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  1. As noted above. Get a Ranger, makes for a nice pair.
  2. Thanks for that- very interesting. Did the Milgauss precede the Railmaster or Ingenieur, the other 1000 gauss Swiss watches of the period? I'd be interested to know who has bragging rights on that spectacular feat. The Milguass GV is a great, daring watch for Rolex to make. Glad they did.
  3. Thanks, looks great. Starting with the original pic, can you now reduce the length, make it narrow ?
  4. Morning folks ! I remember reading sometime ago a post from a fellow WIS where he shared he had found the perfect 1680 for him: A White Sub Luminova Rolex-serviced 1680. For the love of Pete, I don't seem to be able to find such post... So, I would like to challenge you friends and ask you to show your Luminova 1680, red or white, Subs and share your stories !!! Thank you and have a great day !!! Cheers, G.
  5. nice - how long have you had them and can you see yourself developing a favourite yet?
  6. Had this watch for 4 days short of a month now. I'm a careful user but still managed to get some minor hairlines / scratches that appear almost absolutely out of nowhere. Thankfully the brushed surfaces mean that a Scotch Brite could restore its looks relatively easy. Beautiful watch, spot-on accuracy, phenomenal lume. What I dislike about it? Only 2 things, removing the bracelet is a challenge that I have yet to overcome. And the credit card bill that came with it! Wearing mine as I type this.
  7. Sure thing, I will do that later tonight. Cheers!
  8. Going to snag a Black Bay (red on bracelet), and while I normally buy used, if I can get a Black Bay from a local AD at a discounted rate then for once I may treat myself to a brand new watch at the cost of a few hundred extra dollars just for the experience and to have one brand new watch in the collection. I've had a local AD offer me 15% off without me even asking for it. Is that a fair amount to discount a Black Bay, or should I try to push for a little more? Have others been able to get one discounted even further than that direct from a local AD? Thanks for any help guys. It's much appreciated.
  9. I think joseph80's comment was in regards to this love for Rolex and not focused on a passion for crime severity. The crime severity discussion group is on another forum. I agree Joe.....Hang em dirty bastards!!!!
  10. Thanks for your reply. I will definately look into repair. I found a link to some information on it and I believe you're correct about the movement. http://people.timezone.com/library/a...s/archives0036
  11. wq-ty12

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    I would go for the XV (with a buffalo strap ... yeahhhh!!) for the following reasons: 1) the size, 38 mm is more comfortable to wear, 2) the caliber, the XII is powered by a JLC 889/2 I think, imho it is less reliable than the Eta 2892-2 based mvt on XV (I heard some bad experience feedbacks on XII). and just for information, Harrison Ford had a XV in the movie firewall ;), really nice watch! Good luck in you choice!!!
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