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  1. I bought my Explorer 39mm last year and have never regretted it. It looks equally good with jeans or coat and tie. It's under the radar and doesn't scream ROLEX. Mine maintains +1s/d on the wrist. The ss bracelet with the Easylink is very comfortable. As other watches come and go, I'll bet you keep your Explorer.
  2. Nice datejust. Clean and classic.
  3. Thanks. I will check out analog/shift this coming weekend.
  4. Great review, agree 100 per cent. Rolex should be selling boatloads. Classic look, genuine history, 3130 movement, beautifully made and a dial that makes you smile each time you look at it. You're right, it would make a perfect single watch for life. Wanted a Rolex, considered used but Dubai is a bit of a nightmare for fakes and movement swappers. It isn't cheap either but you can get small discount at right times from AD Siddiqi (Top tip ALWAYS ask for a discount in Dubai when buying watches) So a new 116000 with the new and quietly introduced 5 year warranty and 10 year service interva
  5. I love Subs. They are the quintessential tool watch, in my eyes. I'll not post the Black Bay. It's a Sub (and is certainly part of the line dating back to 1954) in all but name, but lacks the moniker on the dial.
  6. Griffi, the 'Metropolitan Boutique Edition" is unique in its own way with the sunburst olive green like dial with gold case. Numbered XX/50. I believe you can't go wrong with either one.
  7. IWC Portuguese Grande Complication - $150K BNIB & PAPERS -Limited to 100 pieces per year Email or message if interested: yoni@gemnation.com [table]Brand:[/td] IWC[/td] [/tr] Series:[/td] Portuguese Grande Complication[/td] [/tr] Model #:[/td] IW377402[/td] [/tr] Retail:[/td] $246,000.00[/td] [/tr] [/tr] Sale Price: $150K[/td] [/tr] [/td] [/tr] Size:[/td] Mens[/td] [/tr] Case Diameter:[/td] 45mm[/td] [/tr] Case Thickness:[/td] 16.5mm[/td] [/tr] Movement:[/td] Automatic Chronograph[/td] [/tr] Case Material:[/td] 18kt Rose Gold[/td] [/tr] Dial Color:[/td
  8. Great looks for a great watch. My favorites of your choices: the bracelet, and the simple black calfskin with white stitching. But they all look very nice.
  9. Hi all, I'm looking at purchasing my first higher end watch and was looking at either the IWC Portuguese Chrono IW371445 or the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 45th Anniversary (but I would change the strap to a brown alligator strap). Here are my thoughts between the two: 1) Price I can get the IWC for around $7500 AUD and the Omega is $9000 AUD. So IWC wins out a little here. 2) Movement IWC is ETA based and Omega is Lemania based so not like i'm buying in-house built in either. Although the Omega 1861 is a classic movement so for me wins out here. 3) Aesthetics I have a small wrist wh
  10. I haven't yet attempted to negotiate with the retailers. All of my previous watches were purchased through personal references. They were all AD's, but they seem to give you the 20% discount right off the bat if you're somehow referred or "connected" to a good friend or client. I have these contacts for Rolex and Omega, but not IWC. Will keep you posted should someone come to the rescue! I agree with you that there is a large mark up, and with a bit of networking nobody should have to pay RRP.
  11. I picked up a 2nd hand Ingenieur Chrono that came with bracelet and a very worn kevlar strap. I've ordered a new custom strap from cheergiant, but am wondering if it's possible to do anything with this broken-down piece of leather. Tossing it out seems a cruel fate for a once proud (and expensive) strap. I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions. Any of the following viable?: 1 - crazy glue the separated leather back to the core of the strap? 2- send to strap maker to strip off peeling leather/kevlar and re-do? 3- shave off peeling leather/kevlar and wear anyway (likely look ridic
  12. Very cool! Have never seen this before. Recently, I've heard a lot of differing information on the movement. Can anyone confirm if it's still a modified Valjoux 7750 or is IWC sourcing movements from Sellita?
  13. BIG congrats, Simon. BP looks great on you. Enjoy for many years to come. I really want(ed) the BP too and I've been several times to the AD who let me try it on. The watch is just too big for me. I sort of knew (Portuguese Auto is pushing my limit and the BP is even larger) but had to convince myself. But the watch is a beauty no less and I never get tired of looking at one.
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a new metal bracelet for my Aquatimer 2000 reference # IW356811 I believe the part # is IWA55585 ??? Does anyone have any suggestions on a place to purchase from that offers a discount from retail? Thank you!!!
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