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  1. Hi everyone, I am seriously considering my first Rolex purchase. I really like both the Explorer and Explorer 2. I would either get the 39mm exp 1 or 40 mm exp 2. For those of you that have owned either or preferably both, what would you suggest? A little info - The date function to me is nice but not necessary. I work in marketing (office attire) but not typically a suit. This is for my 40th and will be my "predominant watch", so I hope to keep (not flip) and give to my son at some point. I currently have a creamish/cashmere face watch and at some point would like to add a white Stowa Marine Original to round out my collection. Any input is appreciated, as I like them both but having a hard time deciding! Thanks!
  2. Try not to take offence to this, but I don't think it's real. I could be wrong, but I'll state my reasons why I feel this way. The applied coronet at 12 is not even close to centred, and it looks like the dial says "T SWISS T" on the bottom which would not make sense for a watch that doesn't have any lume. I'm pretty sure that Rolex didn't used stainless steel backs on gold watches either. Like I said, I could be wrong though. I can say with certainty that the bracelet is not original. If it was, it would fit between the lugs. Someone jammed that thing in there, which is why they lugs are bent outwards like that.
  3. I've been mostly lurking for a number of months now, debating what to purchase as my first higher end (USD1,000+) watch and have been looking at a few Tudors. Probably not a first purchase, but I find myself attracted to the styling on the Tudor Heritage Chronograph blue. However, in terms of posts in this forum, a large majority focus on the Pelagos or Black Bay (both red and blue). Just out of curiosity, is there not much love for the Chrono blue? If so, please feel free to let me know why. I know the non-inhouse movement position, but you could say that about any Tudor. If anything, I feel like the Chrono blue stands out as something more uniquely Tudor than their dive watches and still has good history, etc. To appease those who want photos, please see Clymer's nice pics here: A Week On The Wrist: The Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue â HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories
  4. I find myself in the same boat as you. Just returned from a local Rolex dealer and am still struggling to decide between the Explorer II Polar 216570 and no date Sub 114060. I've also been considering the Hulk, but shop did not have one in stock. This would be my first Rolex purchase and want to get it right as I've flipped many other watches over the years. Both look stunning in person and feel great on wrist. I may be leaning a bit more toward the Exp II.
  5. You should clarify which model Explorer 2 with which model Submariner.
  6. Works for me. Especially with brown belt and/or shoes. Thumbs, iPhone, TaT.
  7. I stayed up pretty late. Addiction behavior I think :) Some watches just appeal on a very basic level and this one does for me. Not so much any more but I used to be a pretty adventurous person. Combine that with an engineers love of well made machines and I guess hard core tool watches are just my thing.
  8. I too love that blue dial but it's the bracelet that I think is too blingy. Put out it on a brown strap with some blue highlights and it would be to die for!
  9. its sad someone bought it.. i reported to ebay but idk what will happen to the buyer
  10. jadccy

    New to IWC watches

    Totally smitten! OW
  11. jadccy

    Buying a new IWC 3714

    not worth the risk (to save a few hundred bucks) if something goes wrong with a grey market model
  12. Very nice, you have a link?
  13. jadccy

    IWC R810 cal 89

    I'm not sure about repaint and originality, but it is a gorgeous looking Cal 89. The movement looks like it is in a pretty good condition too.
  14. That is great to hear. I'm picking up my new IWC on Saturday, and it's good to know the boutique is responsive as they're around the corner from my office.
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