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  1. Go for the in-house movement. 70hrs power reserve is a big plus for me. I can take it off my wrist on Friday night, and on Monday it would still be running.
  2. Great review! Gives me confidence that I made the right choice with the Everest strap. I love mine. Gave my GMT new life since my SS band is showing it's age.
  3. Can I assume with certainty that when my Pelagos was in for regulation that it was pressure tested since the back was off? the receipt says fixed bezel and regulated, receipt doesn't say anything about pressure testing. Heading on a dive trip tomorrow AM and it didn't even cross my mind to ask the AD when I picked it up. I am assuming since its a total dive watch that is a given.
  4. I love this dial. It is one quirky Daytona.
  5. That makes sense and is correct. Serial number dates to Q4 CY 1971 But model 6694 should look like these: https://www.google.com/search?q=ROLE...IVjKCACh3FRgtQ So probably just a redial, but only movement photo can confirm A
  6. For a year now I've been checking 18038's on eBay and I also looked at many after market dials for the day/date and have never run across one like your example.
  7. Thanks, guys! It is going to be an arduous wait, but it will be worth it. I saw a few other watches that caught my eye yesterday while window shopping, but my eye is set on this one!!!
  8. I agree with the others on letting the watch run in for a few weeks and then recheck. I have found that it does tend to settle in after about a month or so.
  9. I guess I'll let my blnr sit for a few days and then adjust the date when it's closer to the date on the watch..not feeling like turning the hour hand for 40 full turns (20 days X 2 full turn/24 hours).
  10. hi im trying to get the steel bracelet for my iwc flieger 3717. would anyone know the iwc part number for it ? thanks in advance
  11. I'm not sure how much I like that band there. looks a little too exotic for my tastes. I can be convinced though. do you have any other pictures?
  12. thanks. I looked at the black dial version as well. it's gorgeous, no doubt. I went with the white dial because I found it more striking, but also because every watch I've ever purchased has had a black face, so needed a change. best of luck with your search.
  13. ​ I was in the same situation as you :) I was being "manipulated" by my Rolex loving friends: €6.150 (391010 black dial and milanese mesh bracelet) sounded too expensive for "regular steel", no gold elements, no ceramic and no in-house movement. But after reading how accurate and robust the 7750 is, the advantage of low service costs and most importantly..... me loving the design, feel, finishing and everything about its looks, I decided I wanted it, but definitely not for the full retail price! I got 25% discount at an AD and felt that that was an accurate representation of the what you get
  14. Don't complain - you're not buying that IWC anyway :-P
  15. Even if the case, dial, hands, crown, strap, and buckle are all original, the movement certainly is not. IWC has made quartz watches, but it makes zero sense that they would use a plastic frame to hold a Japanese quartz movement. The dial says Swiss, but the movement is Japanese? It doesn't really work like that. Can't hurt to take it to IWC directly, but I don't think this is going to end well. Maybe it could have been a decent fake, but that looks terrible from any angle. It looks like a very poorly made fake. I can say with 99.9% certainty that the movement doesn't belong in that watc
  16. Ahh finally! I've been waiting to hear some impressions of your new XVII since I heard you bought one Kevin It's funny you mention that you intended to use is as a 'daily beater' but have changed your mind. I feel the same about my XVI. It's the most comfortable, perfect fitting, non-obtrusive watch I have right now and would indeed serve well as a watch I could wear daily to even my slightly rough workplace. BUT it's just too precious to me and I don't want to hurt it lol. After all the watches that have come and gone with me, this is still the one that I really believe I'll keep "fore
  17. Why to post multiple threads with exact same content? Just bump your other post if needed so?
  18. A Top Gun Fligerchronograph looks like this Source: http://fliegeruhr.ch/3789_top_gun.htm Yours is fake.
  19. I don't think I've ever seen these on other than original bracelets (an occasional mesh - not sure you'd call that a bracelet), so I'mm afraid I can't suggest alternatives. My advice, though, is to save your pennies and buy an original bracelet. Whatever bracelet you'll fit, you'll always keep longing for the original one. So why waste money in the mean time? Apologies if this sounds too harsh; I really don't want to. But do want to share my view. Good luck with the search - Mark XV's are great watches. PS-1 - the bracelet for Timefactor's Speedbird III (Mark XII / XV hommage) looks v
  20. I think it is not Russian. It looks like a vintage digital watch from Bulova or Pulsar
  21. I have your Niva (GM-Niva). I have the BA3-2121.
  22. The lack of photos of the caseback might be a minor concern, but otherwise this looks like a genuine early Volmax Aviator, but not a 'Poljot Aviator' as advertised. Aviator originated as a name for a model range under the Poljot brand, but then when Volmax broke away as a separate business enitity, they took the name as a brand in its own right. If the caseback bears the Poljot name or logo then this is a frankenwatch. However if the name on the back is simply 'Aviator' then it is likely 100% legit. The movement is an authentic Poljot 2614.2N as is appropriate for this watch.
  23. Just out of interest, what would you guys consider to be a fair price to pay for this Amphibia? Bearing in mind its condition and the fact that it'll almost definitely need a service.
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