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  1. What is the price for a brand new Rolex Datejust 2 in SS?
  2. Elliot22

    Daytona Help

    I am a HUGE fan of the Daytona, and I wish I could love the TT models. It is a bang for your buck kinda watch. However, the TT Daytona is less money on the pre-owned market for a reason. Many people just don't care for it. It does have the same movement, and is a great watch for the price on the pre-owned market.......IF you like TT watches.
  3. If you're worried about value retention, buy mint condition used. Other than that, buy the one you like.
  4. Hi all, Looking to purchase my friends 18038 Day Date but have never seen these hour markers on a daydate dial before. I tried searching and came up with nothing. Possible Factory option over roman numberals/stick markers? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks WUS!
  5. We talking brand new or used? if it's the latter what models? used the explorer is a better buy, much cheaper too. I don't like the look of the current subs - the wide lugs don't do it for me.
  6. Well played. Sadly I only had 3 Tudor AD's within reasonable travelling distance, and I would bet money that none of them will discount the new Pelagos.
  7. Do any know of a strap that can be ordered online similar to the blue distressed oem one ?
  8. Elliot22

    Gst 3715 question

    thanx for the reply,have nice holidays there,hello to newberry str. and milton
  9. Yes, and this is a good thing because I can get a significant discount. I like it mainly for the world timer functionality - at work I am constantly in communications with different time zones and I am tired at looking at my iPhone every time.
  10. Ingenieur Chronograph Alarm, circa early 1990's. JLC-based mecaquartz movement (quartz, but with mechanical chronograph). The crown at 11 controls the red alarm hand. Small watch at 34mm diameter. Another little talked about Ingenieur | Forum | IWC Schaffhausen
  11. Hi Andy, check your PM for a US AD who ships out of state. Lenny
  12. Just ordered a new IWC strap for my 500107 from a boutique. Do they come with the spring bars built in? Thanks.
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