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  1. Good Evening, My fist time on a watch forum- but as an active user/reader on BMW forums for the last 15 years, I have seen first hand, that a great deal of knowledge for any purchase or brand can be learned on well respected forums. I currently own a Stainless Cartier Roadser XL (with 2 additional interchangeable straps, purchased new in 2009) and a Rose Gold Audemars Piguet Ref 15400 with black leather strap, no chrono (41mm). I also have a first generation Hermes Edition Apple watch (I believe its 42mm?) but I hardly use it. Currently, I am on the hunt for another watch- this time a 41mm Stainless AP, no chrono, Blue or Gray face. Ref 15400 or 15500, new/used doesn't matter, as long as it has box, papers and it is a credible seller I don't mind. Forgive the "newbie" question- but can someone please explain to me whats the deal with the resale price of these watches? What is the real reason behind the blue face going well over 10k over retail in the second hand market? Can anyone recommend a good second hand market or a push in the right direction for the next step? Regards, brchp
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