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  1. My sturdy daily driver, a Traser H3, is in need of repairs (broken rotor). The service center is quoting $600+ for a fix. This repair pricepoint is close to the price of a few new watches: Stowa and Weiss for now.

    My Traser has been a steady companion on many cycing and outdoor adventures. I wear it daily and value its ability to be worn under rough conditions. It's no beauty but it works.

    Everyone needs a wheelbarrow watch like this one.

    Is an 8 y/o Traser automatic worth the repair investment or would it be wiser to start with a new watch? Wisdom here?



  2. Hello and help. I'm a longtime watch lover in need of council. My first nice watch, a Traser H3 automatic (8 years old), needs a replacement rotor. The repair center is quoting a rotor replacement price that is nearly triple the original purchase price: $680.00. I've always said I would upgrade to a nicer watch once this one dies. What's the wisdom of repairing this model of watch or just starting from scratch with something new?  

    Additional question:

    Recommedations for repair centers that work on Traser and Fortis movements?




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