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  1. I would get the Submariner in black, and flip the Omegas into whatever color variants do the trick...
  2. $10k? Why not do what another member did and go for two in that range? You could get a 14060 or 114270 in great shape and then a newer 36mm Datejust pre-owned.
  3. Usually not a two tone fan, but the GMT two tone is the best looking one I've ever seen. I've noticed that their prices have been coming down on the used market, usually below that of a BLNR (which is the latest rage). Both watches are equally tough and attractive so personal taste is key. I've never owned a two-tone but I'd consider one now.
  4. I'm with @Vlance. Do you really need to choose one or the other for daily wear? Why not wear whichever you want, whenever you want. That might be Tudor one day, week or month, then the Sub the next. Outside of true investment pieces (which I don't really believe in buying, personally), you should wear the watches you buy rather than 'saving' them for special occasions. No time like the present to enjoy the good things in life.
  5. Gents, I became a happy Tudor submariner owner yesterday. Can any one tell if this one seem legit? Thanks!
  6. I have got the exact same problem with my wife's 31mm. She asked me to check her watch as it was "noisy", when I held it and gave it a gentle shake to wind it, it sounded and felt like an ETA movement but a lot louder. I then felt what I can only describe as the mainspring releasing/unraveling. The watch is keeping time accurately and from what I have read it seems like a rotor problem, will be sending it back. The watch has been worn for 5 months from new.
  7. Hello! I am currently looking at purchasing my first real luxury watch and have fallen in love with 2 watches!! I have gone back and forth on buying a pre-owned Explorer 2 or a Submariner and can't decide! Was curious as to what you guys believe is the better watch? Which would you personally buy and why? It's a big decision that I want to get right! Both watches are amazing and I love different things about each, such as the explorer's white face/GMT function, and the submariner's classic look and reputation as the perfect watch for all situations. I appreciate the feedback!
  8. I wanted a different Rolex for my last purchase and I went for this A different look look to my sports models and very comfortable on the wrist, plus super accurate , still within 30 seconds over 2 months!!
  9. I realize in the end it only matters what I think about a watch I have however I would love to get some input from you guys on this. If this has been discussed 1000 times before I apologize in advance. I did do a search and could not find anything. Do you fellas think this particular watch is over the top with too much bling? I am captivated by the blue face of it and that's the reason I got it however I could deal without the yellow gold. I wish I could afford the white gold so it would not stand out as much. The timepiece is extremely beautiful however it just stands out more than the other pieces I have in my collection. I find myself being a little self-conscious when wearing it in public. I hope the majority you tell me I'm just being stupid and to just enjoy it. Your opinions are very much appreciated . Thanks. This picture was taken the first day I got the watch. Before I took the wrap off.
  10. SBDX012 - I'm also a fan of the bracelet, not sure what people get so bent out of shape about. The BB is nice no doubt, but the SBDX012/MM300 design is more unique than the sub styling. I often say if I could only have two watches I'd buy two MM300s.
  11. Bruce

    IWC pricing

    "BUT THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE... dear lord what have i done" Haha, poor you, totally understand your point, I am having the same dilema currently. I would love to have a Portuguese chrono (black dial) which to me is one of the most perfect watches ever and which I made the mistake to try on my wrist at an AD Want to have it since then. I agree though that, quality apart, IWC watches seem a bit more expensive than others with comparable timepieces. Currently I am trying to justify the higher price with the modifications IWC does to the Valjoux 7750 they employ for the Portuguese Chrono. I found some more info on this in a separate WUS thread based on an article from 1998 in the Austrian "Uhrenjournal": Movement in IWC Portuguese Chrono Furthermore, IWC seems to employ at least top grade quality (not sure if even chronometre grade). This helps me a bit in that I still need to have this watch Another point (might be subjective) is that it seems you can get higher discounts on IWC than e.g. on Rolex which in this range seem to have the lowest negotiation margin (at least from what I have found). This seems to apply to new items only, they seem to be relatively stable on the used market, or maybe noone that owned it once wants to give it away again So I still love the IWC Portuguese Chrono and want to have it. In your case, if you find one day that the perception of IWC having higher pricing bothers you too much, I heard from my AD of trust that e.g. JLC has quite a good price/quality relation and they surely have beautiful tiempieces. Cannot comment on Bremont. Might not yet be the same. The Victory limited edition looked very nice to me but never managed to see it live. Cheers Qwatch
  12. I've made up my mind and will be buying a IWC Mark XVI It's a gorgeous piece and I've come to terms with the fact that there aren't really watches with a similar vibe in the <3K segment with an in-house movement, so ETA it is. I found a good condition unit with original box and papers and the seller is willing to part with it for 2.5K USD. The only problem is that I'm living in Canada, and I've calculated that taxes and duties will come up to around 500 CAD (or 400 US)! Shipping would come in via Fedex International Priority, meaning that I'd pay a flat brokerage of $10. The seller refuses to ship using USPS (which occasionally slip through Canadian customs completely) as it is not insured. The unfortunate thing is that after browsing the net for a day or so it's very very rare for me to find a seller in Canada who sells the XVI (even historically they pop up only once every few months or so). My question is this: In your opinion does the watch seem suddenly "not-worth-it" now that I have to pay 2.9K for the watch, or would you evaluate customs/taxes as a normal transaction cost that should be evaluated independently from the watch itself?
  13. Several brands recently lowered prices due changes in currency exchange rates. JLC lowered it's prices not long after I bought a Master Memovox so I'm in a similar boat. My understanding, however, is that if the dealer stock was purchased at the old price then the price reduction will have eaten into the dealer's profit margin. Therefore, you (and me) likely would have received less of a discount had we purchased at the new price since the dealer didn't have as much room to move. So the net of it is we probably didn't pay much, if any, more than we would have if we purchased at the new price. At least that's what I'm telling myself
  14. Very nice strap indeed, makes yours the best looking Mark17 I've seen.
  15. Bruce

    XVI Bracelet Help

    You can buy a new bracelet directly from IWC, or an AD for approx. $1900. They pop up infrequently on the watch forums and on eBay, but not often. If you buy from a non-AD, make sure you are buying Ref. No. IWA19416.
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