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  1. Hi everyone. For those of you on Instagram I noticed a lack of a dedicated account for the Daytona, so today I'm launching @rolexdaytonaclub as an outlet for Daytona owners to showcase their pieces. If you would like to be featured please email pics in the best resolution possible to rolexdaytonaclub@gmail.com along with your @username, info about the watch, where you're from, etc. Thanks, Joe
  2. I would say that the Red colored Black Bay is the more eye catching one. The blue one looks like an Omega SMP and it looks very cold in person.. The Sub is a catch all watch and easier to match clothes with it. And the older version is also very handsome. The aluminum bezel has a certain tool watch charm to it. The newer ceramic ones are more in your face. Kinda like a choice between going out with a classic beauty or a Victoria Secret model. I vote for the Sub.
  3. I think it depends a bit on what one owns or plans to own. If the watch is to be wore casually or semi casually, the multi colored bezel might be my preference. If one plans to attempt to wear the watch formally or semi-formally the black bezel makes this more passable...
  4. Originally purchased my 16700 with a Pepsi insert in 1995. After a month, had Rolex install black insert. Now fast forward 20 years later, I had the itch of having the Pepsi look after servicing the watch. Now I can't make up my mind. It's either Black or Pepsi for me, no Coke. It's either all black or blue/red.. I would like to hear your opinions and/or insights about this. Also, has anyone encountered any problems with switching the inserts too often such as making the bezel assembly loose? I am hesitant of constantly changing the inserts too often.
  5. Check the power reserve, this doesn't sound correct to me.
  6. You already have Sub, add Speedy and you'll get two watches that MATTERS, with tremendous history and watchmaking glory.
  7. I can safely say Seiko's latest lumibrite spanks dat a** though.
  8. Mmdy

    £1000 ROLEX?

    Hi guys, I've been collecting omegas for a while and now want a rolex . I only gave around £1000 and would like a pretty classic looking one , is this enough or am I wasting my time? (Pun intended)
  9. 1. Sticks 2. Romans 3. I am crazy and prefer neither sticks nor romans Have it down to these two choices but hemming and hawing, was also looking at the silver dial but figured it was too bleh for me, and I already had been there and done that with an older 16200 I love the classic-ness of the sticks but this will be to pair with a Sub and the Romans do seem a bit more formal
  10. The concept of the Portofino Automatic is to offer an entry level price into the world of IWC - both SS bodies and 18kt. version. If you'd put their inhouse movement inside, you'll not only ruin that usp but also shuffle the entire product hierarchy in IWC's range and have it cannibalizing other product lines. Additionally the retail price will be probably 100% higher. As for the saphire crystal, I guess, that IWC did that for a. cost reason b. The current base movement is not really visually thrilling c. it will then compete more with more expensive families in IWC range.
  11. Buying from an AD is always the better way to go, full warranty. Buying from grey market, you may or may not save more but definitely no warranty.
  12. Mmdy

    First IWC

    congratulations. and happy birthday. great watch.
  13. Mmdy

    IWC Galapagos 2014

    lol a very wordy post and it took me a while to work out what you were asking! anyway welcome. It's nice to see a new poster not asking "is xx watch a fake, I got it off a friend/relative" to to answer what I think are your questions servicing - servicing is expensive, the more complex the movement the more complex the servicing. Might be best to check with all three manufacturers for the servicing costs what to get - What is your budget? The good news for both iwc and JLC is that if you know how to bargain (and most people don't) you can get substantial discounts off them. I've managed 25-35% off RRP. Rolex discounts are pretty much tokenistic, however there is usually room to move on the SD. Having owning watches from all three brands (and knowing each of the ones you posted) my thoughts: JLC - my favourite brand. Love their stuff. However I don't like their sport watches, something about them that just puts me off. The particular one you're after in my opinion is a bit gaudy. IWC - Nice watch, I don't have anything bad to say about iwc. Inner rotating bezels are super cool. I have an original Cousteau divers which I love. The inner bezel and also the blue dial are just gorgeous. The watc is built like a tank too Rolex - I have a 16600 SD. I love this watch. It has become my go to more often than not. The watch is built amazing and of all the watches I have it feels like the best made one. In saying all of this of the three options you have the JLC would be the first of off my list for reasons outlined above. All things being equal between the iwc and rolex my money would go on the rolex. It's a very solid base to build others around and ultimately can do both casual and formal better than the iwc (the latter of which does casual better but I would not like wearing that on a suit)
  14. Sorry guys just wondering how to tell if this watch i bought is fake or not http://imgur.com/OXnL6yU http://imgur.com/f8zM0XJ Thanks
  15. Just thought I'd post my concerns with this watch. To me it looks like the hour and second hands are longer than the minute markers which makes me wonder if the dial was refinished at some point. Also I can't tell if the case has been over polished.
  16. Mmdy

    Alligator strap wear?

    Leathet straps are consumable. When used daily, it shows wear and tear quickly.
  17. The green leather strap looks great! I'm still loving my black-dial version. We need lume pics!
  18. hello, I have the same sound on my Raketa 2623h. none of the other 5 it does ...
  19. There is no need to insist with the seller, you need to open a case with Paypal, not Ebay. You can escalate it to a claim as soon the deadline allows. In case the Paypal claim does not go in your favor (which is unlikely), or it goes in your favor but no money is recovered (which is a lot more likely), you can still claim to your credit card issuer if you used a Credit card to as one should always do.
  20. I noticed that the losing bidder has zero feedback. A case of somebody bidding up there own auction ?
  21. For anyone thinking if discontinued Russian watches appreciate, check out this auction. This is far from pristine. I have one in yellow/orange and one in blue. As a capitalist they will stay in the watch box and not on my wrist. Beautiful RARE Russian VOSTOK Amfibia Reef Automatic Divers' Watch | eBay RFG
  22. Hey Chris... Patience always seems to be the key. Well, that along with relentless searching and a little luck! I scooped this "like new" watch last year. The dial is a little off register but everything is spotless. Came with papers and box too! Mine is the gold brown dial ... I'll have to keep an eye out for that blue one! Cheers
  23. Very nice. I'd say 100% authentic, including the crystal by the looks of things. These are some of my favorite movements due to the unusual text engraving on the bridge. I think you're probably right that there's a whole 'generation' of these export watches that have gone unnoticed. Due to their rarity, I'd guess they weren't produced for long. I suppose Petrodvorets probably stopped engraving the text on the back cover and movement due to cost. I believe the writing on the bridge was phased out before the writing on the back cover. Here is an example of one I just bought (though not yet in my possession) which has the text engraved on the case-back but not the movement. Of course, the movement could be replaced, but Seele also has a Sekonda 17 Jewels "easy-read" with only the engraved back, so I'm tempted to think they're original. I'm sure it was just easier and more cost-effective for Petrodvorets to produce the same movement for domestic Ракета, export Raketa, and other export brands (Sekonda, Cardinal, etc.), rather than creating a separate bridge reserved for English-speaking consumers.
  24. My Kommandirskie also missed only a few seconds per week, which is extremely precise. It is the best watch I have. The other Russians loose 20 to 30s per day. i also have an Amphibia with the exact same dial you have. It only shows the exact time twice a day so I sent it back to be repaired under warranty.
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