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  1. explorer is a good choice nothing wrong with the choice .but if it's yr only Rolex I would suggest a gmt or submariner
  2. I'm more partial to the Heritage Black Bay in the red flavor! Love that watch!
  3. I'm sure this question has been asked before but I cannot find it in this forum. So I apologize ahead of time. The bezel on my 2014 Rolex submariner pushes down like it is spring loaded. Is this normal? I just noticed it today. Thanks!!!
  4. After lurking for while, I got the New BB and usually I am big fan of black dial and hazel watches and most of my watches are so, but this tudor in my opinion is much nicer in burgundy and black or coffee color dial and brings the whole vintage looking Tudor back. It's very comfortable on wrist and very nice detailed on dial and the whole watch. I am very pleased with this new watch and I think it will be in my collection for long long time. Thanks for looking. Album
  5. here's m3mike's ZULU 4 rings.. nabbed from "m3mike" over on TRF !
  6. How about you post a picture of the bracelet you have on your watch?
  7. The European watch industry kicks off 2015 with a bang! The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), an invitation only trade show held in Geneva Switzerland kicked off this week. If you'd like to see what the Richemont Group and other select luxury brands plan to release later this year follow our coverage here: SIHH - Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie What new models are on your radar?
  8. Have been considering an aqua timer as an alternative to a Seadweller or Submariner (already have a vintage GMT which looks very similar) to use as a daily driver watch that I wouldn't have to worry about like my usually preferred dress or complicated watches. What I was curious of was how IWC is to deal with service wise and whether the Aqua timer IW3536 or IW329001 would be able to take a similar level of abuse as a submariner or sea dweller (nothing crazy just being able to wear it without worrying about rain, bumping it, scratching it, a swim etc).
  9. sam111

    IWC 3714-45

    A new one can be had for around 5700usd it's worth paying a bit extra for new from an AD
  10. I tried one a couple years back when they come out, like the idea of the worldtimer as I was travelling quite a bit back then, so was drawn to it for that prospective. On the wrist, left me a bit cold - dial is very busy and hard to read, movement felt fragile and kind of fiddly when adjusting. In the end I went with a simpler GMT option from a rival brand, but what I can see is that this particular model isn't a great seller since you can easily get it at 30-40% off retail price, and prob can get even bigger discount if negotiated properly...
  11. Great forum, thank you very much for your help and support, We keep you up-to-date with this. The purchasing timeframe is not available. We will visit an qualified IWC concessionaire. We have another identifying request . Thank you for your help. Cheers, smkkkk
  12. Thanks dirtvictim. He says he's taken it to two jewelers to "check the watch" but when I asked what the movement was he said he didn't know. I'm trying to get him to meet me at my watchmakers to have him open the back and take a look.
  13. Well, that question is fairly broad and involves a variety of objective and subjective factors, including caliber innovation, design, watchmaking legacy, quality of materials, level of finishing, and so on. Since I am unacquainted with Breitling insofar as details are concerned, I can only speak with some rudimentary familiarity with the other brands you mentioned. JLC is one of the most highly regarded brands, in no small part for its long history of caliber innovation. Many high-end brands have used a JLC caliber to power their watches at one time or another, which speaks to their quality
  14. Def a replica. Try going for something like a genuine Hamilton in the same price range and buy from trusted sellers on WUS
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