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  1. I did contact davdisw. They don't offer any form of financing, sadly..:)
  2. Without opening the case and inspecting the movement it's impossible to tell for sure if it is genuine. But, as far as the model itself is concerned, you can find several Rolex Precisions (not sure if that was the official name of the model) on the net and they look similar to the OP's watch. With a 9k gold case they are valued around $2500.
  3. Nice find, I had a second hand loose on the shaft once, you could see it wanting to move though. Any chance you could post pictures of the 6298, that's my Birth year, I'm saving up for one for my next watch. Well good luck with your watch, hope it's simple.
  4. Great shot. Now you just need a 14270 (assuming your 36mm is a 114270).
  5. I'm thinking of selling my 16700 in the very near future. I bought it new back in 1995 for around $2500. I may buy the current Submariner or GMT Master. What is Worth now and in 5-10 years? Don't want to regret selling it too soon. Or should I just keep it?
  6. My all gold Submariner-Date
  7. Good question. A comparable Damasko is going to cost you about $1000 more than a North Flag. Style wise, the Tudor is Swiss modern. The Damasko is German machine tool. Bracelet wise, the win goes to Damasko and it's not even close. Damasko's bracelet may be the best tool bracelet ever made. Damasko's use of hardened steel is a definite plus and in my experience does not scratch under normal wear. A great thing in a tool watch. However, Tudor has tighter machining tolerances and more elegant finishing. The Damasko on bracelet is a seriously heavy watch. I haven't weighed mine but 300+ grams wouldn't surprise me. That said both watches wear very comfortably. The Damasko sits much taller. Tudor wins in the tool watch movement category (IMHO) because it has a longer power reserve and is much easier to get serviced. That said, the Damasko movement is serious eye candy, probably has similar accuracy and is possibly more robust. Tudor is part of a huge company and you can be reasonably certain they'll be around for decades. Damasko is a small family run business that could end tomorrow with a car crash. If I had to choose between the two it would be a very tough call. If my budget was $5000 I'd buy the Damasko, but if my budget was $4000 I'd buy the Tudor and never look back.
  8. I'm not too worried about an in house movement for that portofino. It's the entry level for the brand. They're priced that way for a reason. Large old school watch companies with the name & pedigree like IWC have to make decisions for their market. Im more concerned about accurate timekeeping. That Portofino probably keeps just as good if not better time than a 7 day Portuguese
  9. It's fake. I bought it a month ago and returned it because I believed it's a replica. The seller was quite confident that it was real and told me to have a jeweler authenticate it. You're right about the 7, the serial number, and the date window. The number 1 in the date, specifically, is just a vertical line. It should have another stroke at the top of the 1. Also, the lengths of the hands are wrong.
  10. Buee1

    IWC 3714-45

    Thanks. Does anyone know if the size has stayed the same?
  11. Buee1

    IWC Dealers

    Ditto on Govberg. George Mayer provided excellent pricing, service and follow up on my PP.
  12. History of the IWC Portuguese History of the IWC Portuguese | Time and Watches I think it's pretty close to the original and the size and proportion is great. IMO, it's not meant to be a dress watch anyway. I'd say go for it!
  13. This is quite true, and I agree. I would note, however, that it seems that IWCs can be had at greater discounts than JLCs so the price differential wasn't as pronounced as the MSRPs suggest. You had suggested JLC when I was looking IWCs, and you were right. The Master Control Chrono is a stunner. The AD had both so it was a very hard decision indeed.
  14. Thanks for the PMs folks, my first IWC is on its way!
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