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  1. Datejust would be the way to go if it were me...
  2. Here´s mine on a black NATO.
  3. It is on some, but many it is " IIII "
  4. frenk0

    ss bracelet for 3717

    many thanks for your help ...much appreciated
  5. Hey IWCers, I'm interested in the new 2014 Aquatimer Automatic. Does anyone have one that they could comment on and post some nice pictures? I currently have a PO 8500 and a Grand Seiko Snowflake, but I'm interested in the new Aquatimer Autos and the grey dealers have them at a pretty decent discount. Anyways, if anyone could post some pictures or there take on the new models, I'd appreciate some feedback!
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Mark XVII Dixan, love your strap btw! Some people say the Mark is "boring" but with the right strap, it can outshine a lot of "nicer" watches. Like you, I have gotten myself more and more fallen for my Mark XVI. The brown big pilot strap really brings it out well! Daniel
  7. Hi All, can anyone help me to identify whether this iwc is authentic? Putnam Timepieces - Our supply of watches - Watches - Chrono24.com anyone bought from this seller? he claimed that he is from betteridge jewelers and i did tried to email betteridge website and according to them that they are selling a few second hand watches through chrono24. but the weird thing is the address and contact number of this seller in chrono24 is slightly different from address and contact number of betteridge. do you guys think that this seller is legit from betteridge? as i never bought anything from chrono24 before Thanks
  8. Good advice by Albertur. The 3227 comes up frequently for sale, so no need to worry if you pass on this one. Today I see 6 on chrono24 and one on Timezone.
  9. Black dial YC beats the DSOM every time for me, 46mm wears better than the 41mm Omega, although it still has great wrist presence. I'm not sure about the newer 43mm, but I have an Ardoise 45mm incoming. Actually it was the same model I owned a few months back, and was able to make a trade to get it back. It's a great piece but either way you can't really go wrong here.
  10. Agree with the post above, the boutiques are the best chance you'll have in Singapore. If you do go down that route, you might want to email them to check on availability. I asked about a leather strap with deployant for my Mark XVII and was told they were out of stock and ordering from the factory would take "quite a while". My friend is in a similar position, looking for a bracelet for his Mark XVI and they're difficult to find used here. None of the used dealers seem to have them. You could try scouring sales posts from private sellers and arrange to meet them when you're here, they do pop up occasionally.
  11. Too sad watches are mostly made in China
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