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  1. Haha, slow internet wont let me. Im trying.
  2. And if so, what are your thoughts on them? Was in a dealer yesterday and saw the new pellagos in blue and really liked it, the blue bay also appeared good too. Thanks
  3. I just queued the Debbie Downer music.
  4. Hi guys I just went to my local dealer today to take a first hand look at the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. Waiuw it was so beautiful! Now the guy informed me that Tudor is now making in-house movements to replase the ETA´s thay have been using. Now i am hesitating on buying the watch. My question is: - Will the in-house movement give me a better and more precise watch? - Should it hold the value better? - Would service be more expensive? I know that its har to answer these questions as they are most likely based on assumptions. But what do you guys think? Thank you
  5. I know the end links are controversial but I like the rough utilitarian aesthetic that it lends the watch, its entirely in keeping with the philosophy behind the watch in my view.
  6. My first Rolex was purchased from a local jewelry store where I grew up. My father purchased quite a bit from them as gifts for my mom and did so on credit. He'd come in every week after he got paid and made a payment. The store extended you credit because they knew you. That's what you did back then as credit cards were not as main stream as they are today. When I bought my Rolex from them I was given a discount as we were customers but I don't remember what the discount itself was. I don't know what the Rolex policy on discounts was 32 years ago either. I happened to check online and the store is still there and amazingly enough, still family owned. I didn't really have a number in mind when I asked him what could he do on the price. I knew what they were selling for from the grey market sellers but I didn't expect them to match or even come close. If he had knocked off $500 off the price of the watch which equates to 5% I would have told him to wrap it up. My wife was somewhat surprised as well. We both agree the profit on a Rolex is probably substantial as it's not a high volume piece. That being said, 95% of something is better than 100% of nothing in terms of a sale.
  7. Riky

    New 5513

    That's GORGEOUS. Major congrats, great example.
  8. So u don't think it looks really bad ?.I wouldn't say they are major but I guess I'll have to live with it and try to not keep looking at it
  9. I like both IWC and Omega, and currently own a Mark XVI that houses an ETA 2892-A2 movement and a Speedmaster Pro. I can tell you that whatever the IWC spec requires that is different from the base 7750 movement, it is not worth the extra amount you have to pay over another watch with a 7750 movement by itself. If movement is important to you, I would suggest that you take the Omega 9300 instead, which at the very least, you can actually see the movement all the time and it is a beautiful thing to look at. Besides, how can you objectively tell that one modification to the 7750 is better than the other? With proper adjustment, any 7750 and the 9300 can be just as accurate and precise as the other. The extra you pay for the 3777 is partly toward the brand and its history, and partly toward the case and the bracelet. IWC is one of a few brands that manufacture cases themselves. Their cases are truly a work of art. Taking the movement aside and judging the watch on its own right, you cannot say that it is over-valued. 9300 is quite a bit more expensive than the 3777, and their case and bracelet quality isn't better than that of the IWC. I read the responses at the Omega forum and found some of them quite a bit bias toward the Omega, not surprisingly. In this case, I would say, go with your heart and get the one that makes you tick. I also think the pilot chrono is more versatile as it looks better than the chunky 9300 when you wear business/semi-formal attire. Good luck with the decision.
  10. A little big for my wrist but it's a wonderful piece. Congratulations!
  11. Riky

    IWC Dealers (Deals!)

    Did you try haggling them down? If so how did it go? There is a large mark up on luxury watches (all of them) and depending on what you are after you can get some decent discounts on the RRP
  12. This is photo from their handout.
  13. Be interesting to see the finished product - to be honest pricing is better than I thought it would be
  14. Riky

    IWC Galapagos 2014

    Here's what I mean old v new Sd
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