daniel Wellington Daniel Wellington classic gentleman series 0102DW men's wristwatch Market price: 2398RMB Watch Series: Classic gentleman series Watch diameter: 40mm Movement Type: High-grade quartz movement Case material: stainless steel gold-plated Waterproof depth: 30 meters The DW men's watch with a Nordic minimalist style dial, three-dimensional metal lines clean and tidy. No-second hand design, filling the calm time. Mirror frame only 1.2mm, the mirror more atmospheric. Exquisite compact spiral crown, with a more elegant. Case thickness of 6mm, 尽显 thin and elegant. Stainless steel back cover, engraved with brand LOGO. With DW exclusive nylon strap, full of rich college style. This watch is suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it is formal business meetings, or tennis clubs, beach parties, or romantic private appointments, gestures, highlight the charm! Daniel Wellington Daniel Wellington Classic Collection 0508DW men's watch Market price: 2198RMB Watch Series: Classic Lady Series Watch diameter: 34mm Movement Type: High-grade quartz movement Case material: stainless steel Waterproof depth: 30 meters The watch dial with a simple white design, highlighting the elegant diamond scale. No second hand design to show calm, free. Crystal glass sapphire crystal, solid clear. Case thickness is only 6MM, 尽显 light. Stainless steel back cover, engraved with brand LOGO. With DW exclusive blue, pink nylon strap, filling soft and lovely. The above is the watch house recommended three DW fashion watch, do not know if you have your favorite style. DW is currently the hottest fashion watch brand, design and temperament far better than other types of brands. However, tabulation technology can not be compared with the professional brand, so the purchase must vary from person to person.
  14. You can see from the pictures you share this watch is very fine workmanship.
  15. You can go to the official sales website search.
  16. Couples watch popular recently, the pair choose from love gifts, love token, when selecting a wrist watch, frequently pick the same style similar style watch, when a couple put on, the visual effects and feelings are T086.408.22.036.00, female models: T086. LUXURY AUTOMATIC Haute series couple watches, watches the state models male models: T086.408.22.036.00, female models: T086. 162 years back, Tissot was created in Europe, Locke, this attractive town in northwestern Europe to Tissot brings an abundance of creative inspiration. Tissot's classic series has a superb watch technology, Tissot is dedicated to long lasting mechanical watches bring first-class precision and good quality. Swiss watch industry happens to be noted for precision timing, these acer notebooks the embodiment of the tradition, and for that reason favorite. In my opinion a lot of my watch's first watch is another classic Tissot inside a series. Women and men models fundamental uniform This set of classic LUXURY AUTOMATIC Tissot couple watches to look at is consistent, the fabric from the steel is essentially exactly the same. The only real difference is the fact that men's watch situation diameter of 41 mm, silver dial. The women's watch situation situation diameter of 33 mm, having a white-colored mother of gem dial. 316L stainless to produce a classic round situation and strap, solid situation and strap design, Tissot presents classic and stylish style, fully demonstrate the ability and sweetness of the portion of the watch, using multi-level three-dimensional plate , Having a refined and stylish stick-formed pointer, so elegant and restrained watch. 1.14 micron gold plated screw-in gear crown, feel at ease, frosted crown engraved brand Tissot top capital letter "T." Three rows of stainless bracelet, in the centre having a groove to participate the gold plating technology, performed an excellent decorative effect. Using meticulous mirror polishing and hairline polishing, the staggered complex surface treatment style, showing the best quest for Tissot watches along the way and style intentions. Side from the situation with delicate bamboo plaid engraved engraved Bezel also utilizes a gold coating technology, and also the colors around the bracelet, bezel neat bevel, three-dimensional full. Stainless situation affiliate with exquisite bamboo plaque engraved engraved, filled with publish-modern architectural art deco style. The very first portion of the lugs and bracelets flat The lugs aren't lengthy, and also the first portion of the bracelet flat, polished hair lines, and also the bezel and also the side from the situation a great distinction, looks very layered. Put on much more comfortable, thinner wrist there won't be any fit feeling. Steel butterfly clasp Stainless butterfly clasp, having a easy and convenient, clasp engraved with "TISSOT" and "1853", instantly you can study this watch series. Men's silver dial Dial having a multi-level three-dimensional face plate, men's silver watch silver dial, foreign black transfer minute scale bits, hour bit with 11 inlaid diamonds inlaid, with gold-plated gem holder .3 o'clock position with calendar display window , Your window also uses gold plating technology. Big three-pin design, gold plated hour, minute and 2nd hands. Within the color to keep a unified, the entire isn't chaos, read obvious, instantly. Female models for that white-colored mother of gem dial Women watch the dial design and men essentially exactly the same, however with a white-colored mother of gem dial rather of the white-colored dial, so the whole watch more feminine, filled with female charm. Powermatic 80 self-winding movement Azure very glass back, foreign aid having a gold-plated steel fixed, and also the whole watch uniform. Both models are outfitted with exclusive Tissot "Powermatic 80 self-winding movement," the movement through the Tissot and also the same kind of piece of fabric group Swiss professional movement manufacturer ETA interact to produce, with 80 hrs of lengthy-term power reserve , But no alternation in how big the movement, showing the Tissot watch breakthrough in the area of professional watch another giant advance. Provides as much as 80 hrs of power reserve. Two watches waterproof for 50 meters fundamental waterproof.
  17. I really like the design of Omega Speedmaster Mark II.
  18. Patek Philippe has a long history of craftsmanship and a complete innovation in the design, production and assembly of the whole process.
  19. Natural, elegant, subtle, noble, this is actually the British fashion style, that's, people frequently state that the British style. The British watch brand also with this particular style, with a massive difference with design for the Swiss watch. Underneath the watch the place to find introduce five British watch brands, if you want the British watch, then check out it. Burberry Burberry is also referred to as Burberry, with a good reputation for 156 years. It's a well-known brand having a strong British culture. It's lengthy been symbolic of luxury, quality, innovation and timeless classic. Its windbreaker includes a worldwide status like a brand identity . Brought through the creative vision of Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer of Burberry, the company is constantly on the evolve using the occasions, inheriting the initial value while being modern and promoting true expression Philosophy and also the brand tradition established since 1856. Burberry watches (Burberry) fashion design, high brand value, travel better. Being an extension of the brand, Burberry watches don't have their very own watchmaking techniques, rarely use precious materials, and also have a low collectible value. Like a fashion watch, Burberry watch is extremely beautiful, very stylish, most significantly, the cost isn't bad. IsaBain IsaBain can't repeat the earliest worldwide marketing from the British watch, however it can certainly be stated to become a pioneer. There are hardly any United kingdom rated top places on the planet, many of them Europe. However, the founder Camos will face the world royal royal watches think are magic. IsaBain is preferred among dignified and noble style those who are effective, within the worldwide market, a regular Isabel watches cost vary from a couple of $ 100 to thousands of dollars, even though the cost Pretty good, but people still believe that good value, not just due to Isabain (IsaBain) of fine quality, but more to the point embodies a noble and identity symbol. It's pointed out that IsaBain naturally appreciated the royal noble descent. Graham Graham London, founded by British watch manufacturing company George Graham in 1673, is perhaps the favourite watch make of the 1700s. Even though the brand disappeared on the market after 1751, the brand's go back to the marketplace again in 1995, counting on future generations' expectations of the trademark. Graham brand watch additionally to George Graham's blueprint for that project, within the functional design also inherited his courage to innovate, each watch is stunning. Greenham watches are number of stopwatch chronograph because the primary functions, for example Chronofighter series, Silverstone Silverstone series, Foudroyante1 / 8 seconds lightning chaser chronograph, Aeroflyback return flight distance chronograph. Accurist Accurist is yet another watch brand which has gone to live in Europe and came back towards the Uk after Japan. The cost is much more costly than sekonda, under what rotary presently sees. While he is youthful, his primary target audience may be the youthful market. Neat and clean, less classic as rotary, effective advertising is that he's Greenwich Observatory timing equipment suppliers. Accurist is really a essential British watch brand, an "Eternal British Classic," founded by Asher and Rebecca Loftus in 1947. In those days, they deemed the British watch market needs diversification, so made the decision to create and output of high-quality watches, and using Swiss components, to create products of fine performance, very competitive market. Within the 1960s, the brand's ads on a single of Britain's most widely used tv shows rapidly managed to get among the UK's most well-known brands, and also the Accurist watch grew to become symbolic of vibrant fashion at that time. ARNOLD & Boy John Arnold (1736-1799), born in England, was probably the most prominent master watchmakers within the good reputation for the introduction of timepieces. He wasn't an innovator within the output of precision navigation clocks. His invention patents around the improvement from the mechanical structure were of effective value to contemporary The introduction of the watchmaking industry plays a decisive role and it is achievements happen to be similar to individuals from the contemporary Abraham LouisBreguet. ARNOLD & Boy, founded by him and the boy Roger Arnold, has always enjoyed a higher status in the altar table, and until today the result is the tradition of brave innovation. ARNOLD & Boy was the very first watch manufacturing company within the good reputation for watchmaking to create lengthy-range calculations convenient to carry aboard at sea, and ARNOLD & Boy set a milestone within the watchmaking industry by precisely positioning maritime clocks at sea. ARNOLD & Boy branded watches fit in with The British Masters, noted for its highly complex calculations of astronomy, calendar, and maritime measurements.
  20. Coupled with fluorescent coating can be easily used in dark places.
  21. Sapphire design coupled with the golden case feel to bring this table will be generous decent.
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