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  1. jason

    1665 Love

    Agree totally. Love mine too.
  2. For those Rolex watches I bought at an AD (14060m & Explorer 39mm), I had to shop around to find one willing to offer a discount. Many said "no", a few were willing to budge a bit if I was buying a gold or two-tone, but I finally found an AD with a few regional stores willing to offer a discount equal to the state sales tax, as well as complimentary appraisals for insurance. No gifts or anything, but great customer service even willing to hold the 14060m for me until I could make time to stop by the store to buy. When I was buying the Explorer, I again contacted this same AD, she pulled up my customer number and offered me the same discount without having to ask. Again, great customer service. Rolex is very strict on pricing and discounts, and an AD is under no obligation to offer a deal or gift. While a few do, that is more the exception than the rule.
  3. I was wondering about that stuff too. Thus ends the greatest of posts.
  4. For me I would go with the Milgauss. I have almost picked that watch up a couple times now. It doesn't look as childish in the flesh. Try it on and see what you think.
  5. Well if you are a 'in-house movement guy' which is what it sounds like, then perhaps any ETA models are not going to be your cup of tea. The high grade 7750 is used by many brands because it is a very robust and quality movement. Some in-house movements lack the accuracy of ETAs, so I wouldn't so quickly discount it as a movement. However, if that is holding you back on the purchase, then go with a different watch - you should never be ho-hum about a watch purchase no matter what your requirements / motivations are (IMHO). In the end, all main brand, luxury watches are overpriced though. (It's a silly thing we do to spend this kind of money on watches). Any wrist shots of the watches in question from the boutiques you visited?
  6. Yes I had chance to try them both and I truly like IWC pilot Chrono 3777 (metal bracelet), the only thing that a little disappointed me is that As far as I understood it has a 7750 ETA calibre assembled/modified by ETA according to IWC standards and specifications. I was quite surprised when getting into a Mont Blanc Boutique, I realized that they have in their collection watches also with ETA 7750 movements modified according to Mont Blanc specifications.(which they rename Montblanc 4810/501) .which are sold for £3,200-3,800 against the Pilot Chrono retail price of £5,500 :(. I can definitely believe that montblanc standards are not as high as IWC, but.. I really started wondering if IWC Pilot Chrono worth its price and value, and its calibre too, or I could find pretty much find the same calibre under the hoods of quite cheper watches? Is just the history and the prestige of the brand that justify the higher price or the quality too?
  7. jason

    Buying a Mark XVII

    Since this is my first proper watch, I'd very much like to buy it new. But if and when I decide to expand my collection, it may be prudent for me to buy second hand (especially since older watches often have smaller faces). Thanks for the recommendations, both of those have got some rather wonderful pieces on sale. I'll keep my eyes on their stock lists over the coming period, just in case. DHTJR, do you have a photo of your favourite strap combination?
  8. jason


    Looks authentic to me!
  9. I agree, Matt. It is also good to build a relationship with an Authorised Dealer. With such a big purchase, purchasing from an AD is definitely the way to go.
  10. Contemplating my first IWC purchase.. I currently have a Longines Hydroconquest (beater/vacation), vintage Tank Longines (dress watch) and a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 1500 (everyday/dressy), and I'm looking for a versatile everyday watch that looks a bit sportier. My wrists are on the small side 6", and I tend to shy away from anything >40mm. Also I wear suits (and travel) quite a bit, so it matters that the watch is versatile to be my be-all-end-all for business trips. What I like about the XVI: - Clean and crisp design, reminds me of the big pilot (which I would never be able to wear due to its size) - Looks more "modern" - Thinner than the 3706 What I like about the 3706: - Has heritage (reminiscent of the XII) - Square hands are quirky and different What do you guys think?
  11. There is a new movement in the 5007 but I don't know all the specifics. My AD is supposed to get the 5007s in next month. The blue strap looks a lot better with the blue hands and number.
  12. Dont discount the IWC deployants though. I know they are pricey but personally having tried various deployants from various brands, the IWC feels super solid and looks good too!
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