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  1. Omega watches hold the bracelet with pins. But you cannot adjust it by any micro-holes. Now you would know what you can do for it after reading this: http://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=35867
  2. Hi guys, Could you share some experience on how to disassemble Breitling bracelet? Any special tools? Can I tear it down in general watch shop. Or just the AD would remove it? Thanks a lot.
  3. I think most of people would choose 16610.
  4. The movement and dial is beautiful. Congrats.
  5. I have worn my submariner 114060 from Monday to Friday for about 10 hours. I tested it at two weekends, but notice it would stop running after 35 and 32 hours. So is it normal?
  6. Timezone looks great, the craftsmanship is exquisite.
  7. I personally like 1846 series, recently got a Blue Wave with strap. the craftsmanship of the dial, luminous maker and hand is fine.
  8. Just share the first shot with my new camera. This is SIGMA F2.8-4 28-105mm with 15 years.
  9. With regard to Go watch, it is durable and excellent.
  10. I know most watches can be wound manually or automatically, the stem may have several settings, you just pull it in first set and winds manually, but this watch with Cal. 13 movement can not be wound manually. Any problem on my watch?
  11. +15 secs/day?? it's quite normal. :) :) :)
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