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  1. I sold my briefly owned and very minty 14060 to buy my new Pelagos. My primary reason was I couldn't stand how reflective sapphire Submariners are; flat crystal + gloss black dial + no AR. I wasn't sure if my 14060 was a watch or a signaling mirror. The other reason was that I had a tritium model and wanted to re-lume but found out after purchasing that this is very difficult because of the nature of the WG surrounds. My favorite watch, btw, is the 5513, but there are little minty examples left, and a really nice example would cost as much as my Pelagos and 14060 combined. Another thing to consider is the comfort of high-nickel 904L stainless steel v. titanium (admittedly, the Tudor has a 316 caesback and clasp). I'm not a huge fan of 904L but love titanium. I don't think the Pelagos or Black Bay are lesser or "placeholder" Submariners; they're something completely different. If Rolex made a Submariner with a matter dial and a domed and/or AR coated crystal I may change my mind. Until then it's apples to oranges, and Rolex only makes oranges under the Tudor brand...
  2. Heber

    First Rolex

    Well, I am not totally sure it will be a Rolex, but I would like to buy a high end watch. I like the Submariner Date and the IWC Portuguese chronograph. How much does the Rolex cost? And what's the difference in terms of price between the Submariner Date and the Deep-sea blue dial? Which one would you buy? Thank you.
  3. Don´t have any picks but my wrist is about 6.5 -7 inch and I have tried new ceramic GMT master II few times when I visited my AD. It seems smaller than I thought and it sits really nice and flat, not too big at all. My Seamaster GMT which is 41mm seems much bigger. Here is a pick from The Rolex forum. OP said he´s wrist is 6.5 inch. And remember, when you take pictures, watch always seems bigger in the pictures than in real.
  4. Lol I am curious how the scroll at the bottom is received when the watch is not GS. So far it seems like WUSer are pretty consistent in this.
  5. If Rolex, the Daytona would be where ai would look. 10k can go a long ways towards a watch, particularly a preowned one, if one is willing to consider a dressier watch from another brand...
  6. I somehow skipped through Rolex on my first entrance to the world of watches, and went directly for a high end dress watch. Now that few months have passed, I feel like my next purchase (or the one after that) will most definitely be a Rolex. I need a watch that is durable, and is suited for casual dressing + everyday lives. I personally don't like popular watches for some reason - they don't feel unique enough, and I want something different on my wrist. This does not mean I enjoy watches that are like REALLY minor and stuff; it's just that I find watches that do not get its photos uploaded on the forums often more interesting. Well, I guess as long as it is a Rolex it will inevitably be something that lots of people wear (considering their humongous production volumes), but to start off I eliminated - Submariner(too common), - Yacht Master (a no no design), - Daytona (I'm going for a Everose Gold Daytona in the future, so I need a durable SS one for now), - Sky Dweller (again a no no design), - GMT Master (I don't need GMT complication, nor the design is speaking to me), - Cellini (I love Cellini lines the most from Rolex, but I don't need more dress watches for now, so will consider buying one much later) and finally - Deep Sea (too thick) from my list. And Datejust, I dunno... it's not bad but I moved it to the bottom of my list for now because they are flagship models and are also very common. I'm currently trying to decide between three models: Milgauss white dial, Explorer I 214270, and Sea Dweller 4000. Pro: - Not that common compared to other models, and is pretty unique - The idea of anti-magnetic thing is pretty cool. - Is very simple in dial design, which fits my taste just right! I would say design satisfies me about 80%. Some points taken off, read below Con: - The thunder shaped second hands (although interesting), along with the orange colored indexes, kind of make it look like a children's toy watch. - The overall atmosphere is very bright and playful; feels like I can wear it with jeans, but not with suits. I may be wrong on this. - Recently heard cheaper Omega models have watches that are even more magnetic-proof than Milgauss (that they are 1500). What? Pro: - Design is just amazing! I would give it a 95%. - Very elegant and simple, black and white so can also be used for dressy occasions, and also for casual wear. - It has a design so simple that virtually I will probably never get tired of it. - The new explorer's movement is apparently really good in time keeping. Con: - It's a common/popular model, although I think I heard it's not as popular as Submariner and Datejust. Again, common stuff are a con for me. - It is a very entry model for Rolex. While the pricing is a pro, how other people look at it is a bit con. This does not bother me much though. Pro: - Maybe not as rare as Milgauss but is pretty uncommon, especially compared to Submariner. Some people even don't know what Sea Dweller or Deep Sea is; they think they are all just Submariners. - More sporty and durable all around compared to Submariner, and hence compared to the other two above as well (mostly the water resistance) - Lume is just beautiful. Con: - Not sure about the exact measurement, but is a bit thicker than a Submariner. Maybe not suitable for dressy wear, since it's a diver watch. - Design wise, I would give this a 85%. But since the pricing is highest over the other two, I dunno if it's worth the price. I hoped that people here could recommend me a more diverse range of suggestions and advices. Cheers and wish everyone a nice day. :)
  7. Yeah, sorry misspelled the title. Datejust is the correct model and its supposed to be a 2003 model
  8. The IWC boutique sales rep told me that the big pilot gains on average 10 - 15 seconds per day. This number is similar to what I've read on the internet. So yesterday I decided to put my new 5009 to the test. I noted the time on my computer at 8:30:00, on my watch it was 8:29:23. Today when my computer struck 8:30:00, my watch was at 8:29:25... I was stunned. 2 second gain?! Is this accuracy normal on a new watch and it's supposed to degrade over time or did I just get lucky? My PR was around 6 days throughout this test.
  9. Yikes... Do you have an IWC AD near you? I think it would be best to take it to them and have them send it to an IWC service center for a estimate. Please report back as I'm curious .
  10. I find the AT is a great watch for weekend/pool/vacation type activities, but, wouldn't make a great daily wearer like a Sub or a SD would ... The beauty of a Sub or a SD is that it goes with EVERYTHING and will happily take anything you throw at it.. Sub + SD > Aquatimer.. I have both a Sub and an Aquatimer (have owned 3 AT's)... AT is good as a second/third/fourth in a collection but I would never rely on it as a daily driver..
  11. I hope that you'll report back in a week or two. It will be interesting to see if it speeds up. But I strongly doubt that it will slow down. Best, Alan
  12. Heber

    IWC Flieger Collection

    Dear IWC enthusiasts, I wanted to share with you the beginning my journey of collecting. I've gone through many stages during this intention of collecting, tried many other brands, researched many vintage and modern watches and finally understood that what I liked the most at the beginning was going to be my true passion, the IWC Pilot watches. The history, the movement, the design... everything I looked for is in the family. The collection is growing but after a year here I am, with my modest IWC Flieger collection. Hope to hear year thoughts and recommendations
  13. Hi on chrono24.com you'll find this watch with about 25-30% discount. See more on: iwc 3878 Search for a wristwatch
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