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  1. Tom

    1665 Love

    stunning, love it
  2. Great review and comparison!
  3. I agree about the DJ models, although I think the new 39mm OP is a great alternative, and is probably what I'd get. I wish the contrast color on the blue dial weren't green, but I think all of the other dials look great.
  4. Would you leave this alone or take rsc ?Ok so I have been using tape on lugs to protect them when swapping straps because of the nighmare i had before and scratched the lugs you may remember 6 months ago rookie mistake and didn't know how to remove braclet correctly but even now, somehow I managed to put even more nicks in the inside edge of lug the nice sharp edge is looking rough and chewed now feeling a bit gutted tbh.I am careful as I can be yes I'll probably get over it but it's so annoying as I can't stop looking at it and it catches light is it that bad the scars I put in the lug. I do realise as this is my daily watch it will get alot more scratches and nicks so I'm getting a bit better with my ocd lol
  5. Tom

    GMT OWNERS (Club)

    from 1964 with original folded link bracelet. I find the folded link to be more comfortable than the modern oyster bracelet.
  6. Tom

    GMT OWNERS (Club)

    I'll start 1675 from '65 - here are some others of it with different iPhone apps Mike B , Canada ⌚
  7. Tom

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    They always say buy the seller. If they are indeed a reputable watch store that is going to be around for sometime, I would give them more benefit of the doubt. At the same time, I also do not think it would hurt if you ask them about the issue of the case back (would asking them be perceived as offensive in the Chinese culture?). My knowledge of the older IWCs isn't that great, so alternatively, you can pose the same questions on some other sites (e.g., the people at the official IWC forum are very knowledgeable). I will PM you another site where you may find more IWC experts.
  8. Tom

    IWC pricing

    thanks for the link, that level of modification is very impressive. I do wonder if that is still the case though as it is a very old article, I hope so, might even send a cheeky email to ask what they do to it. To be honest though I am a fan of ETA movements they are reliable and cheap and easy to service, but the savings when you buy the watch don't seem to be as great when you buy from IWC. Also does anyone know what IWC are planning on doing with ETA/Swatch restricting parts in 2016, are they moving to Selita? Maybe I will ask that in the email too
  9. Tom

    Portofino 8 days manual

    First time signing up and posting. Looking through the forum and wanting to know the feedback and views on the 8 days rose gold in terms of movement, size and price. Wondering the size maybe too big for my waist size. Thinking of getting the rise gold with white dial.
  10. How big are your wrists? I would go BP in a heart beat if my wrists were big enough. Sadly I can never own one for that very reason
  11. Dont know anything about Santoni...But can tell you have a great watch! Congrats
  12. Everything. Dial, hands, pushers, crown, case, lugs, etc. I have followed the brand for years and never seen an IWC like this. But like I said, I am not an expert and it's possible there was some oddball IWC reference like this made years ago, perhaps in the DaVinci line, which is the only remote resemblance I can think of, and even that's a stretch. But every brand has models during one era or another that were short-lived and then largely forgotten, so maybe this is one of those. What does the movement look like? Look, I hope I'm wrong here, and I certainly mean no offense. Hopefully someone more informed will chime in, and you can always post your query on the official IWC website forum (under Experiences tab) if you hit a dead end here.
  13. Tom

    Ingenieur 3239

    Well I tried on the 3239 with the black dial and it just did not sing to me. Beautiful watch but with my wristsize (7.5 in) I just found the dial got lost. Excellent fit and finish on the watch however.
  14. To contrast fdm79, Obviously he's biased towards the 3714-46, and I'm biased towards the 3714-45... I think the contrasting coloured hands is really nice, as the chrono counters are blued steel and the rest of the watch is gold coloured. Also, you have to consider the fact that the 3714-45 is the default model of the 3714 as it was numbered the 3714-01 before the deployant buckle addition in late 2011. The 3714-46 is more sporty as the 3714-45 is more dressy, but honestly, both will look great, no matter the choice. You have to also consider that I think the 3714-46 is more matte in appearance as the hands and numerals are not reflective, and that the 3714-45 has more "flash".
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