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  1. That is one sad story. Sorry for the loss of your hand.
  2. Really like this watch ever since I "discovered" it a few months ago. Looks great on that leather strap. Hope to own one someday.
  3. According to the poll numbers, 1 person hit the wrong button (Rolex currently winning 19-1 with 20 votes).
  4. Wow, I'm a big Tudor fan but none of the pre release photos have done anything for me. You really caught that watch. I think I might feel an itch. Great pics! Looks really nice & Congrats!
  5. I don't think so. IWC does some nice movement finishing and fine tuning for the 3777. Anyway, it sure doesn't look like a stock ETA movement to me.
  6. I've seen a number of posts in this forum from members who reported that their new watch ran fast. Typically they are reporting about +10 seconds per day. These posts are invariably answered by friendly suggestions that things will improve after break-in. Have any of you actually observed a watch running slower after break-in than when you first received it? That is the exact opposite of what I've observed when I buy a new or used watch. In both cases, it's likely that the watch hadn't been running for a while before it was shipped to me. I find that whenever they do change during break-in, it's always a change towards faster. I presume the lube is "un-sticking". I enjoy regulating my watches, and because they usually speed up after break-in, I've stopped trying to regulate them until break-in is complete. It can take one or two weeks before they stop speeding up. Another observation with ETA movements is that they run faster off my wrist. I attribute this to temperature effects. I believe that the hairspring shrinks slightly at lower temperature (off wrist) and thus has a faster natural period. So I regulate my watches on-wrist. Listening to WWV on my shortwave radio and observing the second hand under a magnifying glass, I can estimate the time of the beep to an accuracy of about 0.1 seconds for a full diameter (sweep) second hand, and about 0.3 seconds for small seconds. Thus within a few hours of making an adjustment, I know enough to make another adjustment, if needed. With three to five adjustments I've adjusted four ETA 2824-2 watches to a daily error of less than 2 seconds. And their accuracy continues for months after that. I was amazed that a mechanical movement was capable of that, and wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it so many times. Best regards, Alan Update 1/30/15 I've discovered that one of my ETA 2824 watches does not speed up when off wrist, if stored vertical with the crown up, which is a very natural orientation when the strap is closed. I haven't check other watches with that movement yet.
  7. Hey All, I know we had a single instance of an owner who had a Galapagos go south on them which has caused a ripple effect of paranoid buyers and misinformation ... Just wanted to poll the owners and see how everyones is holding up? Since that thread a couple years ago, I haven't seen a single complaint, yet, but, I still see a lot of people who won't go near the Galapagos because of it ... Mine looks beautiful without a single mark
  8. Happy to hear you positive experience, and you've got a beautiful dress chrono there!
  9. I like blue dials as well. I'd go for the Petit Prince chrono over the Big Pilot. To me Le Petit Prince's chrono function (I gather you're talking about the IW377706, but that watch is less than USD10k) just makes the watch that little more "useful". Some folks will prefer the Big Pilot's in-house movement to the Petit Prince chrono's generic Valjoux 7750. But countering that argument is the ready serviceability of the Valjoux 7750. It can be serviced by any qualified watchmaker whereas you'll have to send the Big Pilot back to IWC for servicing. Personally whether a movement is in-house or not is not critical to my decision process. Frankly the only in-house movement that seriously attracts me are AL&S's watches - they are so sophisticated and beautifully decorated. For me IWC's Portuguese and Pilot range of watches represent really well executed dial designs. OP, have you seen the latest Le Petit Prince Double Chrono? There's a brief write-up of that piece over at Hodinkee and ABlogToRead.
  10. Great watch, if you pick it up, add the Santoni strap.
  11. So I'm trying to decide between the IWC Portofino and a Cartier Ronde Solo de Cartier as a simple, more formal watch but need some help. Any speculation on one over the other? Ronde Solo de Cartier watch - XL, steel, leather - Fine Watches for men - Cartier IWC Watch - Portofino Automatic | Tourneau
  12. Just for completeness. No answer at all up to now. So I suppose there is definitely sth wrong with this offer... Thanks again for all the tipps. I was obviousy near to fall in a trap.
  13. I'd go for the IWC 3904 over the Yacht Club. I love the Dark Side, but not sure how long the love affair would last with it.
  14. I voted aquatimer but honestly it would be any the anyone here wants to send me. Pm me me for my address I will pay shipping. LOL
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