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  1. The new type 41mm dial uses 4500, and the 38mm dial doesn't change.
  2. I love this type watches.
  3. Kate

    Valentine's day gift

    which gift would you prefer? Or anything else?
  4. Kate

    Wrist shot comparison

    The price of these watches are very different.
  5. Kate

    Want to buy a new watch

    Seiko 5, with day and date display.
  6. I also looked at MIDO, the cost performance is really good. But finally I got Hamilton skeleton.
  7. Kate

    Help with purchase

    IWC looks better.
  8. Kate

    Show off the Oris watch!

    It is thirteen years old now.
  9. Kate

    Ball lume shot

    BALL storm chaser
  10. Kate

    Recommendation needed on the strap watches

    I've owend a Tissot watch, but got some problem after maintenance.
  11. Kate

    Seiko lady's watch.

    GS quartz watch
  12. Kate

    МакТайм with moon phase

    Wow, moon phase, chronograph and calendar, this has full function. But is it transparent case back?? And how about the price of it? It looks so attractive.
  13. Kate

    Looking for evaluations to Sinn watch

    In my opinion, this is a steady and durable watch. But the band adopted the screws, I am afraid the link and watch case will fall off.
  14. Kate

    Evaluate Muhle Glashutte watch

    ETA movement, Longines watch
  15. Do you know how to calculate the speed or a rate of production simply with the Tachymeter or Tachometer? Here show an example. http://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=36345
  16. Kate

    Cartier manufactured this watch?

    The model is W2603356.
  17. My moon phase watch always stopped running from eleven to half past eleven p.m. I've repaired it, but it also didn't work after three month. So is it a defective product? I sent it to repair again. So could you give some ideas?
  18. Kate

    Seiko watch, recommended please.

    SARB series, I personally prefer to SARB065, the craftsmanship is fine, and the dial is beautiful. If you want to buy a sport watch, choose SUN019, SBDC001 or SBDC003.
  19. Kate

    New Overseas chronograph watch

    I always thought that OV sweep seconds used Jaeger-LeCoultre 889.
  20. Kate

    My Old Breitling

    My Old Breitling
  21. Recently I was obsessed with this pen, could you give any opinions? I have no idea about pen and always use ballpoint pen. Thanks a lot.
  22. So what's your opinion of this watch?
  23. Kate

    Breitling leather strap

    I want to buy a Breitling watch, because of my small wrist, could I choose the leather straps according to the size of my wrist?