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  1. It is value for money.
  2. bottle

    Orient watch

    Actually, Orient is a subsidiary company of Seiko group. Automatic winding efficiency of Orient is better than Seiko. Besides, I would recommend an ORIENT watch with power reserve display.
  3. In my opinion, it is durable. I also drove with my Breitling watch.
  4. The first piece is my favor, the rose gold dial with unique color.
  5. Click here: http://www.seiko-watch.co.jp/psx/
  6. bottle

    Blue or Gold hand?

    Blue hand is more suited to a young girl. What do you think?
  7. I've discharged the bracelet by myself, but scratched it unconsciously. So just go to authorized watch shop.
  8. Is it 16233? I advise you can send to RSC.
  9. bottle

    Identification needed

    The MS-8 strap changed to K-8?
  10. I sent back my watch to RSC because of the date display and gasket.
  11. The movement of GO is beautiful.(this is appropriate for the guys always wear a shirt and tie). Rolex watch is durable, but cannot see the movement, the same as Omega. In early time, Seamaster is the best choice to be recommended as the entry-level sport watch with low price and durability. But the price equate to 16610. If so, just go for Rolex. All in all, It all depend on yourself.
  12. bottle


    Stowa manufactured German military watch in Second World War, and produced French Air Force watch in 1950s.
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